Signs about menstruation

Health is an important aspect in the life of every person. This applies to women in particular, because it is on them that nature has placed the responsibility for childbearing. The topic of menstruation is a key one in the section on health, and not only women themselves, but also men worry about it. Today, there are a large number of different techniques for regulating the menstrual cycle, calculating the best day for conception, and also for these days to pass as painlessly as possible. In addition, there are various monthly signs and omens that help slightly open the veil of the future.

What signs about periods have survived to this day and what do they mean?

Every woman monitors her cycle and naturally knows when and what should happen to her. Quite often, their dear men join in to prepare in advance for these slightly difficult days.

They may know the day the period is due, but it is not always possible to find out the exact time of menstruation beginning. And the body has the ability to change, so the menstruation itself can come with a slight delay or even a little earlier. In any case, every day, every date and even time has their own specific meanings.

    If you have learned about signs and you are wondering what exactly they mean, then first you need to know some rules:
  • a large number of women live on earth and not in every one of them the sign can work;
  • the accuracy of the omen is determined on the first day of the menstrual cycle and events are told only about the next month (therefore, fortune-telling can be repeated every time during the next menstruation cycle);
  • although the information is freely available, the beliefs say that you should not talk everywhere about what you have learned;
  • several prediction clarification methods can be used;
  • if menstruation came at the beginning of pregnancy, the prediction can be considered a messenger for the whole year.

Menstruation signs by the day of the week

Each day of the week is guided by its own planet. So what does it mean if the period started on this or that day?

The period coming on the first day of the week (Monday) portends a lot of trouble for a woman. Nothing special, one might say, because every person is puzzled by something. But in this case, the whole next month can be especially hectic. You will have to move more, solve some issues, things may come that you did not expect. However, for some it may even be a pleasure. There will be more focus on many things.

Having menstruation starting on Tuesday means very successful days for the implementation of your goals and successful undertakings. This is especially true in the field of love. It is worth paying special attention to your dreams and Wishlist. Buy yourself finally what you have been thinking about for a long time. During this period, meetings with people from the past may occur or new important acquaintances may be formed.

When the time of the month comes on Wednesday, in the following month one should be careful in making hasty decisions. Do not act on emotions, as well as assess the situation superficially. It will be very important to understand everything properly, and then act. Calmness and composure are your best friends.

Having your period on Thursday advises to get ready for fun, and sometimes even crazy pastime. It means you can expect parties, guests, even a wedding. This usually takes up a lot of energy, so be sure to take time to relax on your own. If your period is painful, partying is still inevitable.

Friday menstruation sign means a busy month. Unexpected situations, emergency situations, failure of deadlines or something else can happen. In general, be patient.

It is good if the period came on Saturday, because this is at least a day off. The signs here are also good. There is a very high chance that your wish may come true next month. And also the following days will be favorable for romantic relationships.

The sign about menstruation starting on Sunday is somewhat vague. Pleasant events will occur, but it is not known what area they will concern. It can be related to travel, work, and friends.

Time of the month coming on a specific date

    What does each date of the month when your period has started means? Let’s find out.
  • 1. The month will be quite happy and full of events; such days are called bright.
  • 2. During the month, someone or something will actively annoy you.
  • 3. That very unpleasant period will begin when quarrels will not stop. Alas, the state will be such that any simple spoken word can turn into a big conflict. For a person in a relationship, you need to be very careful.
  • 4. This date, on the contrary, portends a very easy month.
  • 5. There may be a completely unexpected, but successful spending. Also within a month you can be presented with a gift.
  • 6. Who is warned, he worries less. Gossip will go around you, about you or not necessarily, and this is definitely unpleasant. It is especially worth paying attention to what day of the week the date falls on. Together with Monday, an energetically powerful negative tandem is created, and with Thursday, you don’t have to worry about what you hear.
  • 7. The sign indicates problems with a loved one - he can start scandals for no reason. If not, don't expect to start a new relationship.
  • 8. Flirting is good, but not when your loved one is with you. This month, he may start to be jealous of others in a special way.
  • 9. As they say, you will get a test of character. During the month, you will especially need to show all your maturity and wisdom. Difficult situations can roll in one after another.
  • 10. Time of romance and candy-flower period. For people in a relationship, this will be a calm period, and for singles, there is every chance to succumb to feelings of falling in love.
  • 11. Two ones on the calendar promise events where you can make sure that intelligent and faithful people are next to you.
  • 12. There will be a very sudden passion. It is important to look at what day of the week this date falls. Passion will end quickly, but the consequences can be unpleasant.
  • 13. For some reason, the number 13 is credited with unfortunate events. In case of menstruation and next month, you should not expect something good. It would be good if everything goes neutral.
  • 14. The number 14, on the contrary, predicts good news and maybe even a trip.
  • 15. For some reason, odd numbers are more predictive of negatives than positives. The news will not be good, but bad.
  • 16. One tip - keep your mouth shut and you will be happy.
  • 17. In any case, there will be a parting with a loved one. It can be temporary or permanent.
  • 18. Some events will make you experience surprise, personal life will please you.
  • 19. New relationships or excellent understanding in the current ones is promised by the number 19.
  • 20. Again the story is connected with romantic feelings, but this time they will be unrequited.
  • 21. Be extremely careful, because the risk of getting caught by scammers is high.
  • 22. The date is responsible for financial profit. Don't be afraid to ask for a raise or consider changing jobs if something doesn't suit you.
  • 23. You will experience the feeling of happiness quite often.
  • 24. You can say it will be a guest month.
  • 25. In this case, you will get a lot of new acquaintances.
  • 26. Remember that you are not alone, there is support from others.
  • 27. It is a bad combination of number with Saturday. The numbers are responsible for the fulfillment of desires. Something should be fulfilled this month, but if your period began on Saturday, it can postpone it indefinitely.
  • 28. Everything will be calm and stable; money may come from an unexpected source.
  • 29. Throughout the month, you can feel exhausted, experience apathy.
  • 30. Someone can interest you very much, as well as vice versa.
  • 31. The last day of the month promises something good.

What does the period starting time tell you about?

Have you ever thought about whether it means something when exactly your menstruation started?

For example, the first half of the day is the best for this action, even if the woman was not ready for such a turn of events and slept at that time.

The lunch period and up to 16-17 o’clock is not very convenient, especially for a person who is on his feet all the time. The entire next period will be generally neutral, although there may be sharp jumps in events from unpleasant to good ones.

Menstruation starting on evening time sets a sad tone for the whole next month. Apathy may be present, especially when paired with negative numbers.

If “the red days” began at night, this means the woman may feel very lonely the entire subsequent period. If you always have such a cycle, this does not mean that the state of loneliness will haunt you all your life. As we know, certain factors can help correct this situation.

So, we have learned the meaning of period signs by day and hour. After that, it remains only to observe whether the predictions come true in your life or not.

Sergii Haranenko

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