Superstitions about washing the dishes.

Doing the dishes is a fairly routine and everyday activity. But, as our grandparents noticed, this process can tell a lot about both people and future events that will happen to them. So, a large accumulation of dirty dishes at night speaks not only of the laziness or carelessness of the owners, but is also a sign indicating their future wasteful lifestyle.

Important: Washing dishes at night is strictly prohibited. According to the signs and superstitions, this can attract financial difficulties and unreasonable quarrels to the house, which will develop into major scandals in the future.

There are many signs about washing dishes at different times of the day. For example, it has long been noticed that people who wash dishes and cups before dawn attract well-being and financial well-being to their home. In addition, according to the sign, the dishes washed in the morning promise all family members good health and protection from bad gossip and rumors.

If the procedure for washing dishes happens in the evening before going to bed, this approach allows you to relieve yourself of the burden of negative energy accumulated during the day, and also helps you get rid of bad thoughts.

According to the sign, dirty dishes left under the bed promise poor health and negative thoughts.

Leaving dirty dishes overnight – attracts damage and the evil eye.

If a young girl licks a plate, the superstitions say that she might get an elderly bald man as her husband. For young men, such a sign promises an unsympathetic girl with a bad character as a partner. If a child licked the plate, expect good news.

Superstitions about washing dishes being on a visit

You should avoid cases when you are asked to wash dishes or floors in someone else's house. According to the signs of our ancestors, washing and cleaning dishes being a guest in someone’s house gives a charge of negatively directed energy to the person who volunteered to help. Exceptions in this situation can only be your relatives or parents - this approach helps strengthen family relationships and make your appearance in their house a welcome event.

Another superstition says that if a young unmarried girl expresses a desire to help with washing dishes in someone else’s house; this means she will be engaged in the near future.

Try to avoid even possible offers of help in washing dishes while visiting - this way you will save the positive energy of someone else's home, because this process draws happiness and well-being from the host family.

If the guest washes his hands over dirty dishes, the owners should prepare for unpleasant news and scandals in the family.

If the guest does not offer to help you with the dishes, your house will be reliably protected from negative energy.

Washing new dishes – promises luck and prosperity. According to the sign, the dishes that you received as a gift should be washed in order to wash away all the negative energy.

Sergii Haranenko

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