Folk omens about hair. Superstitions and omens about hair. Signs and superstitions about hair: how to comb correctly.

Our ancestors treated hair with respect, it was believed that hair acts as a connecting link between a person and the Universe, accumulates the vitality and experience of a person. Therefore, in ancient times, hair was cut only in extreme cases, because a haircut was equated with loss of energy and experience, a loss of connection with higher forces. Let's find out what they say about when it is forbidden to cut hair, according to the signs of our ancestors.

Protected days and places for haircuts according to superstitions. When is it better to cut hair: on weekdays or weekends? The only categorical ban on hair cutting on days of the week concerns Sunday. It is believed that cutting hair on this day can affect the luck and success of a person negatively; according to the omens, cutting hair on Sunday means literally "clipping the wings of luck."

Hair acts as a conductor between man and the Universe. Cutting your hair means destroying this energy connection.

There is also a ban on haircuts on antagonist days, depending on what day of the week the person is born. For example, if you were born on Sunday, then a haircut on Monday is forbidden for you, as it will attract negative energy.

    Antagonists for days of the week:
  • Monday-Sunday;
  • Tuesday-Friday;
  • Wednesday-Thursday;
  • Thursday-Wednesday;
  • Friday-Tuesday;
  • Saturday-Sunday;
  • Sunday-Monday.

In ancient times slaves were distinguished by their bobbed hair. In the Scandinavian countries, cut hair was equated with dishonor, with the Jews – it was a symbol of desecration.

Regardless of what day of the week you decide to correct your hairstyle, folk signs prohibit doing it in the evening, since a haircut in the evening can take away strength. Perhaps this omen made sense before the advent of electricity, when cutting hair at dusk was difficult, and, indeed, weakened the person. Nowadays, few people adhere to this prohibition.

Another prohibition that has lost its relevance in modern conditions, when a haircut takes place in a hairdresser, is that you cannot have a haircut in someone else's house. Perhaps the omen is associated with the prohibition to scatter your hair so that it does not fall into the hands of an evil person or a sorcerer. After all, it is a lock of hair that is used in many magical rites.

According to folk omens, the hair of a man of strong spirit was braided into a shepherd's whip. Any cattle became obedient to such a whip.

What does the lunar calendar say about haircuts? The lunar calendar for hair cutting has been compiled from the observations of many generations of people. Depending on which phase the Earth satellite is in, a haircut can affect human health in different ways. For example, according to the lunar calendar, it is forbidden to shorten hair on the new moon, so as not to shorten your own life. You can cut your hair on the full moon.

Another prohibition on cutting hair concerns the so-called "satanic days" - 9,15,23,29 lunar days. The heavy energy of these days can contribute to illness after a haircut, and you can also "cut your memory" by trimming your hair on an inappropriate day.

Astrologers draw up calendars for cutting hair, where they indicate favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, taking into account on what day of the month and week the lunar day falls.

The general rule for cutting hair according to the phases of the moon states: those who want their hair to grow for a long time, but become thicker and stronger, should cut it on the waning moon. Shortening the length of the hair to the waxing moon promotes their speedy regrowth.

Also, you should not cut your hair during lunar and solar eclipses. These days, the body loses its defenses, and cutting hair can only harm a person, since energy is also lost with the hair.

What do superstitions say about cutting your own hair?

Omens state that you can't cut your own hair. First of all, self-haircut can negatively affect the health and vitality of a person. This is due to the fact that by cutting hair at random, without seeing what he is doing, a person violates his own biofield.

By cutting your hair, you can lose your luck and financial well-being. It is believed that cutting one's own hair can deprive a person of beauty, both external and internal. An unmarried girl who cuts her own hair runs the risk of being lonely for the rest of her life. However, according to omens, her life is also "cut"; to cut off one's own hair means to shorten the road to the cemetery.

Omens about cutting your relative’s hair. There are also popular superstitions about the prohibition of cutting the hair of your relatives. Children should not cut their parents' hair so as not to shorten their lives. And the signs also prohibit parents trimming the hair of their own children. For example, a mother cannot cut her daughter's hair so as not to cut her happiness, the same prohibition is imposed on a son's haircut by a father.

Strictly speaking, the omen forbids cutting hair of children under one year old at all. In Russia, children were cut late for the first time - at three or even seven years old. At the age of one, they solemnly cut off a curl from the top of the baby’s head and kept behind the icons until the moment when their son went to fight, and the daughter got married. Then the first curl was transferred to its owner for storage, it was a kind of amulet, protection from diseases and evil forces.

Today, the omen is distorted and it is believed that when a child is one year old it is necessary to completely deprive him of hair so that it grows strong and healthy. Our ancestors did not do this, since shaving completely deprived a person of protection and provoked illness. They took care of the hair from a young age and tried to preserve it as long as possible, because along with the first hair, the memory of the days spent in the womb and of infancy, as well as all the energy and experience accumulated during life, was preserved.

Our ancestors did not cut the girls’ hair. If any of the family members fell ill, an incense with an infant curl was put on his neck, all family members gathered around the patient's bed and prayed.

Another family sign about the prohibitions on hair cutting does not allow the wife to cut her husband's hair. Husband and wife are considered one whole, therefore, as with cutting her own hair, the wife deforms the husband's biofield, cutting off his hair. According to legend, this procedure can cause a man's illness, loss of strength, setbacks and problems, or even shorten his life.

In addition, it is believed that a husband trimmed by his wife can cheat on her, stop loving her, or leave the family. And, without fail, a haircut will cause a quarrel between the spouses.

What do superstitions say about haircuts of pregnant women? Omens also do not allow pregnant women to cut their hair. In ancient times, a female braid was considered a link with the Universe, three strands of a braid symbolized the energy flows with which the body was fed. Getting such support for a pregnant woman was especially important, because the new life that was being born in her womb especially needed the forces of Nature and Space.

By cutting off her hair, a pregnant woman deprived herself of vital energy, gained weakness and lost her connection with Nature. This could negatively affect both her health and the health of the unborn child, because he might not even be born if the mother did not have the strength to bear him. That is why pregnant women in Russia never had their hair cut.

In pursuit of knowledge. In addition to popular signs, there is a common student omen - it is better to forget about hair cutting during the session. By shortening your hair, you shorten your knowledge, you shorten your memory. Therefore, in order not to have to learn everything anew or not to forget everything that was memorized earlier, at the most crucial moment, it is required not to get a haircut before the tests and exams.

What are the other superstitions about passing exams successfully?

What to do with cut hair, according to the omens? No matter how our ancestors treated a haircut, they still sometimes had to trim the regrown ends of their hair - healers advised to cut person’s hair during illness so that the ailment would go away as soon as possible, and also hair cutting helped get rid of love melancholy, since memory went along with the hair about the beloved person.

Old people in ancient Russia collected their hair, which remained on the comb, and stuffed a pillow with it. This pillow was placed under their head in a coffin. The gray hair of an old man from the family was considered a talisman; it was worn in an amulet on the chest. Such hair helped in business and obstructed enemies.

It is prohibited throwing out cut hair. There are many signs about what to do with hair after a haircut, so that the information accumulated in it does not fall into the hands of a bad person and is not used to harm. Signs forbidden to scatter your hair, it is advised to drown or burn cut hair.

You need to drown your hair in running water so that it washes away all information about its owner. Although there is an opposite sign, which prohibits throwing hair into the water, because it can take with it the happy fate of a person, leaving only misfortune.

Burning hair is a cardinal way to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Our ancestors said that fire destroys not only hair, but also all troubles, misfortunes and ailments, therefore, burnt hair serves as a guide to a happy life.

If a person has suffered from a serious illness for a long time, experts in magic recommend that after recovery, be sure to have a haircut. This will get rid of the bad, painful energy that leaves you along with the ends of your hair. Hair cutting is one of the rituals of entering a new life, because it is not for nothing that a priest cuts off some of the baby's hair during baptism.

In this regard, we can conclude about the connection between hair and human destiny. Often a person who wants to change his life begins with a haircut, hair coloring, and giving a new shape to the hairstyle.

Of course, many omens have lost their relevance these days or have been debunked by scientific knowledge. Of all the prohibitions on a haircut listed above, it is worth trusting, first of all, the advice of the lunar calendar, and it is better to approach the rest of the signs with a certain amount of irony.

What are the other folk hair omens and superstitions?

If a gray hair appears for the first time on your head or in the beard, then do not pull it out: this is your happiness.

It is good to wet your hair with the first spring rain - so that the hair grows as quickly as the first spring grass.

After the birth of the child, the woman should not comb and braid her hair for nine days - so that the recovery will come faster.

During childbirth, it is forbidden to put hair in a braid or tail - the baby will be wrapped in an umbilical cord, superstitions state.

If a newborn has a lot of hair on his head, this is a sign that he will be rich and happy.

Children should be cut as rarely as possible, if possible - usually girls’ hair should not be cut at all, and boys' hair is only trimmed, but not before the child begins to walk.

Those whose arms, legs and chest are overgrown with thick hair will live richly.

If a girl has a lot of hair on her neck, this omen means she will marry into a large family.

According to folk omens, it is difficult to satisfy a woman with hairy legs.

Superstitions state that if a girl who has reached the age of marriage has dense vegetation around her genitals, especially if it is black, then both in marriage and in life in general she will be unhappy; more happiness falls to the fate of a woman who has little hair near her private parts.

If, tying your hair, you accidentally leave a curl or strand of hair untied, this portends hitting the road.

The fallen or cut hair should not be left anywhere: if it gets to the nest of a mouse or bird, then the former owner of the hair will have headaches and dandruff, at least for the duration of the brood's stay in the nest.

Superstitions have it that one should not comb your hair after sunset and before sunrise.

According to the old sayings, if the person’s hair is soft and thin, this means he will be zealous at work and not angry; if the hair is hard, this means he will not like to work and is angry. Whoever has coarse hair is mean and greedy, folk signs state.

Women with black hair are considered more unhappy in their married life than women with blond hair.

If young woman’s hair is falling out, this sign predicts coming marriage.

If the hair smolders and does not burn in fire, this is a sign of impending death, superstitions state.

A feather in your hair in the morning means that someone has fallen in love with you.

If knots appear in your hair, it means that someone is trying to change you or your destiny against your will. This means damage or even curses. In the old days, such hair was cut and burned. Sometimes a brownie tangles one’s hair.

How to find out there is a brownie in your place?

When doing your hair for a responsible event, make sure that the comb does not fall to the floor. If this happens more than 3 times, it means that any undertakings are doomed to failure. In this case, it is better to postpone important matters.

Try not to let others praise your hair or a good hairstyle in a correct manner. After all, they will simply overpraise it, which can lead to diseases affecting the scalp, for example, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.

Modern men do not shy away from procedures that are considered purely feminine, for example, hair removal. Men who have vegetation on their chest should not remove it, omens say. After all, this is a sign of luck and a happy fate. By removing your hair, you can turn your fortune against yourself.

Don't trust someone causing antipathy to cut or style your hair. Such a person a priori poses a threat to your biofield. It can easily drain your energy resources, depriving you of vitality. After that, your biofield will recover for a long time. The main signs that energy has been taken away from you are deterioration in well-being and the occurrence of trouble at every step.

Girls who have curly hair by nature can be called the real lucky ones. In order not to "change" fate and not to waste luck, you should not straighten your hair often.

If you find someone else's hair stuck to your clothes or caught in your food, expect good news. Most often they will come from afar. Sometimes this bodes well for a romantic date.

Hair is a repository of human subtle energy. It contains enormous resources of inner strength. It serves as a link between the biofield and the space. Listen to the advice of our ancestors, and then no one can harm you using your or someone else's hair.

How did people start believing in omens and superstitions?

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