Dropping a ring signs and superstitions.

Spiritual meaning of rings.

Since ancient times, rings have been an important attribute of appearance. The first documented evidence of wearing rings dates back to the Old Kingdom of Egypt. In ancient civilizations, rings were considered symbols of power and love, and were also used as magic items during religious rites.

Ancient people believed in the ability of the rings to protect from evil spirits and serious illnesses. It was believed that they can bring good luck to a person and increase the influence of the positive energy of the world around him. The modern man wears rings in two cases - to show his family status or solely as decoration.

There are many signs and superstitions associated with this type of decoration. Some superstitions relate exclusively to wedding rings, others can interpret various phenomena, such as loss or accidental fall of the ring.

The meaning of the omen the ring falls to the floor.

A ring suddenly sliding off your finger and falling to the floor is a harbinger of bad news. Most often, a fall warns of an impending illness of one of the relatives or the arrival of some kind of trouble in the house, leading to disastrous results in the future.

If you believe the sign, it is extremely undesirable to pick up the jewelry that has accidentally flown off your finger with your bare hands - you should wear gloves or use a kitchen towel or napkin. This will help you get rid of future negative consequences of the fall.

Since this sign causes strong energy stress that can cause serious consequences, magicians and experienced psychics advise to perform some kind of rite of purification of the ring from unwanted energy. To do this, you need to put the ring in a glass of holy water and read a prayer to the Lord over it three times. Many believe that such a rite will also allow you to receive mercy from higher powers that protect a person.

Remember: if a ring given by a loved one fell to the floor – it is a sign that speaks of a dramatically changed attitude towards you. Perhaps this happens at the suggestion of the people around him or because of the appearance of a new romance in his life.

Dropping your wedding ring superstitions.

What does it mean when your wedding ring falls off? Wedding rings and diamond rings are objects that have the most powerful energy. According to the signs of our ancestors, they protect spouses from ill-wishers and envious people, strengthen mutual love and fill the house with positive energy.

It should always be on your hand; it should not be hidden in the nightstand and thrown to your spouse during family quarrels. Psychics consider a wedding ring a talisman, the deliberate or accidental absence of which on the finger can ruin family happiness.

Remember: according to the sign, this piece of jewelry should never be allowed to be tried on by other people before and after the wedding. It is believed that this will lead to frequent quarrels and misunderstandings in the future.

What does dropping wedding rings mean? The ring that fell during the wedding ceremony from the hands of one of the newlyweds is a tragic sign. The sign says that the future marriage will not last long - the couple will break up soon.

If the wedding ring accidentally falls from the hands of the best man or bridesmaid in the registry office, this means one of the spouses has a relationship on the side. If the best man dropped it, this means the husband has mistress; if it was the bridesmaid, the sign says about another man in the bride.

Another superstition is considered to be that if one of the spouses loses his/her wedding ring, the other probably has a relationship on the side. In this case, in order to save the family, the other spouse should also get rid of the wedding ring. It is believed that if you give it to the church, this will preserve family happiness.

Important: it is forbidden to use the wedding rings of your parents, especially if their marriage was not strong. It is also unacceptable to make it from other jewelry melted down again.

Other superstitions and signs about rings.

There is a sign according to which you can find out how well other people speak of you. To do this, you need to “draw a line” with a golden ring on the cheek that began to burn suddenly. If the trace from it is dark, this is a sign that you are condemned and treated with disrespect. A white line is a sign of the favor of the people around you.

The accidental discovery of a ring lost long ago promises you a new sympathy, which will develop into true love in the future.

A found someone else's ring is an auspicious sign promising wealth and great luck.

Wearing a copper ring that you found can save your hands from excessive fatigue.

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