Rain on your wedding day – is it a good or a bad omen?

The wedding day is the most important for lovers who decide to register their relationship officially. Of course, both the bride and groom and their guests want it to pass without any excesses. But sometimes the weather can let you down, because, alas, we cannot influence it - this is only subject to the rich, who can order the procedure for dispersing clouds for a holiday at an enormous cost. But we are simple people, so let's figure it out, is rain on a wedding day a good or bad omen?

Negative signs about wedding under the rain

Let's start with the negative interpretation. To understand why rain can overshadow a wedding day, it is worth turning to history. The villagers believed in many signs, and ill-wishers often used this. Imagine the most popular guy in the village, for whom all young beauties were falling! Now imagine what will happen in their hearts when this guy declares his desire to marry his one and only.

Villages are not large and there are not many men of the right age, so envious "friends" may try to upset the celebration. There are stories when such ill-wishers deliberately threw a dead bird on the porch of the future bride or convinced the girl that she should not marry her chosen one for some other, often fictional, bad omen. Naturally, behind such actions, only envy and a desire to be in the place of the one to whom the best gentleman offered his hand and heart were hidden.

Specialists believe that the belief that rain on a wedding day is a bad omen appeared at that time. Envious girls just found another way to separate lovers, arguing that rain is “tears of heaven”, which means that in such a marriage, the future wife will have to cry very often. In fact, in the modern world, only the case when the rain is very heavy and pours throughout the day without ceasing is considered a negative omen. If it is light rain and ends quickly, it does not bring anything bad for the newly-made spouses.

Also, a sudden thunderstorm right during the ceremony is considered a bad sign. If lightning illuminates the sky before the registration procedure or after it, you should not pay attention to it. In general, modern negative interpretations of rain are most often associated only with a failed photo shoot: imagine if the newlyweds decided to take a lot of beautiful photos in nature or on the street, and the downpour gave the resulting pictures a shade of sadness, and pretty spoiled the wedding hairstyle of the bride and guests.

Positive beliefs about rainy day of your wedding

Much more often, the sign “rain for a wedding” is considered a positive omen. Think for yourself. Precipitation washes away all the dirt and dust, and after the rain the air is cleared, it becomes easier to breathe. Without rain, a rich harvest is impossible! That is why supporters of a positive outlook on life perceive rainfall on the most important day for lovers as a good omen.

They say that a marriage made on a rainy day will be happy, the family will live in prosperity and luxury, and, of course, they will definitely have offspring. By the way, in some countries it is widely believed that the raindrops that fell from the sky on the wedding day are tears that will not be shed in marriage. It turns out that the heavens “cry out” in advance those tears that could appear inside a newborn family union. According to this sign, the stronger and longer the rain will be, the less grief, resentment and reasons for tears will be between the spouses during their life together.

If it rained on the day of your marriage registration, take advantage of this to take unusual photos. If you turn to a talented photographer, he will definitely come up with funny pictures of the newlyweds and guests with umbrellas and jumping through puddles. Such a wedding album will always remind the family of this memorable day, which no bad weather could spoil.

Sergii Haranenko

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