Willow Dream Meaning

Among people, willow is considered a symbol of joy and rebirth; in a dream, this plant is a harbinger of imminent success, peace of mind. The dreambooks interpret willow dreams depending on the plot details.

According to Dr. Freud, the image of a willow is associated with carnal pleasures, which the dreamer considers sinful, trying not to succumb to his instincts. However, your body fails you, responding to words and caresses with mutual passion. Let yourself go and enjoy sex.

Seeing a flowering willow in a dream predicts a cloudless and prosperous life. Dream Interpretation by Hasse explains a flowering tree as atonement for the committed sin with good deeds.

A willow bent over the water in a dream portends troubled, difficult times. For young women, such a picture in a dream promises future worries due to incorrect behavior with a lover. Standing under a weeping willow in a dream prophesies about the possibility of hearing flattering speeches soon.

A dream about broken willow bush promises the loss of a loved one.

If you dreamed about how someone breaks or cuts a willow, this means that in reality the dreamer subconsciously feels guilty to his relatives, but does not understand what this is connected with.

A Modern dream book explains a dream in which the dreamer happened to break willow branches with an upcoming love disappointment. Perhaps you will make a stupid and thoughtless act in relation to your loved one. According to the interpreter Fedorovskaya, such a plot suggests that, despite the hardships of life, the dreamer will get better quickly.

Seeing in a dream how someone is selling cut willow branches portends the possibility of being an unwitting witness to someone else's drama, as a result of which you will want to alleviate the suffering of another person.

Putting willow branches in your house speaks of the dreamer's irritation caused by lack of time. In fact, you should discard all unnecessary, secondary matters, focusing on the main tasks.

Giving willow twigs to someone close to you in a dream portends the emergence of a situation in real life in which this person will need the help and support of the dreamer.

For a young girl, a bouquet of roses and willow predicts a romantic date with an unfamiliar man or lover, according to Loff's dream book. If you dreamed that a loved one presents you roses on Palm Sunday, this means that you can expect a matchmaking or marriage proposal soon.

To see willow branches in someone else’s hands, prophesies by the dreambook a reward for fruitful work. For sick people, a dreaming plant promises a quick and effective fight against the disease.

Seeing a willow standing in a church predicts an upcoming marriage or wedding.

Great happiness, success in business and joy in the house awaits the one who happened to pick willow flowers in a dream.

The most favorable is a dream in which you were holding a flowering willow in your hands. Such a picture means family well-being and success in all endeavors. Your work will be appreciated.

Sergii Haranenko
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