Superstitions About Hitting Your Elbow.

What are the signs and superstitions if you hit your right elbow? What does hitting your elbow mean? How often we inadvertently hit our hand or foot, and as a result we get painful sensations and a swelling bruise! Unfortunately, no one is immune from such an injury. And the villagers in the old days believed that their own indiscretion was not at all to blame - they believed that in this way the Universe was sending us certain signs. So, today we will talk about the sign of "hitting the right elbow", and also consider what a bruise of the left hand can indicate.

Superstitions about hitting the right elbow meaning.

The omen about "hitting the right elbow" for men and women does not differ in its interpretation, the only exceptions are young girls - we will talk about this later. The most common interpretation of such a hit is that some person is thinking of you. Perhaps someone mentioned your name in a conversation with an acquaintance, expressed approval of the actions you take, or your life position, or maybe someone just sincerely admires your abilities, skills, talents.

What does it mean if you keep hitting your elbow? Popular belief acquires a separate interpretation for young people. Did you hit your elbow? A sign for a young girl says that a devoted admirer has appeared who thinks about her day and night and the stronger the pain, the stronger the feelings of this young man. In the old days, lonely ladies were asked to do the following: at the moment of the bump, they had to shout out loudly the man's name that first came to mind - it was believed that the future spouse would have such a name.

If a woman is married, and when hitting her elbow, her cheeks turned red, as signs say, this means that another man is making plans to destroy the family idyll of the girl and her husband, and then take the man's place.

    Also, at all times, the sign of "hitting the right elbow" for girls and men was considered according to the days of the week. Here are some interpretations offered by our ancestors, depending on the day of such a hit:
  • Hitting one’s elbow on Monday - predicts sad events, for example, to the disruption of plans, illness or even the death of someone close; for women – it means betrayal of a spouse.
  • Hitting one’s elbow on Tuesday - expect the arrival of guests.
  • Hitting one’s elbow on Wednesday - means making a profitable deal for a man, and for a woman - predicts the birth of a child or problems with the future spouse. So, for example, your partner may have craving for alcohol, drugs or gambling.
  • Hitting one’s elbow on Thursday - wait for fun, a holiday in your home, and if you hit your elbow at work, this is a sign that some secret will soon be revealed to you.
  • Hitting one’s elbow on Friday - beware of gossip behind your back or tarnished reputation.
  • Hitting one’s elbow on Saturday - a loved one will arrange a surprise, and for the single people it means receiving good news.
  • Hitting one’s elbow on Sunday – means you may soon be sad, and feel blue.

What is the right elbow spiritual meaning? The right elbow, as a rule, has its own meaning in esoteric understanding, which distinguishes it from the left elbow. If a person hits his right elbow, this means his neighbors dig a hole for him in the figurative sense of the word. Out of envy, ill-wishers are ready for anything, so beware of them and perform a certain ritual that will absolutely protect you, your household and the walls of your house from black magic and just from an evil eye - sprinkle the room with holy baptismal water daily before going to bed.

If you hit the right elbow against the bed or chair and the action takes place during an evening family dinner, then most likely all the people around you are going to boycott you. Even if at first glance it seems that everything is in order and no one could even imagine that something bad will happen, quarrels are still inevitable.

Hitting the right elbow against the festive table on Friday means that you will quarrel with relatives in the same way as in the previous version, only now you will be truly wrong.

What does it mean if you hurt your left elbow?

Unfortunately, the symbolism of "hitting the left elbow" is not as pleasant as the previous one. Often, such a bump symbolizes conversations in a negative way. Someone may be judging your behavior, scolding you, being jealous, or simply slandering you. In a word, one should beware of the intrigues of ill-wishers, who, apparently, are quite determined. Belief advises young girls who happened to hit their left elbow to be careful in dealing with a guy they like, because he is most likely discussing you with his friends, and in general does not have very high opinion of your personality.

    What is the left elbow spiritual meaning? Hitting the left elbow means:
  • the girl met a deceiver and a gigolo, who will play with her and leave, so you need to urgently end such a relationship;
  • the guy will soon be seriously injured after a fight with a stronger opponent (perhaps this will happen due to the fact that the honor of his beloved will be hurt);
  • women need to be more silent in the presence of guests in order to avoid serious family quarrel;
  • man should monitor the state of his affairs at work, as well as in family life, because someone is probably looking after his wife if the left elbow was hit.

General meaning of superstitions about hitting your elbows.

In many countries, the sign of "bumping one’s elbow" is not divided into right and left sides. It is considered absolutely unimportant which hand was damaged on impact, the essence of the prediction is the same - expect trouble. For men, they can be expressed in showdown with an enemy or an unfriendly person, while women should prepare for an unpleasant conversation with relatives. If you hit your elbow against the furniture, and due to the impact, dishes, a knife or any item fell to the floor, expect a quarrel with loved ones.

By the way, the latter interpretation has a very reasonable justification. Such a sign appeared at a time when products were obtained by hard work, and not every family could afford to buy new dishes to replace the broken ones. Naturally, such negligence could easily cause anger among household members.

You can find interesting information about origins of folk signs and superstitions here.

The superstitions advise women to beware if they hit their elbows, because soon after that they may find themselves in the most disadvantageous position for them.

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