Signs and beliefs: what should not be given directly into one's hands?

If some items are handed over to someone directly into the hands, or taken out of one’s hands, then you can bring trouble on yourself.

By transferring some things directly into someone’s hands, you can bring on yourself and your family lack of money, trouble and even death. There are special rituals for passing money, jewelry, dishes. If you stick to them, troubles will bypass you.

What things should not be transferred directly into someone’s hands?

Giving cold steel to women and children is a bad sign that portends health problems for the one who passes it on. Only a young man can be given weapons, and only a father can do that.

Financial difficulties in the family will begin if you lend money or take a loan from the hands of another person. Banknotes should be placed on a wooden table or bedside table in the hallway for another person to take them.

You shouldn’t handle someone jewelry directly, especially expensive jewelry. Wearing other people's jewelry is a bad omen, but if you take them with a napkin and then clean them with holy water, then all negativity will be neutralized.

It is a bad sign to pass someone empty kitchen utensils. Having taken a pan from a neighbor for a while, you cannot return it empty. It is necessary to put a piece of bread, lightly salted, inside otherwise the hungry time may overtake the family.

Do not give someone tools for working in the field into his hands. Most of the tools have a sharp blade: a sickle, a scythe, etc. If you transfer the tool into the hands of another person, then misfortune can be brought on him in this way, according to signs. To prevent this from happening, the tool must be placed on the ground.

It is a bad superstition to pass children's clothes, toys from hand to hand. It is undesirable for the baby to wear the clothes of someone else's child, use his toys and household items, since each item carries the energy of the owner. If there is a need to take children's clothes for your child, they should be washed in salt water, the toys should be wiped with a rag soaked in salt water, then they will become safe.

It is also a bad omen to pass bread or loaf from hand to hand. The bakery product must be wrapped in a clean towel woven from cotton or linen. It is undesirable to use towels made of artificial fabrics.

It is a bad sign if you hand someone your wallet, bag or other accessory for storing personal items and money. Giving someone your wallet – is a sign of poverty. If you really want to transfer an unclaimed item, then first you need to release it, put it in a distant drawer for a while, according to signs, and only give it away after a month, wrapped in a paper napkin.

You can prevent most troubles by adhering to traditions and folk signs.

Sergii Haranenko

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