Is a bat flying in your apartment a good or bad sign?

What does it mean if a bat flew into your dwelling? Many of us are afraid of bats, because the appearance of these nocturnal creatures is really very unusual and frightening. Often, such fear arises due to the fact that we rarely meet these animals in everyday life, and only avid speleologists and tourists visiting their habitats can boast of frequent meetings with these fluffy flyers. Today we will talk about what the sign “a bat flew into the apartment” means, because many experience almost primal horror at the sight of this creature at home.

Negative interpretations of the sign about bat flying into your apartment

Old signs about a bat most often have a negative character. Our ancestors believed that the appearance of such a guest at home portends trouble. It is difficult to say what kind of misfortune this will be: perhaps the case will be limited to a serious illness of one of the family members or their relatives, and it is possible that we are talking even about death.

The second interpretation is related to the situation when the bat not only ended up inside the dwelling, but also behaved aggressively, for example, attacking the owner.

However, it is forbidden to show retaliatory aggression towards the bat: since ancient times it was believed that a person who maimed or even killed a bat thereby reduces the duration of his own life by several years. Therefore, when bats were found in the house, they were always carefully caught and released through a door or window.

It is also worth noting that you shouldn’t always take the sign about a bat that got into the house seriously. So, for example, people living in the regions where these creatures live often meet them in their homes. Therefore, they do not even worry about a possible negative interpretation. If you know for sure that bats are nesting somewhere near your home, don’t panic if you meet one of them “at your place”: in the end, young individuals who still do not know how to competently control their own flight may well quite accidentally swoop down through your window or patio door.

Positive interpretations of a bat in your dwelling

A bat in the house is not always a bad omen. So, for example, the specialists of the eastern teachings of Feng Shui claim that the images of bats bring material well-being. Many Chinese people decorate their homes with such paintings and figurines, and they generally perceive a meeting with a live bat as a great success.

If you ask the Eastern sages the question: what does the sign predict if a bat flew into the apartment? And you will get a very comforting answer: expect only exceptionally pleasant, joyful events, as these animals try to stay away from places with negative energy. So if such a guest visited you, rejoice, because the atmosphere of your home is clean, comfortable and favorable for all household members.

Other signs about bats

Many years ago, there was a belief in some countries: if a bat flew in, it was a sign that the weather was about to change. People have noticed that these amazing animals often crash into windows and doors, or just hit the walls of houses shortly before the rain, so it was even possible to predict the weather from bats.

However, many peoples associated these creatures with the other world and unfavorable omens, so adults forbade children to bring bats home, even if it got hurt and needed treatment. However, today many people choose these creatures as pets, despite silly superstitions.

Negative interpretations were also attributed to the special behavior of bats. If a bat flew around the building three times, it was believed that trouble would definitely happen in this house. It is a particularly bad sign if a bat flew in to a wedding celebration. There was a belief that this means an unhappy or very short marriage.

As you can see, the interpretation of signs about bats can be completely different, and it’s up to you to decide which omen to believe. If you are still afraid that the winged animal has brought bad news, just carefully drive it out into the street, and then visit the church and light candles for the health of all household members.

Sergii Haranenko

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