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Baking Dream Meaning

For dream interpretation it doesn’t have any meaning the way you were baking something: whether it was a stove, a real furnace or oven. Baking pancakes in a dream predicts guests coming; if you couldn’t make thin pancakes, this sign is telling you that you will have no pleasure communicating with uninvited guests. Fresh crispy bread is a symbol of welfare and financial independence. So if you were baking bread yourself, this plot shows that you will make your fortune on your own, with your own hands, without anybody’s help.

If a man sees a dream where he is baking buns, this image predicts getting profit from a venture that was considered absolutely hopeless. The more supplements the buns had (raisins, jam, fruits), the bigger the profit will be. Baking buns in a dream has the same interpretation for women, but unlike men, they will have to put a lot of efforts to get profit. The bigger and fluffier the buns were, the better the welfare of the lady-dreamer will become.

Baking Easter cakes is an unfavorable sign that predicts sad news for the dreamer. But if this cake was nicely decorated, the news that seemed sad will lead to favorable ending. Baking pies means flirting for pleasure for young woman. Beware of overplaying: men can sometimes not understand flirting and think you are mocking them. If a man bakes small pies in a dream, his venture will be successful. Keep walking the same path and luck will be following you.

Baking cookies is usually interpreted from the side of unconscious worries: you should not make any steps that you will regret in future. This can bring you a lot of moral discomfort and you can even become the victim of depression. If you saw a dream about baking muffins, this is a sign that you will have to blandish authoritative people and temporary put a mask of a hypocrite. On the other side the dreambooks advise being prudent: you might have difficult time now.

If you were baking a cake in a dream and especially if you saw this image the night between Thursday and Friday, you can make a wish because it should definitely come true.

Sergii Haranenko

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