Residents of different countries have different nightmares

The study was commissioned by the company that creates and sells beds - Happy Beds. Connected to the research, sociologists took advantage of numerous sites where people share the plots of their dreams, summarized and analyzed them. The Daily Mail introduces the obtained results.

Plots, of course, differ – as they are individual. But in general, they are surprisingly repeated among the inhabitants of one country. In England, bees often appear in people’s dreams. And this, according to psychologists, indicates constant anxiety and fuss.

Americans most often end up at an appointment with an optometrist who takes out their eyes, they lose and cannot find some favorite things, and they see how their toes fall off and, surprisingly, play the windpipe. Interpreters see constant fear of falling into the zone of increased attention in such dreams.

In Australia, nightmares are usually associated with local nature - snakes, crocodiles, but also hurricanes and floods.

The Germans dream of horrors associated with travel - either they miss the train, or they arrive in the wrong place in their dreams. These plots indicate constant doubts about whether they are doing the right thing in life.

The French are terrified at night by various FaceTime glitches; gourmand Italians are haunted by food-related horrors, and in Vietnam, ex-lovers and mistresses most often appear in obsessive dream stories. All of this, to one degree or another, signals disappointment.

russian dream plots also have their own specifics - many see themselves in a closed room, wander around it, trying to find a way out. Or they get lost in some big city. It seems to indicate constant anxiety and uncertainty.

By the way

With Covid-19 pandemic people have more nightmares.

Complaints about bad dreams come from all over the world. There are more and more of them. More of both complaints and dreams. It's kind of an epidemic - as massive as Covid-19. In "peacetime" no one had so many nightmares – and that is a medical fact.

“The pandemic and “bad dreams” are, of course, connected,” says Dr. Rosie Gibson from New Zealand, who represents the Massey University Sleep/Wake Research Center.

The researcher somehow delved into the essence of the phenomenon - even before the aggravation of the international situation. And she came to an encouraging conclusion: the point, thank God, is not an infection that affects the brain. Nightmares are a consequence of quarantine and self-isolation. The reason is the emotional overload from the abundance of alarming messages about the pandemic and the kaleidoscope of expert opinions. The official media and social networks abound with all this, burdened with the diverse and, as a rule, contradictory statements of countless empty talk. And add people’s own fears and obsessive thoughts to this.

A powerful information flow "presses" on the brain. As a result, it begins to "panic". Not necessarily explicitly - more often at the subconscious level. Nightmares are the answer to this mental panic. It has only gotten worse lately as another wave of Covid-19 has rolled over.

But in real life, you should not panic. As well as it is not worth being afraid of nightmares. Or treat them suspiciously. Because “bad dreams” do not portend any trouble, but put the feverishly working brain in order, calm it down, splashing out negative emotions in a dream so that they do not overcome us in reality. This, for example, is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by Sirena Scarpelli from the Sapienza University of Rome and published in an article called The Functional Role of Dreaming in Emotional Processes.

Nightmares, as Sirena found out, really help us adapt emotionally to real life.

Don't you like this "service"? Are you tired? There is an easy way to partially refuse it. After all, you will not be able to completely get rid of “bad dreams” - the brain is simply forced to nightmare itself from time to time, regardless of the will of the owner.

“Disconnect from all information resources, at least for a couple of hours before going to bed, - Rosie and Sirena advise, - so that you don’t see or hear anything about this f**king Covid-19 and other world problems. Meditate, pray, do yoga eventually. It should help if we at least understand something in dreams.”

Sergii Haranenko

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