Ring Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Dreaming of a ring on your finger.

What does it mean when you are dreaming of a ring? One can think that seeing a ring in his dream promises an upcoming marriage. But there are a lot of meanings interpreted by different dreambooks. Buying a ring in a special shop promises a short but passionate love affair. Dreambooks advise not to lose your head and not make mistakes despite of ardor. Buying a ring can also predict new acquaintances that can turn into long-lasting friendship or romantic relations.

Being in the jewelry store buying a ring can show the difficulty to make a choice. You will have to be more accurate with your decision because not only your life depends on it but also the lives of people around you. Losing a ring in your dream will bring you a number of obstacles but do not be too upset - this period will not last long.

If you bought a ring but it didn’t fit is not a very good sign. It means that the decisions you made were incorrect and this can cause future problems. This dream can also mean misunderstandings with your beloved one. Trying to choose a ring for a long time shows a lot of moral doubts in reality. You will be thinking what is the best choice for you and you might need help from someone more experienced.

Putting the ring on your finger means you are trying to be a leader. Dreambooks advise to be not so passionate about such leadership. If you saw yourself trying on a ring this can be a sign that your dreams will come true. If you were taking a ring that you didn’t like off your finger it means you will stop having doubtful thoughts and will finally get moral satisfaction.

An emerald ring in your dream promises mutual love or positive response from someone who didn’t feel the same way for you before. A ruby ring can be a sign of disappointment. Miller’s dreambook is warning you not to have much expectations in order not be disappointed too much. A sapphire ring in a dream can warn you about unpleasant disappointing relations, hard break of relations that can influence you for a long time. Pearl ring promises luck in your business and personal life, right now is the best time for starting new work, don’t be afraid to be socially active. A wedding ring promises marriage proposal and relations full of harmony. A big diamond ring shows your success with the opposite sex.

What does it mean when you see a ring in your dream, according to Miller's dreambook? Dreaming of rings on your fingers speak of new things to do. Soberly assess your strengths and do not exaggerate your own merits, then success awaits you. But the rings on someone else's hands promise an expansion of the circle of friends and an improvement in the financial situation.

Buying a ring in a dream predicts a good and calm flow of life; receiving a ring as a gift - promises successful business (for girls - means stable and strong relationship with a new chosen one); to give it to someone is a symbol of thoughtless excesses.

The loss of the ring in a dream threatens either a break with your significant other, or missed opportunities in other areas. Also, problems in personal life and business are signaled by a broken ring. In addition, a dream can warn of betrayal of friends.

According to Vanga, the shape of the ring represents a circle of events and unresolved problems. It also symbolizes loyalty to your promises, affection, devotion to your feelings, especially if you put a ring on a finger of your chosen one in a dream.

The lack of love feelings for someone is evidenced by unsuccessful attempts to choose a ring that is suitable in size for you. A dream in which a ring slides off your finger is a bad sign. This means that you will not keep your word, break your oath of allegiance. You will have to answer with difficult life test.

What does a dream about a ring mean in Islam? According to Islamic dreambook, a gold ring predicts the birth of a boy in a family in which a replenishment is expected. Wooden ring symbolizes a hypocritical woman, so be attentive to your surroundings.

Putting a ring on your finger is an indication of a coming wedding for single people. If the ring is silver and you are sure that it is a gift from above, this means you will become more pious and more well-behaved. But wearing a ring on a toe on your leg is a bad sign. In the best case, everything will be limited to worries and sorrows, in the worst case, it may end in arrest or imprisonment.

If you made the dream ring yourself or found it, then remember your feelings in a dream. Dream anxiety and a feeling of loss of control indicate that someone is trying to gain control over you, to suppress your will.

Was the ring magical in your dream? Fate will grant you supernatural powers.

What are the real-life superstitions about wedding rings?

  • In ancient times no one doubted that the rings are the strongest family amulet. They were used in medical ceremonies, young wives used their rings for fortune telling for future children.
  • Putting on rings at the wedding, they wore the rings without taking off, and even more so, they were not allowed to try on to girlfriends - it was believed that in this way you could give your friend your fate, happiness, and even your husband.
  • Now wearing other people's jewelry is a common thing. If someone insistently asks you to “lend” a wedding ring, and your upbringing does not allow you to refuse, then at least do not pass it from hand to hand: put it on the table. And before putting the ring back on your finger, hold it in running water.
  • The wedding ring is inextricably linked with the sun, the symbolism of the circle, a closed flow of energy, and after that - power and immortality. Therefore, for centuries, signs about rings have indicated that engagement symbols should have a homogeneous composition of noble metal and not include any jewelry: stones, vestments, engraving. The only exception is diamonds: superstition say about these stones that they will bring happiness and prosperity to the newlyweds.
  • However, a woman is a woman: any lady wanted the jewelry that will be worn all her life to be more interesting and attractive than a boring strip of metal. Therefore, much more lenient requirements are placed on engagement rings.

With which stone is it preferable to choose a gift ring for the future bride?

  • ring with aquamarine - prevents misfortunes;
  • ring with turquoise - a symbol of love and fidelity;
  • ring with pearls - protect health, give longevity;
  • ring with emerald - a stone of Venus, keeps passion between spouses;
  • ring with moonstone - prevents quarrels;
  • ring with opal - symbolizes sincerity and trust;
  • ring with ruby - protects from the evil eye and other negativity;
  • ring with sapphire - keeps warm feelings and protects from infidelity.
  • Some couples prefer to choose a stone for the ring in accordance with the zodiac sign, and this also does not contradict the signs and superstitions about wedding rings.

Additional signs about wedding rings.

  • Can I accept wedding rings as a gift? If friends give you this piece of jewelry, it is best to refuse. You cannot know another person as yourself - you cannot be absolutely sure that there is no envy of your happiness, for example, in the soul of the person giving you the ring.
  • Parent rings can be used if their family life has developed successfully, with love and consent. Otherwise, the continuity mechanism will drag the parents' marital troubles to the young couple.
  • Wedding rings of grandparents may be inherited if they have been married for at least a quarter of a century.
  • But as for the relative’s ring who is not a straight relation (aunts, sister-in-law, etc.) and is divorced or widowed, it is better not to accept it under any pretext. Even a widowed woman is not recommended to wear the ring of the deceased spouse. In some cases it can be worn on a chain as a symbol of memory.
  • The main symbol of marriage should not be touched before the wedding - worn, tried on, or shown to girlfriends. Only in one case traditions allow the bride to wear a ring before the wedding - if, until the marriage, the girl keeps innocence.
  • The ring fallen during the wedding ceremony is perhaps the worst possible sign for a wedding. This incident promises the newlyweds a difficult marriage, which will be accompanied by quarrels, infidelity and poverty.
  • It is believed that you can not wear a wedding ring over the white gloves that brides love so much, otherwise family life will be short.

If you paid attention to your own signet ring, this image is able to tell what is happening in the depths of your soul and what deep feelings will gradually influence your life. The signet ring seen on the hand of another person indicates the nature of the upcoming events and tells you what feelings of others you may encounter in the near future.

A signet ring with a precious stone is a sign of deep and strong passion. Most often, such dreams speak of a tendency to egocentrism. Seeing a person with such a ring means you should get ready for the fact that someone will be deaf to your requests or appeals.

If the signet ring becomes dull or if it is made of base metal, such a dream portends disappointment.

Sergii Haranenko
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