Wedding signs for the bride.

Getting ready for a wedding is a pleasant, but very responsible task. Every bride wants the wedding ceremony to go right, following certain traditions and customs that promise the newlyweds a long and happy marriage.

Every nation of the world has wedding omens that a bride should know. The Slavic ancestors were no exception to this rule. They left a harmonious set of rules for organizing and conducting a marriage ceremony to modern mankind, the knowledge of which allows you avoiding annoying mistakes that could threaten the future of a young family.

Wedding omens and superstitions that a bride should know.

Some superstitions are local in nature, that is, they are known only in some localities, while others have been passed down from generation to generation throughout our vast country. In our article we will tell you about the most famous wedding signs: apparently, they really have a special meaning, otherwise they would not have survived to this day.

Signs about wedding vestments.

What does the girl think about first of all when the first emotions about the accepted marriage proposal subside a little? That's right, about which wedding dress it is better to choose.

Bride's dress.

Most brides traditionally give preference to a beautiful white dress, because white symbolizes purity of intentions, sincerity of feelings. But a white wedding dress appeared in the arsenal of brides relatively recently: it was introduced into fashion by Queen Victoria. And before that, girls sewed their wedding dresses from a variety of fabrics.

    Omens and superstitions about the wedding attire:
  • The groom cannot see his betrothed in a dress before the wedding. Moreover, when trying on an outfit, the bride herself should not look in the mirror in full festive attire. Before admiring your outfit, you need to remove some detail of the toilet: a veil, a glove, earrings.
  • Wedding signs for the bride indicate that the dress should be one-piece: a separate outfit is a symbol of an imminent parting with a loved one.
  • You should not rent or lend clothes, accessories, and in general it is not recommended to arrange a wedding with borrowed money. Otherwise, the whole life will be spent in debt and need.
  • After the wedding, a young wife should not sell her dress - it is kept as a talisman of female happiness.
  • Before the start of the wedding ceremony, you need to attach a pin with a conspiracy against the evil eye or damage to the inside of the hem. For the same purpose, you can make several stitches with blue thread.

More interesting details about signs and superstitions related to a wedding dress can be found here:

Wedding headwear and shoes.

Before the wedding, you need to pay attention to such an important part of the toilet as shoes. From a purely practical point of view, it is good if the shoes are a little worn out. If we turn to popular wisdom, then superstition disapproves of two types of shoes for the wedding. Lace-up shoes bring misfortune. And sandals symbolize poverty, which will follow the spouses. It is better to choose one of the classic shoe models. When buying, you should pay special attention to the shape and strength of the heel - if during the marriage ceremony the heel breaks off, it means that the joint life of the young will also "lame".

A veil is a talisman with strong energy, so you should not replace it with a frivolous hat, otherwise a divorce will soon follow the wedding. A long veil protects the health of the couple's future children (in the past, it was from this detail of a wedding dress that a curtain for a baby bassinet was made). Even the closest friends should not be allowed to try on the bride’s veil – this omen says you may lose family happiness.

Accessories, jewelry, wedding rings.

Omens about a wedding for the bride often focus on the modesty of the outfit - the less jewelry a girl has, the better. It is not recommended to choose sets with natural stones, as well as pearls, which are called "mermaid tears", for the wedding.

As for wedding rings, they should be smooth, without stones, cuts and other excesses, as well as made of the same metal. It is this laconic form that symbolizes the eternity and purity of love between spouses.

The bridal bouquet is also important. Florists offer many artistic solutions for a wedding bouquet, but remember that by custom it should not be composed of flowers of cold shades. White flowers can make a young wife feel cold towards her husband.

None of the bride's wedding attributes, be it a ring, gloves or flowers, should be given to strangers. The only exception is for earrings. The earrings should be put on the bride by one of her close friends, who is happy in her love life.

Signs and omens for the bride before the wedding.

On the eve of the wedding, the bride usually has a bachelorette party. Today, these gatherings are noisy and fun, and in the old days they said that before the wedding, a girl must certainly cry. So she will leave all her sorrows in a girl's life, and she will be happy when married.

Even if the couple has been living together for a long time, the night before the celebration should be spent separately: according to tradition, the groom takes the betrothed from her house. While dressing, the bride must make sure that one of her friends does not accidentally stand between her and the mirror, otherwise in the future this girl may take her husband away.

    Other wedding signs for the bride:
  • before the wedding, it is undesirable to give the groom handmade clothes, as well as exchange photos;
  • make sure that the groom visits the hairdresser in advance: a man should not cut his hair on the eve of the wedding if he wants to have healthy children;
  • if a cat sneezed on the eve of the wedding in the bride's apartment, it means that the young wife will be happy in marriage;
  • check the guest list - there must be an odd number;
  • thinking over the route to the registry office, try to make it as winding and confusing as possible: in the old days, they used to fool evil spirits so that they could not find the young and ruin their life together;
  • when choosing the best man and maid of honor, remember that they do not have to be a married couple; people who are divorced or unhappy in marriage will not bring happiness to newlyweds either;
  • when they say that a wedding on the bride's birthday is a bad omen, they mean not the date, but the day of the week; that is, if a girl was born, for example, on Sunday, it is advisable to schedule the marriage for another day; the same rule applies to the groom.

Signs and omens about the wedding ceremony.

The ritual of exchanging wedding rings is not only touching, but also a very important moment. If one of the spouses drops the ring, this is considered one of the worst omens for the young. To undo the bad consequences of this unpleasant incident, the maid of honor should put a pre-prepared thread through the ring. The bride and groom should not touch the box with wedding rings: a friend or best man gives it to the groom.

During the wedding celebration, newlyweds should only dance with each other or close relatives. A dance partner who is not a relative of a newly married couple can destroy the love union.

During the banquet, the wedding cake should stand next to the newlyweds: they are the first to cut off a piece from it, and then all the others present are treated to it. But the newlyweds should not use one spoon; otherwise they will often conflict in family life.

    Some signs and superstitions for a bride on her wedding day touch on the topic of alcohol:
  • if the groom steps into a puddle on the way to the registry office or to a banquet, this is a warning that he will abuse alcohol in family life;
  • during a feast, the newlywed should be very careful: spilling a glass of wine - also predicts the spouse's drunkenness;
  • before the banquet begins, two bottles of champagne are tied with a beautiful ribbon and removed from the table - they need to be opened on the first wedding anniversary, then the spouses will live happily ever after;
  • if the bride manages to be the first to sip from the groom's glass, it means that she will be in charge of the family budget.

A guest who appeared in the midst of fun, who was not expected, but whom you are glad to see, brings happiness for the young.

However, despite all the signs and superstitions, family happiness depends primarily on us. Keep this in mind and do not be upset if, despite your best efforts, the carefully thought-out ceremony goes awry. If you sincerely love each other, in a few years you will laugh merrily, remembering the wedding oddities. And no bad omens can destroy your union.

Is it wise to believe in superstitions? Shall I listen to my intuition?

Sergii Haranenko

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