Elk antlers at home omens and superstitions

According to beliefs, certain interior details can attract good luck or trouble. Some people find aesthetics in decorating their living spaces with stuffed birds, heads of wild animals, antlers of deer and elk.

However, it should be taken into account that from an esoteric point of view, hunting trophies are carriers of negative energy. Moose or deer antlers at home can provoke conflicts, separations, and losses.

Signs and superstitions about horns

Esotericists say that horns should not be placed in the residential part of the house: bedroom, kitchen, office. The hall or hallway is another matter: these rooms are considered a transition from the yard to the residential part of the house. Horns placed in the hallway acquire the status of a talisman: they block the path of negativity.

To enhance the protective effect, it is advisable to place them towards the front door. The distance to the door should not exceed 2 m. You can hang the antlers directly near the entrance to the house, or above the entrance, where a horseshoe is usually hung.

Horns found in the forest are one of the strongest amulets.

But even hunters bring trophies taken from killed animals into the house. They are hung not in living rooms, not in the corridor, but in a special trophy room. In this case, they do not protect the home, but protect the hunter.

Where is the best place to hang the antlers?

The best place to hand the horns is above the front door. They can also be hung anywhere in the hallway. If the house is large and there are often guests who can carry negativity, you can place it in the living room, for example, above the fireplace. In an office or store, the horns are usually hung above the entrance to attract income and remove negative energy from the premises brought in by clients and partners.

    You should not hand the antlers:
  • in the bedroom - you will often suffer from insomnia;
  • in the kitchen and dining room - there will be frequent quarrels and conflicts.

Which horns to choose?

For the energy of the house, it is important what material the item is made of. Decoration made from material of non-animal origin can be safely placed in any room, since its energy is neutral. Wood antlers are considered a particularly good interior detail. They bring welfare and prosperity.

But you need to be careful with real deer or elk antlers. They are safe for the energy of the house only if the animal dropped them off itself. If a person finds them dumped in the forest, he can safely carry them into the house.

But in most cases it is difficult to say whether they were dropped or whether they belonged to a killed animal. Therefore, without knowing, it is better not to take risks. If you really want an original decoration, it is better to purchase a wooden or plastic version.

You cannot keep antlers taken from a killed elk in your house. They carry not just negative, but deadly energy that can destroy the health of residents, even leading to death.

According to signs, the antlers of a killed elk in the house bring serious illness, troubles, conflicts, and separations. The same can be said about other trophies: animal heads and skins, stuffed animals.

    According to signs, the person who found and brought into the house:
  • deer horn - will become the father of a boy or marry off his daughter;
  • elk antlers - will become the father of a girl or meet his daughter-in-law;
  • bull horns - will protect the home from ill-wishers.

Superstitious people should understand two nuances: the best places for antlers in the house are the hallway and living room, and you should not bring a trophy taken from a killed animal into your home.

Many people use horns as an original hanger for hats and scarves, and make lamps and shelves from them. But in this case, the protective properties are lost. You should like the purchased decoration; you should not keep unpleasant items in the house.

Sergii Haranenko

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