Zodiac Sign: Ophiuchus.

The topic of our publication today is Ophiuchus: the 13th sign of the Zodiac. The characteristic, the place of this sign in the zodiac circle and even the very history of its appearance is of considerable interest to those who are interested in astrology and trust horoscopes.

All about Ophiuchus - the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac

Where did the unknown sign of the Zodiac come from, what is the use of it, if until now astrologers have done just fine without it? In general, is it true or not that Ophiuchus is one of zodiac signs? Experts do not have a unanimous opinion as to whether it is worth taking into account the newly appeared zodiac sign or whether it is more correct to work in the old fashioned way.

However, the very fact of the appearance of a new figure in astrology is directly related to natural cosmic processes, so there is no need to talk about fiction or hoaxes.

A little bit of science and history about zodiac signs

The zodiac is made up of twelve sectors of the ecliptic (the path of the sun in the firmament). More than two and a half thousand years ago, each of the twelve segments was assigned a sign in accordance with the constellation that the Sun passes in a particular month. However, over thousands of years, the picture of the starry sky has changed (since the Earth and the entire solar system change its position in the Galaxy), so the signs of the Zodiac have shifted significantly relative to the real constellations. This is how the new sign of the Zodiac Ophiuchus was formed: the displacement has led to the fact that now the Sun passes through the constellation Ophiuchus, which earlier, 25 centuries ago, did not fall into the “territory” of the zodiac circle.

It is believed that for the first time the question "Is there a zodiac sign Ophiuchus?" was raised in the seventies of the last century. The recognized astrologer Steven Schmidt was the first to speak about the problem. He was supported by several well-known astrological schools, and the result was the emergence of an alternative horoscope.

However, there are many experts who consider the excitement around the newly-minted zodiac figure to be completely unjustified. This point of view is explained by the fact that the signs are not directly tied to the constellations. This group of astrologers recalls that a sign is, in fact, one of the twelve sectors of the sky, and it is not so important which constellation is in a particular sector.

Therefore, there is no unequivocal answer to the question of whether the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac Ophiuchus exists. Each person independently forms an opinion on this topic, based on their tastes and beliefs.

Place of Ophiuchus in the calendar

The new participant made significant changes in the Zodiac, because the appearance of an additional constellation led to the fact that the periods of all signs shifted. If you accept an alternative horoscope, it turns out that many people suddenly became representatives of completely different signs. This means that they have completely different karmic tasks according to the Zodiac, not the same as they used to think, a different set of strengths and weaknesses, etc.

This is one of the reasons why the new system has not yet won the sympathy of most astrologers: Ophiuchus brings a fair amount of confusion to the familiar, well-established concept. In addition, the twelve figures of the Zodiac are perfectly divided into groups according to the four elements, and the thirteenth participant breaks this harmony.

Time of Ophiuchus

From what date to what date does Ophiuchus “rule” in the horoscope circle? Astrologers call the period of the thirteenth sign "Burned Road" because this is the most intense time associated with the intense circulation of cosmic energy. Being exposed to these powerful currents, a person receives various character traits in his “arsenal”: either the tendency to aggression and suffering, or the ability to acquire the most important life values.

The constellation Ophiuchus lies between the zodiac signs known as Scorpio and Sagittarius. Scorpio starts on October 24th and ends on November 21st. The next day, November 22, Sagittarius enters the game: this sign rules in the horoscope until December 21.

This division cannot be called strict, because the planets of neighboring houses "intercept" each other's influence gradually. It is thanks to this that a variety of personality types becomes possible within the framework of one zodiac sign. Therefore, a person born, for example, at the beginning of the Aries period, may be more like Pisces. And Ophiuchus may have some features of Scorpio or Sagittarius.

The date of birth for the 13th sign of the Zodiac Ophiuchus must be between November 29 and December 17. If your birthday falls during this period, you will have to choose whether to consider yourself as Scorpio or Sagittarius as before, or to accept the appearance of a new horoscopic figure. If the second option is more to your liking, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main qualities of the thirteenth sign.

Shifting of the zodiac signs in the new horoscope

Sign name Old period New period
Aries March 21 – April 20 April 19 – May 13
Taurus April 21 – May 20 May 14 – June 19
Gemini May 21 – June 20 June 20 – July 20
Cancer June 21 – July 22 July 21 – August 09
Leo July 23 – August 22 August 10 – September 15
Virgo August 23 – September 23 September 16 – October 30
Libra September 24 – October 23 October 31 – November 22
Scorpio October 24 – November 21 November 23 – November 29
Ophiuchus ------------- November 30 – December 17
Sagittarius November 22 – December 21 December 18 – January 08
Capricorn December 22 – January 19 January 09 – February 15
Aquarius January 20 – February 18 February 16 – March 11
Pisces February 19 – March 20 March 12 – April 18

Ophiuchus - 13th sign of the Zodiac: characteristics of the representatives of the new zodiac figure

    Like all other signs of the zodiac, Ophiuchus has common signs:
  • element - Ether (the quintessence of the four elements)
  • planet - Pluto
  • graphic symbol - a man with a snake in his hands
  • color - red, green
  • auspicious number - twelve
  • lucky days - Thursday, Friday
  • mineral - apatite, malachite
  • animals - snake, raven

Many descriptions of Ophiuchus note that representatives of this sign are lucky, usually talented in several areas of activity at once, and also know how to achieve the location of high-ranking officials, which facilitates career advancement for Ophiuchus careerists greatly. However, not all people born between November 30 and December 17 are attracted by professional success.

Energy of the sign (characteristic features)

On various Internet portals, esoteric sites and even psychological forums, sometimes there is a question that is asked by both men and women: “I am Ophiuchus, life does not work out. What to do?" Which is not surprising, because there is little information about the features of this sign, to find it, you need to make a lot of effort. In fact, the main reason for the feeling of disorder is that the life of Ophiuchus often resembles one continuous battle. Other people find Ophiuchus interesting, but very difficult, so many prefer to keep a safe distance.

Meanwhile, we can say with confidence that Ophiuchus is the most amazing representative of the zodiac circle. The strength of the energy of these people can be compared with Aries or Lions, but Ophiuchus never allows himself to be guided by emotions or momentary desires. The guiding star of Ophiuchus is common sense, as well as self-interest. Therefore, in fact, they often achieve much greater success than gambling Aries or ambitious Lions.

Ophiuchus are simple, they are alien to tricks and manipulation. At the same time, these are such extraordinary personalities that they are able to shock with their behavior. Thanks to their strength and courage, they easily reflect the negative directed at them. And the energy level of Ophiuchus is so high that the words spoken by him can both crush with their ruthlessness and heal the suffering soul.

Most representatives of the thirteenth sign are distinguished by a pronounced masculine principle: even in women one can feel incredible willpower, good leadership inclinations, and tendency to clear logical thinking.

If we add positive attitude, an infectious sense of humor and the ability to adapt to any interlocutor to this description, it becomes clear that Ophiuchus has a rare appeal.

Advantages and disadvantages of female Ophiuchus

It is not so easy to characterize a woman whose zodiac sign is Ophiuchus. Usually these women look like cute seductresses, but in fact they have sharp mind and nerves of steel. Fans of such a woman are often confused by the sobriety of the mind, which sometimes looks callous, and self-love, which can be mistaken for arrogance.

The ladies of the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac love flirting and attention to their personality, but the partner of the Ophiuchus woman can be absolutely sure of her fidelity. After all, with all their sociability and love for compliments, Ophiuchus women have innate honesty. In addition, their self-esteem is completely independent of someone else's opinion; they do not feel the need to assert themselves at the expense of love victories.

The disadvantages of the beautiful representatives of the thirteenth sign include unpredictability, dislike for compromise, the habit of conveying one's opinion with excessive harshness and perseverance.

Ophiuchus Man: Characteristics of the Sign

As a rule, a man born under the auspices of a new sign is a complex, dual personality. Such a person will not live a gray life quietly: he either creates, masterfully implements the most incredible projects, or destroys them with the same passion.

The Ophiuchus man usually has many friends: people are drawn to him by his charisma, the ability to smooth out any conflict, as well as the responsiveness that everyone he considers his relatives can count on. In love, Ophiuchus is prone to constancy, but will expect the same from his chosen one.

At the same time, representatives of the thirteenth sign are straightforward, they are not afraid to express criticism and even teach the interlocutor if they consider it right. Their honesty sometimes borders on rudeness, in addition, many Ophiuchus involuntarily try to re-educate their environment in accordance with their own ideas. Therefore it is quite difficult being a friend of such a person.

Ophiuchus love compatibility

The compatibility of Ophiuchus with other signs of the zodiac is a puzzle that occupies the minds of many astrologers, since its qualities have not yet been sufficiently studied. However, some experts have investigated this issue carefully, so today we already have some amount of reliable information.


Not the best choice for Ophiuchus: both signs are too impatient, and Aries, among other things, is sometimes prone to aggressive dispute tactics. His temperamental nature may not withstand the willfulness of Ophiuchus, who, in turn, is unlikely to come to terms with the partner's attempts to control, limit his freedom of action.


Patient and slightly phlegmatic Taurus appreciates security, clarity of prospects and financial stability. With his luck and outstanding abilities, Ophiuchus usually has no difficulty in finding a good source of income, but stability is not at all his forte. The restless disposition of Ophiuchus will become a constant source of anxiety for Taurus. And the representative of the thirteenth sign will be burdened by the fact that his partner is a homebody and connoisseur of home comfort.


This relationship can be an endless source of strong emotions, although Gemini's flirtatiousness can hurt Ophiuchus. Although the thirteenth sign is not averse to showing attention to the opposite sex himself, Ophiuchus knows how to prioritize. For example, he will never risk the future of his relationship, and Gemini tends to get carried away, forgetting about the feelings of a partner.


In a person born under the auspices of the constellation Cancer, Ophiuchus will find a kindred spirit. Many men of the Ophiuchus zodiac sign have characteristics that are perfect for a Cancer woman. Sometimes this love union will be overshadowed by jealousy, but in general, lovers will never get bored of each other. A significant role in their mutual devotion is played by emotional and physical satisfaction with a partner.


In the union of Leo and Ophiuchus, pride and an indefatigable ego often come to the fore. Both of these signs are prone to rivalry, so they will have to show considerable wisdom in order to direct their forces to defeat the outside world, and not each other. Ophiuchus needs to be appreciated for his achievements, Leo is sure that he is worthy of praise just like that, just for who he is.


Representatives of both of these signs are distinguished by high level of intelligence, but the leading character traits of the partners are different. It is difficult for Ophiuchus to understand Virgo's tendency to be meticulous; the desire to bring everything to perfection can annoy an impulsive partner. And Virgo is unlikely to get used to how randomly Ophiuchus changes his interests.


Ophiuchus's love of change makes him a good partner for Libra. In addition, in this union, Libra will receive full satisfaction of their intellectual needs. A good bonus for both partners is the commonality of views on creativity.


Many astrologers tend to consider the union of Scorpio with Ophiuchus unfavorable and painful for both partners. Although the thirteenth zodiac sign is known for being emotional, including the sense of ownership, when it comes to jealousy, Scorpio will give him a hundred points ahead.

Two Ophiuchuses

In the couple "Ophiuchus-man / Ophiuchus-woman" compatibility can reach almost one hundred percent. These relationships work due to mutual understanding, respect for each other's secrets and common life rhythms of lovers. Both of them do not like stagnation, therefore they are sympathetic to the desire of their significant other to change the situation, profession, social circle. Ophiuchus can be philosophical even about the love adventures of his partner, if he shows enough delicacy so as not to flaunt his romance on the side.


Windy Sagittarius can become either an ideal couple for Ophiuchus, or an eternal source of anxiety. It all depends on whether the lovers have enough wisdom to take care of each other, and not try to assert their supremacy in a couple.


Rivalry, subject to clear focus on the goal, is the native element of Ophiuchus. Capricorn has the same traits, although to a lesser extent. Representatives of this sign are more often focused on their careers, while the circle of interests of Ophiuchus is much wider. But in general, they get along well: the partners' affections will be greatly facilitated by intellectual compatibility and the ability to have heart-to-heart conversations.


Representatives of the Aquarius sign are subtle, sensitive natures, prone to mood swings. And Ophiuchus is not distinguished by special empathy and patience. If necessary, he knows how to cope with other people's emotions, but he is unlikely to want to do this all the time.


Representatives of the Pisces sign have a lot in common with the new zodiac sign. These are grandiose dreams, and the ability to adapt to circumstances, and a creative streak. Of course, partners have pronounced negative character traits, but their best qualities are quite capable of compensating for shortcomings.

Career and finance of Ophiuchus

We have already noted above that the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus, usually does not experience problems with money. More precisely, Ophiuchus always finds an opportunity to earn money, but this does not guarantee wealth at all: with his character, all savings sometimes go away in an instant. But as a rule, these are quite successful people who are able to achieve significant heights in their chosen field of activity. Purposefulness, self-confidence, enviable vigor, the ability to calculate the moves of opponents help them build a career.

Because of the stubbornness inherent in Ophiuchus, and even the rigidity, women and men of the thirteenth constellation often make enemies. By uniting, rivals can “knock down” even the indestructible Ophiuchus, so he needs to remember about diplomacy and the ability to remember the interests of others.

The Ophiuchus boss may seem like a harsh and extremely principled leader, but at the same time he knows how to control himself, always remaining within the framework of business ethics. Thanks to his insight, Ophiuchus is able to determine the essence of almost every problem, which makes him an almost irreplaceable manager.

The subordinate Ophiuchus is a gift for the boss, because it is he who most often becomes the basis for creating a hardworking, cohesive team. Representatives of the thirteenth sign never work carelessly and know how to inspire (or, depending on the situation, shame) those who are ready to give up a difficult task halfway.

Here he is, Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the Zodiac, whose characteristics can cause genuine surprise, if not admiration. Behind the people who are patronized by this small constellation, a bright trail of extraordinary events always stretches. They inspire others, give bright emotions, quarrel. But no one is left indifferent.

Sergii Haranenko

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