Rain on your birthday signs and superstitions

Have you been preparing for your next birthday for a long time, made a bunch of plans, invited guests, but bad weather suddenly ruined everything? Do not rush to get upset, because the sign “rain on your birthday” will not always have negative interpretation. Yes, of course, a sudden downpour can pretty much spoil the festive mood and break all plans, but our ancestors believed that “tears of heaven” for a personal holiday were only a symbol of luck.

Why do we dislike rain on holidays so much?

Of course, we can understand those who are upset because of the rain on the day of such an important date. If you have planned a celebration outdoors, for example, with kebabs or a barbecue, precipitation will not allow you to make a fire and fry meat normally. Swimming in rainy weather is also not the most fun activity. And during the rain you can’t launch holiday fireworks, and it’s very disappointing if a lot of money was spent on them.

In addition, a heavy downpour can simply scare away guests who have a long journey ahead, which means that you risk several invited guests not arriving at your holiday. But is this a reason to be upset? Barbecue can be moved to another day or made under a canopy if the celebration takes place in the country, fireworks can be postponed until the next holiday, but the absence of some guests, on the contrary, will let you understand how these people actually treat you, if their own comfort turned out to be more expensive than communication with you.

Beliefs about rain from different countries

Before moving on to the meaning of the omen “when it is raining on your birthday”, it is worth saying a few words about the attitude towards precipitation in different cultures. Water has always been considered a symbol of life and fertility. Without rain, our ancestors could not grow a good crop, and there were no mushrooms in the forests during prolonged dry weather. On the territory of almost all countries, rain has always been considered a good omen, since it gives life to all living things, washes away all dirt and dust, and cleans the space. In some cultures, "tears of heaven" were even called "blessings of the gods." And only the people themselves came up with negative interpretations of bad weather.

What do the signs say if it rained on your birthday?

They say that if it was raining on the day the baby was born, the newborn will be very happy. According to esotericists, water washes away all negative emotions, cleanses the soul, gives vitality, allows a person to resist any difficulties successfully and calms his soul. Therefore, we can safely say that rain is a good sign, indicating that the coming year for the birthday boy or girl will be joyful, happy, filled with many memorable pleasant events. There is also a belief that a downpour cleanses a person’s chakras, which means that it makes their energy field brighter, removes “adhered” negativity - you just need to take a walk in the rain on your birthday, since it is on this date that a person’s aura is most open and vulnerable.

Nuances of the rain omen interpretation

The sign “rain on your birthday” has its own nuances. It is believed that the guest of honor must at least briefly go outside during the rain: a positive interpretation of the belief will come into force as soon as a few raindrops fall on the birthday man's/woman’s hair.

If it is light drizzle, this means the coming year will bring a lot of happy moments to a person. If the sky is overcast, but there is practically no precipitation - just a few drops – this means the person will have some difficulties or turning points, but everything will definitely end well, because he will be able to cope with these problems. A heavy downpour on your birthday portends the success of all new undertakings and plans, and also speaks of the patronage of the Higher Forces.

But in no case should you cry on the day of your birth - it is believed that only “tears of heaven” bring happiness, and the sobs of the birthday boy or girl offend his/her guardian angel.

Sergii Haranenko

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