Exam Dream Meaning

Dreambooks consider that dreaming about exams is a common symbol showing that every person feels anxiety and even fear throughout his life. In our dreams these feelings are often transformed into an image that everyone knows from the childhood. Exam dreams can also be a symbol of urge for new knowledge and self-development. This dream can be a sign of venturesome person, symbolize struggle between temptation and carefulness.

If you often see yourself taking exam this can mean that your lifestyle is much different from the majority of people around you. This doesn’t mean you have to follow the voice of the crowd, it is much better to remain an individual.

Dreams about exam usually symbolize obstacles and bad mood. Besides that such dreams may predict solving a difficult situation soon. Getting ready to answer the exam task in a dream means getting out of a difficult situation.

What is preparing for exam in dream meaning? Taking an exam in a dream means that in reality you are preparing for something very important, requiring you to fully mobilize all your mental and physical strength.

If you dreamed that you happened to take an exam at work, this plot warns of a nervous breakdown. Cheating at an exam predicts participating in a gamble.

According to the Esoteric dream book, dreams about exams reflect the dreamer's regrets about missed opportunities.

A dream about failing at the exam may be a sign of catching a cold. Bad marks at the exam may predict separation from your partner. Failing at the exam also means that your idea is disastrous and you should leave it behind. It can also mean that your uncertainty restricts you from achieving your goals.

If this dream is seen by an adult who is not at school or university for a long time already this can show he is planning some risky venture and is trying to understand whether it’s worth doing it. You can judge about your plan’s results by the results of your tests in a dream, good grade means the idea is worth the risk.

If you know the answers to all questions at the exam in a dream, this plot predicts career growth. Finding out the result of the exam means signing a profitable deal.

If you are getting ready for exam it means you will have to put a lot of efforts to succeed. This dream can also depict the dreamer’s uncertainty. People who cheat during their dreaming exam have problems in communication in reality, they have a lot of psychological barriers.

If you successfully passed the exam it is a sign that you are on the right way, keep following your plan even if your surrounding is trying to persuade you that you are wrong. Succeeding at the exam in a dream promises a step forward and is telling you you have to follow the dream. If you didn’t pass the exam from the first time you should not be desperate, your plans will achieve your purpose but not at once.

Some dreambooks think that taking exam in a dream is a sign that you are making something wrong. The dream interpretation predicts a certain life test and insists: deep inside you feel the lack of strength to overcome it. Did you have a dream that you were the only person being examined? It's time to get rid of your own complexes, otherwise you can’t move on. Seeing that you take the exam several times in a dream means that the endeavor that you planned will be fulfilled in several stages.

Did you happen to take the exam at school? Get ready for a rather difficult life period and mastering new, previously unknown to you knowledge and skills. At the same time, the dream book insists: the features of future events directly depend on the importance of the educational institution in a dream, because taking an exam at school is always easier than at a technical school or institute.

    It is very important to remember in which discipline you had to take the exam.
  • Geometry exam - everyday problems;
  • Algebra exam - difficulties in work;
  • Biology exam - the need to become closer to nature, to take into account its laws;
  • Foreign language exam - lack of understanding, knowledge;
  • Native language exam - watch your words, do not talk when not necessary;
  • Geography exam - a change of activity, place of residence;
  • Physics exam - moderate your pride, ambition;
  • Driving exam - the need to control the situation.

The dream interpretation will tell you how to interpret the plot using a specific example. Did you dream that you got a very difficult math question? This means you should clean up and bring to order your head and business immediately. To see a completely incomprehensible task in mathematics literally means: you are confused and do not understand what to do next. If you easily answered all the questions in mathematics, then you can solve any problems at the current stage as well without problems.

It is extremely important to recall your own feelings in a dream. Why does one dream that he experienced excitement and even fear? You seek to know the unknown, secret and something forbidden. And the dream book is sure that you have all the prerequisites for this. Seeing that you were lucky getting ready for the exam without any special emotions means that you are a pretty confident person and have little interest in anything other than your main activity.

Did you dream that you were late or did not appear at the appointed time? The dream interpretation suggests that you are not ready for fateful decisions and subconsciously know about it.

Successful passing always takes the dreamer to a new level of awareness, even if he himself is not aware of it. In reality, this is usually expressed in a long period of luck or sudden changes.

According to the Interpretation of Sexual Dreams, taking a test means that you must help a loved one. If you take the exam, this means that you are very experienced in sex, but at the same time you demand the same from your partner.

If you get high assessment in the exam, this means that you can rest, because now everything is going as well as possible for you. People who need the support of others dream of a bad grade.

Top-5 adverse exam dream meanings

  • Passing the entrance college exam in a dream warns of deteriorating health.
  • Passing a test on knowledge of traffic rules predicts humiliation.
  • Having an exam question that you haven't learned - means revealing the secrets of the dreamer to ill-wishers.
  • Passing an exam in a foreign language - possible theft in the house.
  • Being the only examined person in the room symbolizes a meeting with an unpleasant person.

Top-5 auspicious dreams that you passed your exam

  • Taking an exam in physics is a dream of overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal.
  • Writing maths exam in a dream - means income increase.
  • Helping another person at an exam predicts fun pastime with friends.
  • Taking exams at school means a pleasant surprise.
  • Dreaming about college exams may symbolize promotion.

Symbolism of a dream about exam

If you dream that you are preparing for exams, this is a reflection of your deepest doubts.

The dream foretells you some kind of life test and suggests that deep down you are not sure whether you have enough strength and abilities to implement some plan or overcome future difficulties.

Failing an exam or being late for it is a sign of your internal unpreparedness for possible blows of fate. After such a dream, you should avoid excessive self-confidence - in the near future you will need the ability to concentrate.

Successfully passing the exam means that you will overcome a difficult period of life with honor, although you should not relax.

Giving the exam yourself or watching the exam from the side is a sign that some of your plans are not fully thought out and may fail. After such a dream, you should carefully weigh the things you are going to undertake and soberly assess the capabilities of the people on whose support you are counting.

Exam dreams are frequently linked to stress and anxiety, especially if the dreamer is facing an actual exam or a challenging situation in their waking life. The dream may reflect concerns about performance, competence, or preparedness.

Dreams about failing an exam might signify a fear of failure or feelings of inadequacy. This could be related to performance expectations or a fear of not meeting certain standards, either in academic or personal life.

Passing an exam in a dream may indicate a sense of readiness and confidence. It could reflect the dreamer's belief in their abilities and preparation for challenges ahead.

Exams in dreams can also symbolize self-evaluation or a need for introspection. The dreamer may be reflecting on their goals, achievements, and areas for improvement.

For some, exam dreams are associated with transitional periods or significant life changes. The dream may represent a symbolic passage from one phase of life to another, with the exam serving as a metaphor for the challenges associated with change.

Taking an exam in a dream might also symbolize unresolved issues or feelings of being tested in a particular area of life. It could be a reflection of the need to address challenges or face difficult decisions.

Real-life signs for good luck at the exam

  • It is believed that on the eve of a crucial day, in no case should you take a bath or shower, wash your hair and cut your nails, and guys should also not shave.
  • Another common rule applies to clothing that students wear during exams. Nobody knows who invented this, but it is believed that all the school or university tests should be carried out in the same clothes.
  • An interesting sign of luck before an exam at a school or institute is a book that you need to put under your pillow on the night before the crucial day. It is best if it is a textbook on the subject that you are going to take. It is believed that in this way you will remember information from these textbooks in a dream.
  • To get a good mark at the exam, girls are recommended to wear red underwear for testing.
  • On the way to the school you can not cross manholes.
  • If it is possible to drive under the bridge, you must definitely do this, since this manipulation promises success.
  • If there is a monument in your city where students gather, be sure to visit it early in the morning on the day of the test or examination and conduct a special ritual.
  • Pay attention to the gender of the person you meet first after leaving the house. If it is a man, the exam will definitely be passed, and if a woman is a great chance to go for a repeating of an exam. The exception is a pregnant woman - she also promises the successful completion of an educational test.
  • For example, it is considered a good sign if relatives and friends scold you at the time when you pass the exam, or cross their fingers.
  • It is also believed that a kiss on the nose brings success at exams, so do not look away from a dear person if he is going to kiss you.
  • To get the highest score, you need to go to the exam immediately after an excellent student has left the audience, whose knowledge you are sure of.
  • You shouldn't take out the garbage on the eve of a responsible day.
  • You shouldn't leave open books, textbooks, notebooks at home on the table before the exam.
  • You shouldn't repeat learned material while eating, talking with someone, watching TV, or surfing the World Wide Web.
  • You shouldn't return home even if you forget something. If you can’t go on without this thing, go back, but be sure to look in the mirror and make a funny face to your reflection.
Sergii Haranenko
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