Petting Dream Meaning

What is the petting spiritual meaning in dreams? According to the Intimate dreambook, seeing petting in a dream may be associated with the presence of local irritations on the body of the sleeping person (for example, a crumpled blanket, a sleeping pet, tingling, an allergic reaction, etc.), which, felt by the sleepy body, are transferred to the area of dream symbolism in the form of erotic images.

For a man, a dream about petting will mean the impossibility of achieving something, the inaccessibility of the object of his desire, around which his thoughts are currently concentrated. You make attempts to get close, but they are unsuccessful for one reason or another.

If petting is accompanied by an orgasm, the dream symbolizes some waste (sperm is not used for fertilization, but is wasted). The meaning of the dream is the following: you have done or are going to do something in vain, you spent money and effort in vain.

For a woman, a dream can mean a desire to have sex, mixed with a fear of penetration (possible pregnancy). Or are you worried about the idea that someone knows or has already learned the features of your physique, you want to be accepted as you are, with all your physical advantages and, of course, shortcomings.

Sergii Haranenko
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