Superstitions for drivers. Omens about cars and driving.

What will happen if you scold your car, count money in the cabin or throw garbage out of the car window? What the purchase of a green car, registration of the purchase of a vehicle on the 13th, promises?

The abundance of road accidents, frequent breakdowns of personal cars force drivers to listen to popular wisdom, thanks to which most troubles can be prevented.

What are the signs and omens for drivers about cars and other vehicles?

1. Having bought a new vehicle (car, as well as any other), you need to set the table and invite guests, otherwise it will not last long.

2. There will always be enough money if you open your wallet wide at the sight of a passing freight train.

3. Throwing garbage out of the car window onto the road is a bad omen, promising trouble with law enforcement agencies in the future.

4. If you kick a car tire in a fit of anger, it will puncture soon.

5. Using spare parts of cars that have been in an accident for repairing is a bad sign portending an accident.

6. People say that when you scold the car - a serious breakdown will occur.

7. If you got into an accident twice within a month, the superstitions state you should sell this vehicle. Otherwise, there may be sad consequences, up to death if the car is not sold.

8. Buying a green car – is a symbol of bad luck, according to the signs.

9. In order to be wealthy, you need to buy a vehicle from a wealthy person.

10. When changing into a new car, you should take charms, talismans and favorite things from the old car.

11. The driver who buys a car on the 13th of any month, according to popular belief, may die.

12. If the wheel of the car was punctured, you need to find the object that caused it; always carry it with you, and then such a trouble will not happen again.

13. You should not shave before a long journey, so that the road is easy.

14. To see a black dog on the roadside from the car – may predict an accident due to fatigue.

15. Keeping your driver's license in the left pocket of your trousers or jacket is a good sign that protects you from getting fines.

16. Walking around the car from the front is not good.

17. Talking about the desire to sell the car in the car salon predicts a serious breakdown.

18. Taking a selfie with a vehicle in the background or in the background – is a sign of bad luck, an accident.

19. To see an empty bucket in the morning before leaving - means trouble. It's better to stay at home on a day like this.

20. Counting cash in the car – may bring losses or lack of money.

21. Dirt and garbage in the car interior – is an omen predicting problems in your personal life.

22. If you talk affectionately to the car, then it will break down rarely, according to the signs.

23. Before a long journey, you should not wash your car, otherwise trouble will overtake you.

And do you know the main and most beloved joke superstition among drivers? Every driver knows that if you wash your vehicle, it will rain, and if you polish it, there will be a hurricane.

Should you believe in signs and superstitions? What is the origin of omens?

Sergii Haranenko

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