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Orgasm Dream Meaning

According to Miller, having orgasm in a dream about having sex, shows your dissatisfaction with your sexual life. This interpretation is especially true if you were having sex not with your husband or wife, but with a stranger and/or in a very inappropriate environment. Getting spiritual ecstasy in a dream predicts a meeting with a friend or acquaintance, whom you have not seen for a long time. Perhaps this is your childhood friend or classmate.

As for Dr. Freud, he was interpreting all the night visions through the prism of sex. According to him, having an orgasm in a dream indicates a wish to have sex right now, and it doesn’t matter with what partner. Freud thought that a man’s and woman’s orgasms in a dream have different origin. For a woman, the ecstasy of a dream is dictated by the desire to continue her race, to become pregnant. A man receives an orgasm especially to satisfy his lust and passion.

Another dreambooks have the following interpretation of an orgasm in a dream: the person is living a dull and routine life, he doesn’t see the beauty around him and takes everything good for granted. After seeing such a dream, you should take the first steps to change your life for the better. If you are very shy in real life, the best way to change yourself is to increase your libido. Have sex where you never would have decided. Change your sexual partner. Try new poses. And happiness will come into your life.

As for Denise Lynn’s dreambook, an orgasm in a dream can represent your organism’s new self-tuning; the connection of men’s and women’s beginning. Such a plot can reflect problems with prostate if seen by men; it can indicate problems with uterus and ovaries for women.

According to the Moon dreambook, having a dream about orgasm with your spouse predicts joy and happiness; with a lover – brings troubles and disappointments. If a man sees a dream about his pregnant partner’s orgasm, this dream represents “birth” of new plans and ideas.

Sergii Haranenko

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