Picking Pears Dream Meaning

Seeing, holding, picking pears and apples from the ground or from a tree in a dream – is a symbol of pleasant acquaintances, intriguing situations, love affairs. The dreaming means meeting a seductive person, even if you had a dream of a completely deserted garden without people.

Well-known psychologists pay attention to color, fruit ripeness, their amount in a dream. They attach particular importance to flexible forms. So, if you dreamed of rounded contours of pears, be prepared for a comfortable life and exciting romances on the side.

    To understand why you dream of picking pears, you need to recall a lot of details:
  • picking them up from the ground - means the slight disappointment in new friends;
  • picking pears from a tree - predicts intrigue, or the appearance of fans and admirers;
  • putting pears in a basket and counting them - is a sign of a promising acquaintance;
  • eating pears on the spot - promises the emergence of new ideas.

To see ripe pears on the branches in a dream, to gather pears and apples in the garden – is a promise of a new romance. A dream means that there will be more admirers around and they will pay attention to you more often. It's time to get carried away by a representative of the opposite sex seriously and for a long time. If you dreamed that the crop was a success, the choice will be extremely difficult.

Describing why one dreams of picking fruits from a tree, Tsvetkov’s dream book warns of the possibility of a fateful meeting. The interpretation of a dream by some psychologists gets down to the appearance of a life partner who will understand you in everything. Especially if you happen to see juicy and tasty pears.

To see a failed crop, to pick pears with a wormhole in a dream – this dream warns of a dirty trick from loved ones. Picking them from the ground is the same as missing a chance. Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus advises not to risk your finances, if it was a dream that the crop gathering was ultimately unsuccessful.

It is bad to see yourself in the garden removing the rotten pears from the branch. Dream interpretation of Vanga advises to check the stomach, other digestive organs immediately, if you had a chance to bite off a damaged piece and eat it in a dream.

Freud is more loyal in his predictions than other interpreters. According to his dream book, a dream means not only easy flirtation, but also a change of partner. It turns out that a man subconsciously perceives beautiful and rounded contours as an offer of sex on the part of a girl whom he barely got acquainted with.

Perfect sexual relationships, love affairs, romantic evenings, confessions - this is exactly what dreams of picking pears mean. The brighter their color is, the more adventures await the dreamer. However, all of them can end badly if you had a chance to see unripe fruits. Most likely, you do not have the courage to conquer the person whom you have been thinking about for a long time.

Sergii Haranenko
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