Superstitions about the symbolism of owls

The night inhabitant with its mysterious appearance and amazing abilities has long excited the minds of our ancestors. In ancient Greece, the owl was considered the companion of Athena, the goddess of wisdom; in Indian culture, it was personified with a seer who could predict the future. The Slavs revered as the keeper of treasures, and the Celts and Egyptians personified owls with the god of darkness and death.

They feared the bird and at the same time admired it. One thing is clear that the symbolism of the owl has always carried a magical meaning, which was discovered only by the elect and helped to comprehend the laws of the universe.

Owl symbol in the house

Many people still attach great importance to various totems and talismans. Not the last place here is occupied by the image of a nocturnal predator.

Often in a dwelling they acquire a charm in the form of an owl, as a symbol of attracting money and financial prosperity. It is believed that a cautious and cunning bird with sensitive hearing and sharp eyesight can prevent fraud and protect wealth from unnecessary spending. It will help the owners not only distribute cash receipts and incomes economically, but also to increase their number. To do this, you just need to put a figurine of an owl in the house near the place of storage of profits or in the office on the desktop.

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and insight. Its glowing eyes are able to see in the dark what is hidden from the rest. Foresight, clarity of mind, solving important issues and dexterity: this is what the bird will give to its owner.

A souvenir gift in the form of an owl, which has settled in the children's room, will teach the younger generation to distribute pocket money rationally. An owl located on a student's desk will increase the child's craving for knowledge and contribute to good academic performance. You can take a small figurine of an owl with you to the exam. It will help you concentrate and competently systematize the acquired knowledge when answering.

The owl is a symbol of protection from evil forces in the house. Such a talisman is able to prevent people's bad intentions, grant the ability to read other people's thoughts and develop the owner's intuition. For such purposes, you should choose the symbol of the bird with wide open eyes. You can place a bird figurine with eyes made of precious or semi-precious stones in a crib or stroller with a newborn baby. It will protect the baby from the evil eye.

The twilight lifestyle, silent flight and the penetrating gaze of large eyes contributed to the fact that the image of the owl is still perceived as a symbol of the other world. In the countries of the East and America, it is considered a harbinger of death, in Europe, the patroness of sorcerers and magicians.

The ability to see the world around without turning the body endowed the predator with the gift of clairvoyance. Talismans in the form of an owl allow you to see prophetic dreams. It is best to place it in the bedroom.

According to the philosophical teachings of Feng Shui, an owl figurine in a house should be located in the northeastern part of the apartment. Here the bird will protect and guard the household from everything unkind. Followers of the direction recommend purchasing a group of three owls that will keep the family from the evil eye and ill-wishers.

You can place the image of a predatory feathered bird next to a toad that holds a coin in its mouth and then the chances of enrichment will double. And an owl sitting on a money tree will help ensure that your income always exceeds expenses.

Our ancestors believed that the night guest guards treasures hidden in the ground. The symbol of an owl in the house in this case symbolizes the heightened perception of the owner and hypersensitivity to the smallest details.

Owl figurine in the house

The color of the owl figurine in the house is of no small importance. According to Feng Shui, a white or golden polar owl guards the family hearth. They try to place it in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bedroom, where the whole family most often gathers. The image of a predator has the ability to accumulate positive and negative energy, processing it.

After a while, only positive energy returns. Therefore, in the places of home “habitat” of owls, it is undesirable to swear and sort things out. Otherwise, you will have to give only negative charges. Do not put an owl in empty and cold rooms.

An owl with outstretched wings and light plumage is the key to rapid career advancement. You can keep such an owl figurine both at home and in the office. An increase in wages, a new position and business success will not pass by.

Often a figurine of the owl is placed on an open book. Here it points to the ability to new knowledge, the development of erudition, logic. Sometimes this image can be seen on the coats of arms of various educational institutions.

The figurine of a white owl with folded wings symbolizes humility, prudence and diligence. It will come in handy in a house where there are naughty children, allowing you to direct excessive activity in the right direction.

Item in the form of an owl made of mahogany or ebony can be placed under the pillow. This will help strengthen memory and increase observation.

The peoples of the Far North are confident that the image of a bird can cure all diseases, open up supernatural physical abilities. You just have to touch it at least once a day. You can ask for help when a bad feeling has appeared, you can simply hold the owl figurine in your hand.

Owl as women's amulet

Today, most often images of an owl can be found on jewelry for ladies. In ancient Rome, the figure of an owl was associated with fertility, and personified with the feminine. In Slavic culture, the bird was associated with an old maid or a widow, or an unfaithful wife.

A pendant in the shape of an owl helps a single woman find family happiness. A married woman will receive help in protecting the house from quarrels and disagreements, will keep her marriage.

    A large number of signs and beliefs are associated with the symbol of an owl:
  • The cry of a nocturnal predator foreshadowed the coming birth of a child. An unmarried lady should have waited for replenishment outside of marriage.
  • Representatives of France are sure that if you hear the cry of an owl during pregnancy, this is a sign that a girl will certainly be born.
  • In Ukraine, it was believed that to hear or see an owl was a sign of a coming wedding.
  • Scottish women were afraid of meeting with a night bird during the day, considering it a bad sign.

In modern life, the owl symbol has retained this meaning and symbolism only partially. Today it is considered a sign of female cunning and dexterity in the good sense of the word. To learn how to use the image of a bird rationally, you need to use it correctly.

Stuffed owl in the house superstitions

Some experts insist that the owl figurine should be made of natural material. Wood, clay and stone can enhance its beneficial effects. In a modern interior you can see not only figurines and statues of a bird more and more often, but also a stuffed owl in the house.

According to the beliefs of the Indians of North America, the appearance of such a bird in the house portends an imminent death or natural disaster. The predator can bring good luck only to sorcerers.

However, psychics and astrologers argue the opposite; that having a stuffed owl in the house is a good omen. It is necessary to place it near the front door, in the corridor. People with bad intentions will not stay long in the apartment, hurrying to leave.

It is important to remember that various figurines and statuettes are not just things, but objects that carry a certain charge of energy. In order for luck not to pass by, it is necessary not only to give them a place among us, but also to believe in them.

Sergii Haranenko

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