The dark-blue color is considered the most favorable for the interview; while orange color takes the last place in the list of recommended colors. Therefore, if you really want to wear something in the color of tangerine, save it for the weekend.
There are 1609 kilometers of capillaries in human lungs. And the surface area of the lungs is almost 100 square meters, which is approximately equal to the area of the tennis court.
Sneezing in a dream is impossible. Even if someone tickles your nose, you still wake up before you sneeze.
Scallop has up to 100 eyes.
The heart is one of the most slowly regenerating organs of the human body. In a 25-year-old person, only 1% of heart cells are renewed annually, and this figure decreases with age. In a lifetime, less than half the heart cells are renewed.
Warm water freezes faster than cold water.
In a teaspoon with ordinary soil the number of living organisms is greater than the number of all people living on Earth.
A person spends indoors about 90% of his time.
The human intestines have 1,000 times more bacteria than the stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
People with high levels of testosterone enjoy the anger of others.
"Eternal lover" Casanova (1725-1798) served as a librarian.
By 2025, there will be more English speaking people in China than in the rest of the world.
Here’s an interesting paradox: wealthy British people are riding bikes in average 2.5-3 times more than the poor. But the poor prefer public transportation.
Children will laugh even if they hate tickling.
In Japan you can see blue traffic light instead of the usual green one. This is due to the fact that previously both colors in the country had the same name.
The largest sea disaster in history is the flooding of the German passenger liner Wilhelm Gustloff by a Soviet submarine in 1945: its victims were 9343 people (for comparison, a maximum of 1,635 people became victims of the Titanic).
An Indian Kailash Singh stopped washing after his wedding 40 years ago, believing that this would contribute to the birth of a son. But in the meantime he had seven daughters.
Beethoven had his own whims: making coffee he counted exactly 60 beans every time - so that the drink always turned out to be one strength; and on Thursdays he ate bread soup and 10 fried eggs.
Astronomers found complex organic compounds in the center of the Milky Way and as a result came to the conclusion that the Universe “smells” of rum, and if it could be tasted, scientists suggest that it would be juicy raspberries.
A person blinks about 84 million times a year or 230137 times a day.

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