Money signs and omens in real life.

Omens that will help you save your money

Money... It brings happiness to some people and troubles to others; and everyone, without exception, strives to possess it. But striving and even hard work is not always enough for financial success. What is the secret of wealth and what should you do to attract money? People have asked these questions at all times.

What can I do to have more money? Why do I not earn enough? Why can’t I save enough money? What are the money-attracting practices? What are the Dos and Don'ts in order to have money? Besides the obvious answers to these questions, one should pay attentions to signs and superstitions about financial issues and money use.

Money has always demanded a very respectful attitude, and if you do not treat it correctly, then it will pay you back with its absence. How much money you have will depend only on you. There is never a lot of money, and if you think that you have a lot of money and wealth, the cash flow will become impoverished. In order for money to be kept with you, respect it and do not show the money that it is nothing to you. You should rejoice at any cash receipt.

One should never raise money at the crossroads and in the morning on empty stomach. Money loves movement, turnover, it is not worth storing money in stockings, it is better to put it for bank interests. Never set a goal in the form of just accumulating money, it is only means for this. And you should always save 10% of your income.

There are signs about money and finances that people have been observing for hundreds of years, and in our difficult world one should not forget about these simple rules, which are one of the main magnets of cash flow to oneself.

Do you believe in signs and omens? Some signs are very unusual, some are naïve, some signs cause the smile on ones’ face, and some of them are very easy to follow. Anyway, it is worth getting acquainted with the signs and omens concerning money issues.

They don’t put money on the dinner table. There will be or will be monetary losses. Also, do not put keys and caps on the table.

Litter from the table can only be removed from the table with a cloth - not on the floor or into your hand. One should never brush away crumbs from the table with your hand.

You should not sit on the table. This can bring poverty.

Do not throw away or take out anything in the evening from your place.

Do not keep empty containers in the house. If you need an empty container, put a coin or a few beans there.

In order to always have money in the house, put a coin in every corner of the house, and a silver coin under the threshold of the house.

There should never be empty bottles or plates on the table. You need to take them away at once.

There should always be a small amount of money on the dining table under the tablecloth - this will protect the house from theft and will attract wealth.

You can’t leave anything on the table for the night, especially knives – this can lead to heavy monetary losses.

Nails should be cut on Tuesday or Friday at the full moon, but it is best to do it on the growing moon. Wealth will be attracted into the house.

You should not cut your own hair yourself – this will being losses and damages.

In order not to sweep and wash away the wealth, one should never do the cleaning of the house after sunset. And it is best to use one broom to clean the house so that the good does not scatter in different angles.

You should not whistle in the house – the whistle will take away the money from you.

Do not mention the devil in the house – he will come and take all the money with him.

If you brought money into the house, put it under the mirror overnight so that there is more money.

Cut the small child’s hair on a fur coat – he will be rich.

Never put money on a dirty place or where you are sitting or others are sitting.

The broom in the house should be placed with the handle down.

It’s better not to stop and not stand on the threshold – it will be hard for money to come into the house.

The more blueberries you eat, the more money will be in your life.

When the guests leave, shake the tablecloth out onto the street so that the money flows into the house.

Do not count the money after sunset. It is best to count money in the morning, and the doors of the house should be closed.

In no case one should leave his wallet empty; even if you have all the money stored on the card. Let there always be a banknote in your wallet.

Always keep order in your wallet, banknotes should be laid out on their denominations, facing you, but not from you.

In the store, you should not leave change – the money will go to the one who gets it.

If you have dropped your money – you should stop and not be too lazy to collect everything to the last penny.

Do not leave your money thrown anywhere. Do not crush the banknotes, do not crumple, do not stomp them – otherwise they will leave forever

Keep the money in packs in which there is an even number of bills, it is best if it is 20, 80 or 100, otherwise you may have lack of them soon.

Do not keep the same bills all the time, change bills to others, and spend these. Do not stagnate cash flow.

Do not leave your money unwatched. Do not show your savings to anyone, otherwise they will jinx it.

Money is attracted to money. The larger the amount, the faster it will increase.

Receive money with pleasure, and give it without regret. Money doesn’t like greedy people.

Count money more often, even if there is very little of it.

Always give money with your right hand, and take it with your left one.

The more you give money for a good business, the more it will return to you.

You should only think positively about money, it will not tolerate negative thoughts and curses in its direction, money loves affection and care.

Try not to give money from hand to hand.

If you received money from the hands of rich people, save them – it will bring you more money.

Imagine large amounts of money near you. For example, that you are often in the cash vault.

Do not appropriate other people's money – each banknote has its own owner. He will come and take back both his money and yours.

Do not chase cheapness, it is better to overpay than not to pay extra.

Do not spare money on food and gratuities/ tips.

The wallet should be better of white, gray, silver, yellow, gold or orange color.

In a pocket for small things, one should always store a non-exchangeable coin.

Do not store photos in your wallet. In addition to money, nothing superfluous should be in the wallet.

Do not discuss other people's money – there will be none of your own.

If you save money, in this case everything should be in order as well. Its’ best of all if you keep your money in a beautiful box, or an ordinary (but large) wallet. Money does not like sunlight.

Do not call your profit “Salary” – you’d better call it “Income”.

Save money only from profit, but never from change.

On Sunday you should spend all the small bills/coins, otherwise there will be only small money in your life.

Spend big money without exchanging money. It’s better not to exchange money at all.

If you give an animal for free – you should take a penny in return.

Seeing excrement in a dream – is a symbol of profit. The more poop you saw, the better. And as for signs about stepping into shit in real life, the omen also promises unexpected profit.

If your left palm itches – this is a sign of unexpected money. The more you scratch, the more it will come.

If the bird "marked you" with its droppings – this means profit.

If you put an aspen leaf in your wallet, there will be more money.

You should not borrow the amount with which it will be difficult for you to part in the future.

Never give alms in paper bills, only coins.

Give borrowed money back in small bills.

On Mondays there should be no bills, no money settlements. Monday is considered to be a hard, bad day. They also do not lend money on Monday.

Do not lend money on Tuesday - you will be in debts for a long time. Do not lend money in the evening.

You cannot borrow money for the New Year holidays - entering the New Year with debts means being in poverty all year.

Money signs and omens according to Feng Shui

What does feng shui say about the energy of money? Is it positive or negative? In feng shui there is no concept of money, there are concepts of wealth or abundance. Money by itself does not represent value from the point of view of the ancients. It is “wealth” that includes health, money, love, power, fame, wisdom, procreation. A person can be happy only if he possesses all facets of wealth. Feng Shui is the art of using, generating and attracting all facets of wealth into your life.

Water should not drip from the tap in the apartment.

If you put dried moss or a piece of seaweed under the carpet, it will attract money.

One should put "Money Tree" (Crassula) in the southeast in the living room.

If you have a room that faces southwest, be sure to put a lamp or a floor lamp with a red lampshade in it.

Trash bin should not be near your areas of wealth.

In the northern corner of your apartment, put a figure of turtle – it will bring money.

One should ventilate the apartment more – the wind will help get rid of the negative.

If you save money and keep it at home, then it must be stored in the eastern or southeastern sector of your home, in red items. Be sure to write on the items what you are saving the money for. And jewelry is best stored in the northwest.

If you have a loan, and you do not want problems with late payment, you should prepare a separate red folder for paid receipts. You will no longer have problems with paying a loan.

What does it mean if someone is superstitious?

Why should you never give money into someone's hands in the evening?

People have had a respectful and special attitude towards finance since ancient times. People say that if you save capital, there will be prosperity and well-being in your home. People believe that by “letting go” the banknotes from home before sunset, you can “let go” profits from home. It is also undesirable to borrow until sunset, otherwise the money will slip out of your hands for a long time.

Why shouldn't you pass the money in the evening? If the debtor gives money in the evening, so as not to incur bad luck and permanent debts, do not take it with your hands. Ask the debtor to place it on the table, then pick it up with your left hand. Thus, the transfer ritual will be completed successfully.

A prerequisite for financial transfer is to take with your left hand and give with your right hand. When transferring funds, mentally ask them to return.

You should only give or take banknotes in the first half of the day. The sign is based on the solar cycle - in the morning the cycle is increasing, which means money will be in the house, in the evening it is decreasing, which means finances are leaving the house.

Do not lend money on the waxing moon and do not give it on the waning cycle.

In the evening, you should not count the money in your wallet.

Do not borrow or return on Orthodox holidays.

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