Knife fell on the floor omens and superstitions

A lot of superstitions in ancient times were associated with piercing and cutting objects. Some beliefs related to the method of storage, others - to the handling of knives, axes and other "dangerous" tools, which, nevertheless, are found in every home. And today we will talk with you about the sign "the knife fell on the floor." One can agree this often happens. Let's see what it can do to you.

General interpretation of an omen about dropping a knife

Our ancestors did not distinguish between the meaning of the sign “the knife fell on the floor” for men and women - the interpretation always applied to all household members. All of you have probably heard that if a spoon or fork suddenly breaks off the table and falls, this means some woman is rushing to you.

It is not surprising that the most common interpretation associated with this sharp piece of household utensils sounds like this: a knife fell - a sign announces the arrival of a male guest. However, this interpretation has its own nuances.

How exactly did the knife fall?

    Let's look at the details of the sign. If a knife fell the meaning of this sign can be determined by the state of the object after the fall and its appearance:
  • If the handle first hit the floor, this means that an old friend, family friend or other pleasant man is in a hurry to visit you. In this case, this sign does not portend any danger.
  • If your knife is not ordinary, but painted, with a beautiful handle, and it was it that suddenly fell off the table, this man will bring good news to your house.
  • Pay attention to the knife blade. If it is straight, even - the person decided to come to your place quite by accident, he just wanted to visit your family and chat about life. If the blade of the fallen knife turned out to be jagged or wavy - the old friend has a specific goal, he comes to you for a reason. Perhaps he has important news or he is in a difficult situation and needs useful advice.

If the knife fell and stuck somewhere

Now consider another situation - when the cutting object falls with its tip down and sticks into the floor surface. Here, not even a superstitious person can suspect something bad, and it will be for a reason! So, pay attention to the position of the knife.

  • If its blade “looks” away from you, a stranger will soon knock on the door. But this does not mean at all that this person wishes you harm. Perhaps a neighbor you don’t know will drop by, because he ran out of salt or cigarettes, or a salesman of equipment from those who often walk around the apartments will knock on the door and strongly offer to buy something from them.
  • If the blade menacingly looks directly at you - you should beware! It is believed that this position of the knife carries some danger. The same can be said if the knife fell flat, but its blade points in your direction. In this case, the sign “knife fell” is considered especially unpleasant for a girl living alone. Just in case, close the door to all the locks and do not open it to anyone else until the next day, but better - invite one of your friends to visit, it will not be so scary together.
  • The worst sign is dropping the knife while cutting bread, and especially if it is stuck on the floor after falling. In ancient times, bread was considered sacred food, so such an incident was seen as a threat to the home. But today there is no longer such a reverent attitude towards bread, so we think that the omen should not be taken close to your heart.

If the knife fell and broke

If, after the fall of the knife you find that the handle has broken or the blade has cracked, expect minor family troubles, domestic problems, quarrels with your loved ones. But everything will end well, because the broken knife took over the main negative.

If the knife is stuck in the leg

It turns out that our ancestors did not come up with any interpretation of such an extreme situation. But the fact that this is bad for your health is immediately clear. Do not waste time, call relatives or neighbors for help and immediately call an ambulance, because the injury can be very deep.

How to neutralize the effect of signs?

So, we learned the interpretation of the signs "the knife fell on the floor." So that no one comes, pick up the object, take it in your hands, and then tap the handle on the table three times and say “Stay at home!” Do it three times.

If you don’t mind uninvited guests, and you didn’t see anything “criminal” in the position of the knife after the fall, just put the item in its usual place.

If the fall occurred while cutting bread, to protect yourself from trouble, silently tap the blunt side of the blade on the bread box.

And if the knife breaks, it would be advisable not to leave it in the house. Throw it in the trash or with the words "The knife breaks - troubles do not concern me!". And live in peace after that.

Sergii Haranenko

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