Signs and beliefs about passport and other documents

A document is considered to be information recorded on paper or other media. In this case, both a clay tablet and a CD can act as a carrier. Important documents include various certificates, including a passport.

Each of us comes across a number of documents every day. So there is nothing strange when we are trying to pay attention to different situations related to our ID cards or other documents. Does it mean anything if we drop a document? Should you worry about this sign?

If an unmarried girl dropped her passport – this means she will meet her betrothed or a coming wedding.

If the document remained closed during the fall – the sympathy will be fleeting, the relationship will be short-lived.

Missing an identity card for a married person, a married lady – means big changes in life.

If the document fell with your signature down – this belief predicts a change of place of work or residence.

Passport (as well as another document) fell out of a bag or pocket – this is a good sign that promises interesting events in the near future.

Dropping other person's papers (documents) – this omen promises a long-term friendship or serious relationship with the owner.

Dropping some documents in a public place where there are a lot of people – the sign says about an interesting and fun life.

If the documents fell into a puddle or dirt – this means unplanned expenses.

If the passport is badly damaged during the fall – this omen means expenses, which is not surprising, because it is not a very cheap thing to restore a document.

If another person accidently touched it and the documented papers fell out of your hands because of this – this omen promises a new acquaintance.

After getting a driver's license or a passport, you should call guests and set the table so that there are no troubles in life.

If one of the newlyweds forgot their passport going to the registry office – this is a bad omen, portending a short life together for a couple.

Losing your identity card – is a sign that too many problems have accumulated; they need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Finding someone else's ID card – promises well-being and happiness.

Sergii Haranenko

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