A horned sungem (hummingbird) flaps its wings 90 times per second during a flight. This is the maximum recorded among birds. At the same time, during the courtship of the male for a potential partner, he makes over 210 wing flaps per second.
More than 10% of all Xerox breakdowns in the world occur due to the fact that people sit on them to photocopy their buttocks.
Twins can be born with an interval of several months. A medical record is registered in Germany. One of the two girls was born on the sixth month of pregnancy in 2018, with a weight of only 900 g, and the second of the twins was born 97 days later, already in 2019, with a weight of 3.7 kg, while breaking a record with a difference of 87 days between the twins from Ireland.
The cleanest sea on the planet is the Weddell Sea, off the coast of Antarctica. Most of the year it is covered with ice.
Men spend 3 350 hours shaving 8.4 meters of facial hair in their lives.
According to analysts, any company spends $ 200 annually for each user solving the problems associated with the use of a password.
The USA is a world leader of people behind the bars. 5% of the world’s population live in the US and 25% of the whole numbers of prisoners stay in jail here - 2.2 million people. Russia - the country with the smallest number of acquittals in a civilized world occupies the second place - 1.5 million people. And China closes the top three with the number of 870 thousand imprisoned people.
The EU spends more than a billion euros a year on translations from one language to another.
The giant African marsupial rat catches tuberculosis 50 times faster than the laboratory assistant determines it with scientific methods.
An average car in the UK spends 96% of its time parked.

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