Is it allowed to bring home items from the cemetery?

Since ancient times, people have had many superstitions that warn people that they should not take any objects from the cemetery. This is the main rule that should be followed when visiting it.

If a thing was deliberately left or forgotten on such land, by taking it, a person can bring trouble not only to himself, but also to family members or friends.

Superstitions that explain why you should not take anything from a cemetery are based on real stories collected over a long period. Therefore, people treat objects of this area with caution.

Why shouldn't you take anything from a cemetery?

Every cemetery has a certain dead energy. People leave only emotions of unhappiness, grief, melancholy and pain in such places. Therefore, everything in the territory is permeated with these feelings.

One of the reasons why you cannot take items from a cemetery is the hidden meaning of each item. Thus, relatives can bring small offerings to the dead in the form of souvenirs, flowers or toys to the grave.

Deceased people perceive this as a gift that must be protected. Therefore, if a person takes it, he will disturb the soul of the deceased, who will want to return what was lost back. Thus, a person and a thing can return to this land. However, such a return may attract illness to the person.

For this reason, people, knowing why they should not take anything from a cemetery, avoid such actions so as not to cause trouble.

Should one bring home objects from a cemetery?

The spirit of a deceased person can become angry and bring misfortune to the family. People have heard many stories related to things brought from the cemetery. For example, a girl once picked flowers from her relatives’ graves and planted them in the courtyard of the house. After some time, her mother became very ill.

Some people claim that even dust that settles on clothes after visiting such a place can cause harm. Therefore, after the cemetery, it is recommended to wash your hands well and wash your clothes.

    However, there are other reasons that explain why you cannot take or bring anything from the burial ground:

  • Objects saturated with the energy of pain, tears and grief are capable of conveying such emotions to the person who brought them.
  • Items are the property of deceased people. Therefore, their disappearance worries the spirits. The people know a story according to which a woman brought a beautiful crystal jug with flowers to her mother’s grave. After some time, the girl had a dream where her worried mother pointed out what it was missing and demanded that it be returned to its place.

    When the woman visited the cemetery, she discovered that the vase was indeed missing. This proves that spirits have a close connection with everything that relatives or loved ones bring to them. Taking an item means disturbing the dead, who will not rest until it returns.

  • People involved in necromancy often perform rituals in the territory of the cemetery with the participation of various objects. These include damage, conspiracies or other negative rituals. By taking the item home, you can transfer the trouble to yourself or your family members. The person will begin to be overwhelmed by attacks of fear and despair, and he will plunge into depression. It is not uncommon that if an object was used to induce a crown of celibacy, the person who took it will begin to have problems in his personal life.

To eliminate such consequences, it is necessary to remember one more rule - if the thing that a person brought with him falls out of his pocket and touches the dead ground, it is considered that it already belongs to the dead. It is dangerous to pick it up and take it with you.

There is only one exception in which you can take objects from the cemetery - if similar ones are put in their place. So you can pick up a cracked flower jug if you replace it with a new one.

However, the church has a different opinion. The clergy claim that it is possible to take things from the cemetery, and such actions will not cause harm. This opinion exists due to the fact that the Orthodox Church denies the presence of any spirits at the churchyards.

It should be noted that pets sense the negative energy of things very subtly. If such objects are located near the animal, its behavior changes dramatically. This is further evidence that items brought from the cemetery can be harmful.

Despite many superstitions, a person decides for himself whether he believes in them or not. However, there are many known cases proving the negative impact of things from the cemetery. Therefore, it is not worth risking your health and the health of your loved ones. The world of the dead should be left with what belongs to them.

Sergii Haranenko

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