Omens And Superstitions About Finding A Key

The keys have always been assigned unusual magical properties, which is reflected in myths, art and religious paraphernalia. Superstitions about keys that we use every day are rooted in antiquity: the already mysterious people of the Etruscans used the keys as amulets. Probably people's observations are drawn from the same place, through many millennia, explaining what the sign "finding a key" means.

Key symbol in mythology and esotericism

    Symbols of locks are widely used in ancient conspiracies to strengthen the text and as a security element that protects the work of the Magician from encroachment. Accordingly, in magical philosophy the key is perceived as a means of access to secret knowledge and power:
  • the emblem of the Pope contains the "keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" given to St. Peter; on Orthodox icons, plots using a bunch of keys are common;
  • security symbols are used in many divination and everyday rituals; for example, among the Slavs it was customary to hide a small key under the pillow of a child in order to protect the baby from evil spirits;
  • among the Siberian peoples, a bunch of keys was considered a symbol of wealth and fertility.

Although the key also has locking properties, in almost every world culture, people paid attention to its ability to open something previously inaccessible first of all. The key symbolized, first of all, a new stage, a breakthrough, knowledge, freedom of action and power. Therefore, most superstitions about the keys found are positive.

The meaning of the omen "finding keys" depending on the circumstances

The Gypsy magic interprets such a find simply and unambiguously: if you found a key, this omen predicts success, great luck, profit. Other superstitions take into account many nuances of the event: what the key looked like, by whom and when it was found, and also how the finder acted with it.

    Attention is also paid to the time of day:
  • if a key discovery occurred in the evening, it means that soon you will be able to overcome the obstacles that interfered with your life path;
  • finding a key during the day - predicts a housewarming party and good news.

Place where the key was found

It is not recommended to touch the key bundle lying at the crossroads - it may turn out to be a ransom made as part of a magical rite or the item on which the disease was reduced. At crossroads, strong love spells are performed, which also show signs of damage. You should not voluntarily attach to yourself the negative charge of an object that may have been in magical use.

If the case takes place on a straight road, the superstition does not prohibit raising the found key: it promises unexpected profits or a successful end to a long-standing quarrel.

The omen refers to body of water in two ways: if a man picked up a key that lay in running water, superstition promises him coming profit. According to a sign, for a girl it means: finding a key in a river or stream promises success in love affairs.

But it is better not to mess with the "master key" that rests in stagnant water - a puddle, a lake, a swamp. The reason again lies in magical traditions: there are practices that prescribe “locking” diseases, misfortunes and other troubles on the lock, and throwing the key into the bog. The swamp is just a symbol, which is also difficult to find in an urban environment, so any body of stagnant, rotten water is used to consolidate witchcraft.

    Finding someone else's key bundle in the forest is a very good omen:
  • in the grass: brings a new job that will be better than the old one;
  • on the path - means meet a person who will provide you with significant support;
  • seeing a key on a branch - predicts a housewarming party;
  • accidentally finding a key under a stone - means solving a large and complex problem.

If you find a shiny little key next to your door, this is a sign from higher powers - they protect you and your home. It is not necessary to take and keep this "messenger", it is enough just to thank your keepers - they will hear you.

What does the found key look like?

An old, bent, or broken key doesn't bode well, so the smartest thing you can do is leave it where it is. A defective key will bring mental anxieties into your life and may even “open” the way for thieves to your home.

Another thing is if on the way you come across an old, rusty, but completely intact key. This incident is a symbol of great luck and monetary gain, which will appear from the most unexpected side.

    In order for the good omen to come true, you need to do the following with the find:
  • take it with you and do not tell anyone about it;
  • clean the metal from possible traces of the negative energy of the previous owner using one of the elements: hold it in running water or over a candle flame, or bury it in the ground near the house for a day;
  • read over the cleaned key any conspiracy to attract cash flow;
  • hide your talisman as securely as possible so that no one sees it or picks it up.

Finding car keys omen

Finding a bunch of keys of a distracted car enthusiast is sign of a pleasant journey. The folk sign offers another interpretation that works for both men and women: if you found car keys, you will enjoy pleasant attention from the opposite sex soon.

However, it is worth paying attention to whether your key to success in heart affairs lies in the middle of a puddle - then the omen is considered bad, it is better to pass by and not pick up these car keys.

Finding residence keys sign

Any metal key designed to unlock the lock of an apartment, cottage, intercom or outbuildings should be interpreted as a happy find that promises new life horizons.

    Superstition attaches such importance to the discovery of the “home” key that a whole system of interpretations of the days of the week has been preserved in the people’s memory:
  • keys found on Monday - means career growth;
  • if you found apartment keys on Tuesday - you will make useful acquaintances soon;
  • finding keys on Wednesday - you will learn something new and will be rewarded for your efforts;
  • superstitions about keys found on Thursday - well-deserved cash profit;
  • if you find keys on Friday - success in personal affairs awaits you;
  • keys discovered on Saturday - significant changes for the better in the area where you are currently experiencing difficulties;
  • if a key was found on Sunday - this means the recovery of a loved one.

Omens about losing your own keys

We lose our own keys quite often, but find them again much less often. According to the sign, if you find the key that you once lost, it means a great success. This means that soon all your difficulties will be resolved.

Such a find literally symbolizes the key to success.

If you have already managed to change the locks, and find your lost keys later, then you can make a good talisman out of a useless find to get rid of problems.

To do this, you need to hold your key under running water, then hang it on a red ribbon and read a short plot: “As this master key unlocks the door, so let all my troubles disappear. Amen"

The charmed object must be hidden under the pillow and you should sleep on it for seven nights, and then remove it to a secluded place.

Finding someone else’s bunch of keys

Finding a whole bunch of keys is an ambiguous sign: an odd number of keys promises good luck, and an even number promises quarrels, partings and losses that should not have happened.

If the find consists of two large and one small key, expect replenishment in the family.

Cheating luck - removing the "extra" key from the ringlet - in this case is useless: intentional juggling deprives the sign of magical power.

Did you find a bunch of "master keys" in the amount of three or five pieces? Consider that you are very lucky: you can make a strong amulet from them to protect your home. To do this, you need to clear the bunch of possible negativity and hang it over the door. Such amulets have been used for many centuries in Russia.

Finding keys in a dream

    Almost all dream books interpret such dreams in a favorable sense:
  • the key found in a dream promises participation in major affairs;
  • if you found a bunch of keys in a dream - your actions will please your loved ones;
  • a dream about finding your own keys means you are trying to solve your internal contradictions, you will soon succeed;
  • for a girl finding keys in a dream means your chosen one trusts you and is proud of you;
  • to see in a dream an unfamiliar key that does not fit any lock - you will soon have to face a confusing situation that will cause some trouble, but does not threaten with serious dangers;
  • telling someone about the find - you risk losing control of the situation.

Negative consequences of the sign and how to avoid them

We have already talked about the negative properties of keys that could be used in magical rituals.

    However, there are a few bad omens about keys that do not involve deliberately dropping negativity on this harmless object:
  1. If you found a key at night, this suggests that you need to think about your behavior and attitude towards others, otherwise you risk making a big mistake.
  2. It is a bad omen for a woman to find a key if it is broken or bent - such a find portends quarrels with household members.
  3. A very small key says that soon you can find out some secret of a loved one, which will lead to relations cooling or even a break.

If you suspect that the omen promises you something unpleasant, the best way to protect yourself from negative consequences is to decide not to touch the find.

And if this nevertheless happened - for example, a small child picked up and brought home an interesting key - then the key must be thrown away and any prayer or conspiracy should be read. The simplest and not contrary to Christian traditions way to protect your home from accidentally brought negativity is to make a quick amulet from a red thread.

If you decide to keep the find as a sign of favorable changes, then show it due respect: clean the key from dirt, attach a beautiful ribbon or string to it, and never leave it on the table or at the bottom of your purse with other little things. It is best to have a separate bag or pocket for your talisman. Then Luck will not keep you waiting.

Sergii Haranenko

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