Comb superstitions and signs.

In almost every nation and country, there are many signs associated with hair and a comb, as the main attribute of caring for them. And in particular, there were signs that were related to whether one could give it or accept it as a gift, what a sign about broken hair comb promises and all that.

Folk omens about broken hairbrush

The signs associated with the comb are very different, and now we’ll talk about what a broken attribute of hair care promises. Losing a hairbrush is a bad omen, because it contains information about the owner and with its loss, you lose a piece of yourself. Therefore, you should not keep it in a conspicuous place so that everyone has access to it.

And if you bought a new hair accessory, comb your animal/pet with it. So it will not break and will serve you longer without getting lost anywhere. But the teeth that often break on the comb promise hair diseases, but when more than 3 teeth break at the same time, this is a pointer to the coming trouble.

Also, losing a comb with which you comb your hair is a pointer to existing gossip behind your back. Therefore, in conversations with colleagues or friends, you should be as careful as possible.

Our ancestors also said that you can’t throw away such an attribute of hair care just like that. If the comb is made of wood - burn it; if the hairbrush is plastic - it is worth burying it under a young tree, but not throwing it in the trash.

But when the hair comb broke in half, this is a sign from above that you will soon be accused of an act that you absolutely did not commit. And you may well be responsible for it. But in a different interpretation, this could also be a sign of the future dissatisfaction of the higher authorities, or quarrels with relatives.

Hair brush fell down superstitions and folk beliefs

And what does it mean if the comb falls? This sign has several interpretations, and it is about them that we will talk further. For the most part, it does not have the best meaning.

If the hair comb slips from your hands on the table surface - this is a warning of future troubles. You will most likely find yourself in an awkward situation or you will be disgraced and very seriously.

But if the comb ended up on the floor due to your personal negligence, this is a pointer to the fact that soon you should expect health problems. And as a result, the external attractiveness of the person will suffer.

If several teeth got broken when the hair brush falls, this is an indication of problems with your teeth. And in this case, it is worth remembering - the more teeth fell out, the more expensive the treatment will be.

But do not despair - you can neutralize the sign about a comb that has been dropped, fallen on the floor or table. It is enough just to scowl with your foot or sit on a fallen object before you pick it up from the floor or table. And if there are people next to you, ask them to pick it up. Although there is an exception here - if as a result of a fall it breaks, teeth fall out of it, then neutralizing the superstition will not work.

Ancient signs and superstitions about combs

Our ancestors knew a lot of signs about hairbrushes and everything that was connected with them, therefore, we will further consider the most interesting of them.

It is best to acquire hair brush on the growing moon and Friday - carefully choose it and get the one to which your soul lay. This is what will ensure you the correctness of thought and good mood, and the growing moon will add length and density to your curls.

Keep the comb in a separate place, away from prying eyes. And even more so, you should not give it to other people for use - after them, luck and success will leave you. Therefore, it is worth being careful in this regard - if it is broken, damaged, it is best to dig it under a tree.

If you left your brush somewhere or lost it, and then someone returned it to you, you should not immediately put it into action. Put it into salt water and then dry it under the sun - this way you neutralize all the negativity that it can absorb into itself.

You should not put the hair brush on the table - this is how you attract quarrels and hardships to your house, as well as shame. You should not put it on your own bed - so your hair will be weak and grow poorly. This is especially true for young girls.

Choose wooden hair brushes/combs for your use - hair brushes made of cherry, which will get rid of negativity; or apple tree, which neutralizes stress, are especially good. An oak comb will help overcome severe ailments, but a mahogany product will protect from evil. The only exception to the rule is that you should not use combs made of pine and willow, birch or elm, as they take away energy from a person.

It is also forbidden to use the comb with which the dead man was combed - this promises you trouble and even death.

According to folk signs, in order to make the right decisions - comb the braids from top to bottom 100 or more times. Besides that, a good head massage will not hurt you, because it will have a beneficial effect on the condition of your hair.

Superstitions about finding a hairbrush on the street.

Finding a comb on the street should bring good luck, as well as finding money on the street. Many people think so, but the lost combs and the ones you found do not always bode well. Therefore, the following should be taken into account.

You should not pick up a comb from the ground, because often magicians speak all their hardships and sores on hairpins, as well as combs. Therefore, remember - the more solid and beautiful it looks, the more likely they threw all their negativity onto it.

Finding someone else’s comb at home or on the way home is a sign of quarrels between household members. Therefore, it should be broken in half and thrown between the cracks of the floor - this is how you eliminate the negative sign. If there are no gaps in the floor, simply put the halves under the baseboards and so prevent quarrels.

But if a comb was seen on the road by an unmarried girl - she has nothing to be afraid of. She should carefully look around - maybe there is a worthy person in her surrounding. Therefore, you can safely pick it up and store it in a secret place - this will be your amulet.

Also a wonderful amulet for an unmarried girl is a comb, which was used to make the bride's hair - it is also worth taking it discreetly with you and keeping it in a secret place as a talisman, a magnet for your future husband.

And if you pick up a comb from the road and hang it on a nail in your house, this will bring you good luck in business. You will be especially lucky if you find such a talisman on a country, rural road, outside the city - it will bring you a lot of joy and good luck.

Giving a comb as a gift of superstitions

Our grandmothers are still skeptical about the choice of a comb, and there are reasons for this. But how correct is it to give as a gift or to accept it as a present. If you pose such a question to yourself - is it ok to give someone a comb, or accept it as a gift, signs say the following.

If you present a hair brush as a gift to someone, remember that this is how you open your thoughts and feelings, cherished dreams to him. Or if it is given to you, accordingly, all their thoughts and feelings are opened to you. Therefore, knowledgeable people accept such a gift without enthusiasm.

It is not customary to give someone a comb with pointed tips - any sharp object and gift promises a strained and sharp relationship. Therefore, if you want to give someone such a gift, then choose one that has rounded ends.

But a hair accessory in the comb format should be accepted as a gift and with great respect - consider that this is how higher powers present you with a protective amulet.

But with regard to the gift of a comb to a man, the signs are practically silent. But you should not refuse to accept such a gift - this is not considered something shameful.

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