Voice Dream Meaning

The call of the deceased.

Medea’s dreambook states that hearing the voice of a dead man in a dream is the same as gaining the truth coming from the mouth of the wise men. You definitely need to listen to the content of the message, and if you get some advice, follow it.

According to Esoteric dreambook, hearing the voice of a dead person who calls you to follow him is a sign of life danger. Fate will subject you to severe trials, and victory over circumstances depends only on your self-control and endurance.

Hearing the voice of your deceased grandmother means that you have inherited her talent and a lot of responsibility lies on you. If you heard some instructions from her, you must follow them, and you will succeed in continuing the family business.

If you happened to hear the voice of a deceased mother in a dream, the dreambooks predict the onset of peace and harmony in family relationships. If you do not like the intonation, and you notice anxiety, in this case you need to beware of enemies, or find out for yourself whether you are doing everything correctly.

Hearing the voice of the deceased person who recently died is considered a warning about the coming conflict. Most likely, the conflict situation has been forming for a long time, but now the peak of aggression has come, which can cause both physical and psychological trauma.

Losing voice.

Losing voice in a dream is a rather ambiguous symbol, which is mainly characterized as a precursor of danger or bad news. By association with the “lump in one’s throat”, in reality you will not be able to adequately perceive the news about the death of someone close to you.

If you were shouting without voice in your dream, this plot means that an incident will happen in the near future, on the outcome of which you cannot have any influence. You should trust the dictates of fate, and remember the simple truth: "everything that is done is for the better."

If you have to speak to a wide audience in reality and you couldn’t say a word in your dream, the plot promises a successful outcome. You will perform very well, you will not be bothered by excitement.

Dream interpretation also provides physiological explanations if you lost your voice in a dream. Your body is exhausted from constant unrest, overload and hard work. You need to take a break in the hectic activity, sleep, otherwise not far from a nervous breakdown.

If you were crying without voice in a dream, this means you will have no one to rely on soon. Because of your isolation and hidden aggression, you will lose all your friends, and when you really need support, no one will be around.

    What are the Top-5 bad losing voice dream meanings?
  • Losing your voice after a scream in a dream means regrets about your misdeeds.
  • Voice loss due to injury - failure in business.
  • Losing voice from fear - means trouble.
  • Losing your voice during a public speech warns of a quarrel with your loved one.
  • Dropping one's voice - loneliness.
    What are the Top-5 good dreams about losing your voice?
  • If you dreamed that you had no voice because joy, this means successful completion of an important matter.
  • Losing voice because of fatigue - the long-awaited vacation.
  • Becoming numb due to illness - receiving good news.
  • Losing your voice during a telephone conversation - a meeting with an interesting person.
  • Lost voice during an interview - obtaining a leadership position.

Male or female voice.

If a man heard a female voice, the dreambooks associate it with the subconscious. Usually, our subconscious appears to us as the opposite sex, and in such a dream, we should look for symbols to solve urgent problems.

Hearing a voice of a woman whom you are acquainted with means you will soon commit an action that goes beyond the boundaries of consciousness, which will be fateful for you, in case you heard emotional arousal in her voice.

It is a good sign for a woman to hear male voice in a dream. Her masculine part is talking to her, which can give answers to questions that cannot be explained. If you have found a solution to a difficult life situation, embody it in reality.

If a man hears male voice in a dream, such plot is interpreted as the embodiment of rivalry, the battle for a place under the sun. Perhaps you will enter into competition, and be able to win it, relying only on the true masculine qualities.

Hearing the voice of a guy in a dream that warns you about something is a clear sign that you need to do the opposite. It is important to listen to the intonation, if you notice false notes, then this dreambook advice will be the most reliable.

Voices of your relatives.

Your father’s voice heard in a dream is a reflection of current state of affairs. If you hear sorrow and hopelessness, things will not go as you intended in reality. On the contrary, a joyful and life-affirming exclamation is the foreshadowing of successfully evolving circumstances.

If you heard your husband’s voice in a dream, it is possible that he was just talking in his dream and you really heard him. The dreambooks also give another interpretation of such dream. You are on the verge of cheating, and going over this line, you will never achieve normal family relationship again.

Hearing your mother’s voice in a dream is a negative symbol. The dreambooks state that you are not coping with your duties. If you continue the same way, communication with people around you will become much weaker, you will have no one to rely on.

Hearing your son’s voice in a dream is a sign of bad news for a mother: her child is in danger and you are the only one who can save him. If this plot is seen by a father, this means your child requires your help.

Voice of your beloved.

Hearing the voice of your beloved person in a dream is explained from a psychoanalytic point of view: your mind is fully occupied with thoughts of your partner and most likely, the feelings are completely mutual.

If the voice of your beloved was worried or alarmed, you need to be wary of the appearance of a rival.

Hearing the voice of your ex-boyfriend is a symbol that he misses you a lot. The indifference and coldness with which you protected yourself after parting can easily collapse if you give vent to your feelings.

If you recognized the voice on the phone, you may be sure you will have an unexpected meeting.

Light voice hoarseness, like a smoker’s, means that you will become a victim of gossip, intrigue, lose a good reputation. But if it was death rattle, the dreambooks predict the removal of enemies and detractors from your path.

A calling voice that was promising you wealth and fame is a favorable symbol, but only in case it was a voice of a person currently alive. Following him in a dream you will receive what he promised in reality.

Hearing child’s voice is a warning that you should take a very good care of your own children. Take care of their health, now comes a difficult and dangerous period in their lives.

Child’s voice that sounds in total silence has a little different interpretation. If you hear it and feel the afterlife chill that has passed through the body, this means you are in grave danger from otherworldly forces.

Otherworldly call.

Hearing the voice of God in a dream is a favorable sign. You have been blessed for noble accomplishments, for spiritual growth. You will soon feel a surge of strength that will force you to do godly deeds, to follow a higher, spiritual, creative purpose.

If you happened to see voices of unknown people and they were calm and friendly, you should not worry about the current state of events.

If you hear a voice in your head in a dream and it scolded, shamed or disgraced you, the dreambooks predict swearing in reality. You will commit a bad deed in relation to another person, and you will greatly regret about this.

Hearing the voice of the devil in a dream, which leads you to unseemly deeds is a sign of serious psychological trauma with which you cannot cope without the help of a specialist.

Voice woke you up.

If you are suddenly awakened after your own cry in a dream, this is a sign that your nervous system is in considerable tension, something bothers you; and until this is resolved, you cannot achieve a restful sleep.

If you happened to laugh loudly in a dream, the dreambooks also explain it as some kind of anxieties, but unlike the previous interpretation, they are very pleasant. Your feelings and emotions are on the rise now, and you are quite capable of a fateful act.

Hearing a voice through a dream is a sign that you need to protect your welfare from unworthy people. Someone is making plans against you.

To recognize a voice in a dream is a good sign. You are under the protection of a guardian angel, and you should not be afraid of any obstacles to your goal.

If the voice calls you by name in a dream, this is a warning that you are in grave danger. It will come from a person whom you unconditionally trust. Therefore, before you listen to the advice of a friend or relative, trust your intuition - it definitely will not fail.


If you are listening to recordings on an answering machine in a dream - this is a sign that you are trying to make some important and correct decision that can change your whole life. You will have to struggle a lot to achieve the best possible result.

If the answering machine is broken, it means that your enemies are plotting against you. They will seek to destroy you and ruin your reputation. You may be disappointed.

If you call someone in a dream, and constantly hear the voicemail, this means good news awaits you. You can get a well-deserved, long-awaited reward.

Sergii Haranenko
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