Apple Dream Meaning

What does seeing apple in dream mean? Apples seen in a dream are a wonderful symbol. They personify health, wisdom, abundance. But the dream interpreters also pay attention to the details and circumstances of the night plot. Dreaming about apples may predict invitation to an entertaining event. What is the dried apples dream meaning? A dream of dried apples is a symbol of unrequited love.

If a young married woman sees a dream about blooming apple orchard promising rich apple harvest, this image predicts her coming pregnancy.

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If you happened to be in a winter garden and saw apples on snow, this positive sign states that nothing threatens your well-being.

What is red apple dream meaning? According to Vanga, this means serious life trials.

According to Vanga, if you see that you are cutting apples into slices in your dream, then you will be seriously mistaken about some important events. Do not trust the information received, even if it comes from reliable people.

Seeing ripe red fruits in a dream is a symbol of success in all your endeavors; you should just remember to plan everything properly.

What is eating red apple dream meaning? According to the Summer dreambook, this image indicates unreasonable fear.

A dream about big apples is a symbol of good health and abundance. According to Freud's dreambook, this is a sign of forbidden pleasures, caresses, seductions. Very small apples are a sign of dating a dishonest man who can make you cry and bring bad news.

According to Nostradamus, big ripe apples seen in a dream are a promise of great discoveries, glory and respect. If the apples were rotten, it means that the endeavor you have started will be a failure.

A dream about yellow apples promises cheating for women. Besides that yellow and white fruits predict important news that will have to be kept in secret.

Seeing a bucket of ripe apples, one of which is rotten is a sign that there is a person in your surrounding who is a source of all your problems.

If several apples were rolling between your spouse and you, the dreambooks warn about possible problems and conflicts in the family.

According to Vanga’s dreambook, if you were picking up apples from the branches, this means you will get the essence of things. To rip green apples in a dream means to make immature decisions in haste.

Picking up apples that have fallen on the ground is a negative sign. You should beware of dubious connections in order not to get into an ambiguous position. You should choose new acquaintances carefully.

Picking ripe red fruits from an apple tree - wait for serious financial losses due to your own carelessness or because of a quarrel with your patron. Collecting ripe fruit in the basket - means that the result of your work will be appreciated by everyone, only after some time.

A dream about wormy apples is a symbol of possibility of loss, if you rely on inaccurate information and do not predict the result.

A bagful of gathered apples is a symbol of financial success and improvement of your financial situation. Stealing apples from someone else’s garden is a sign that you should pay attention to your manners.

If you were selling apples, this is a sign that you should pay attention to people around you, a lot of them like living on your account.

Eating ripe apples in a dream is a sign of your high sexual appetite. If a man ate an apple in a dream, he should get ready for meeting with a beautiful influential woman.

If the apple you were eating was incredibly juicy and ripe, it means you would like to get acquainted with a man to which you have been attracted for a long time. Dr. Freud states that your efforts will be in vain.

If someone was treating you with apples, you should be careful since someone will try to engage you in risky illegal business, which can ruin your reputation. If you gave someone apples as a gift, this means you are clearly carrying the intent to deceive someone. Freud states that if a woman gave an apple to a man in a dream, this means she would like to seduce him.

Baked apples in a dream are a sign of your self-interest. Eating dried apples in a dream means that you are lacking energy and need to have a rest. Seeing an apple pie in a dream means you can get hurt because of your coquetry. An apple core in your hand predicts trouble and failure in business. Making an apple jam is a sign of good news about your career.

    What are the Top-5 negative plots about seeing apple in a dream?
  • A dream of wormy apples speaks of the risk of an accident.
  • Sour apples - warn about revealing the secrets of the dreamer.
  • Picking apples from the ground means being late for an important meeting.
  • Cooking a salad from rotten apples - predicts health deterioration.
  • A friend eating apple in a dream - indicates the loss of work.
    Here are the Top-5 positive apple in dream meanings.
  • Red apples in dreams symbolize a passionate romance.
  • Soused apples - promise improving relations with a loved one.
  • Buying sweet apples on the market promises a useful acquaintance.
  • Washing apples in a dream - promises achieving a high position in society.
  • If you dreamed about your mother grating apples and sprinkling them with sugar, this means a happy period in life.

What is the meaning of a dream of baked apples? This image is a sign of self-interest.

Sergii Haranenko
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