Lock Dream Meaning

Why does someone dream of a padlock? Dreams in which you saw a lock are very informative. In most cases, seeing a lock in a dream leads to obstacles in current affairs. An important role is played by whether it was closed or open.

If you dreamed of a door with a closed padlock, according to the Great Universal Dream Book, this means great difficulties in business. It is possible that all your undertakings will end in failure.

An open lock, on the other hand, means victory over all difficulties and successful implementation of the plan. A broken door lock predicts trouble and resentment. In some cases, such a dream may mean an unexpected turn of affairs. An event that should have ended unsuccessfully will unexpectedly complete successfully.

To lock the door in a dream, according to Vanga's dreambook, indicates the desire to be alone for a while in waking life. Even in spite of the number of urgent matters, you should definitely set aside at least a day for yourself and spend this time alone with your thoughts, considering your next steps carefully.

Opening the lock with a key in a dream, according to Vanga's dream book, predicts meeting with a lonely and rather closed person. Most likely, you will try with all your might to liberate your new acquaintance, but all such attempts will be in vain and your efforts will not lead to the desired result. The dream book recommends leaving good intentions and minding your own business.

Vanga's dream book explains what an ancient padlock of an unusual shape can symbolize in a dream. If you manage to open it, then in reality you will be able to gain confidence in a very influential person who can positively affect your career. If you dreamed of a door lock without a keyhole, this image means that all the business started in reality will end unsuccessfully, even despite your great diligence.

If in a dream you are not able to open the lock, because not a single key is suitable for it, then, according to the dream book, the upcoming business negotiations will be useless, and the enterprise where you work at will suddenly go bankrupt and close. Another version of what a similar plot means in a dream is the futility of trying to come to terms with a person dear to your heart.

To dream of a padlock that unexpectedly fell out of your hands predicts making a mistake in real life that cannot be corrected. A mistake will be quickly taken advantage of by ill-wishers who will be able to seriously spoil your current affairs. Another explanation for this dream is the loss of trust of a loved one or relative.

According to Miller's dream book, a lock in a dream means confusion. Performing some manipulations with the lock in a dream predicts coming detection of ill-wishers in your environment. For lovers, a similar plot can predict finding a way to defeat an opponent. Also you can make quite a good trip soon.

If the key broke in the lock, this means you should get ready to experience humiliation from your loved one in reality. Difficulties in relationships can turn into severe depression.

The old lock seen in a dream speaks of the need to remember past mistakes and carefully analyze them. It is quite possible that this analysis will not allow you make an even bigger mistake.

According to the dream book, a blue padlock in a dream prophesies a journey to distant countries. The journey will be long and very interesting. If you dreamed of a padlock during a night's rest, according to the truthful interpreter of dreams by L. Moroz, in reality you will have to face sadness and longing. The period of worries and tears will not end for a long time.

One of the dream books explains why a barn lock is seen in a dream. A similar plot promises material profit.

Peeping through the keyhole in a dream means revealing someone else's secret in reality. You will learn this secret unexpectedly for yourself, and it will concern the life of a stranger, not yours. Try to keep this information secret from others. Its disclosure can harm the guardian of the secret significantly.

Sergii Haranenko
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