Superstitions and beliefs about eggs.

What is the spiritual meaning of eggs? You can talk about an egg not only as a source of food, but also in a magical sense, as it is often used in blood rituals, ceremonies, and is associated with it various signs. This article will reveal the meaning of the sign of breaking an egg. It has been known to the Slavs for more than one century.

Considering the fact that the egg has long been regarded as a symbol of the birth

new life, it is no wonder that so many superstitions and signs are associated with it.

Let's talk about main eggs superstitions.

If you found an egg without a yolk - wait for misfortune in the house.

If a person received fewer eggs than they sold him - wait for a deception (although, actually, it has already happened).

If you eat the egg boiled and then do not hit the eaten shell with a spoon, the old omens say that happiness will turn away from the eater.

Breaking or dropping the egg by accident - is a sign of good news.

Finding an egg left at your threshold or near the door is a bad sign meaning that an enemy is casting spells on those who live here.

According to the omens, Easter eggs are useful: water from eggs is used for washing - so the woman will become even more beautiful. And you can also attract good luck, health, or save yourself from trouble thanks to a special painting on them during this holiday.

A little more about Easter eggs - the main thing is that neither the eggs consecrated in the church, nor the shells from them, can be thrown away.

It is considered bad luck to bring eggs home in the evening.

An egg with two yolks - meaning joy or not?

Since, according to statistics, a double yolk egg is a rarity, there were signs associated with it among the people.

This fact can be interpreted in different ways, sometimes depending on who picked up such a find. An unmarried single girl got a double yolk egg with, this is a sure sign: wait for the long-awaited meeting with your beloved guy and coming wedding.

But if a married woman got such a double yolk surprise - wait for replenishment in the family soon. And if suddenly a pregnant woman took a double yolk egg – there is a high probability of the birth of twins, which even eggs give the confirmation.

What are the signs and superstitions about a broken egg?

Do not worry if an egg accidentally falls out of your hands or rolls off the table. A broken raw egg most often promises good news.

You should be wary if someone intentionally broke an egg on your doorstep. Perhaps the owners of the house have ill-wishers who seek to cause damage and bring trouble. Do not touch it with your hands so that damage from an ill-wisher does not pass to you! Clean up using rags and gloves. When you're done, scrub the floor thoroughly with salt water.

An egg with two yolks, broken by accident, alarmed people. After all, this product was a symbol of life, and what was dropped carried two full-fledged creatures.

So, is the sign of breaking an egg dangerous? When it is eaten, it is supposed to be broken. But there are times when it almost breaks on its own, escaping from your hands. Then the question is – why did eggs get broken, is there such a sign? What to expect in this case?

If you dropped two eggs, don't worry. On the contrary, you need to rejoice, because soon the love of your life will appear on the way. If it is already there, the signs say that the relationship in marriage will only become stronger.

Three eggs fell and broke - be careful, because somewhere nearby bad luck is wandering, ready to fall on you.

If you accidentally break the egg in the early morning, be prepared for a quarrel or scandal in the afternoon. Try to avoid conflicts and provocations.

Did an egg that fell turned out to be stale or spoiled? This means the whole day will go awry. Failures are nearby, so try not to take on important and responsible things.

If the egg fell and smashed after lunch, try not to make any rash transactions and purchases. In the worst case, you can lose a large amount.

What does it mean if you put an egg on the table, but it suddenly rolls and falls? This means you should study your surroundings carefully. Most likely, ill-wishers who envy you and are ready to harm you appeared near you.

If you caught an egg that began to roll off the table, this means one thing: evil tongues will not be able to harm you. You are a wise person who will communicate with others carefully, not trusting them with your secrets.

If the eggs you brought from the store or chicken coop were damaged, expect quarrels and conflicts in relationships.

A broken egg that you cracked on the corner of the table is a sure way to deprive yourself of a happy future. Thus, you will bring trouble on yourself and repel good luck. It is better to use a fork or a wooden spatula.

All these signs apply only to raw eggs, but there is one exception. If suddenly one boiled egg rolled down and crashed on Easter, this sign means the health of the owners of the house could be seriously undermined.

Boiled eggs should not be cracked against the table. It was believed that in this way one could “beat off” luck and health from oneself.

Warnings about broken eggs.

Folk signs about a broken egg say that in no case should you step on the remaining shell. Since this product is a symbol of life, a person’s state of health can deteriorate sharply and the mind becomes clouded.

In many cultures, the shell is a talisman against evil tongues and ill-wishers, as well as from envious people. It helps grow a rich harvest. It is better to remove the broken egg, fully collecting the shell. You can give the viscous slurry to animals, and grind the outer layer and bury it in the garden.

Superstitions about eggshell.

Our ancestors were also attentive to eggshells. The eggshell had to be crushed after using the contents. So there was no evil inside.

You shouldn't step on the eggshell. It was believed that the person could lose his mind.

You should remove the shell from the table as soon as possible, as it could take away vitality.

If you throw the shell of a boiled egg into the fire, the chicken that laid it down may stop laying eggs.

Superstitions about eggs of other birds.

Our ancestors also had signs about the eggs of other birds.

If they saw that the stork threw its eggs from the nest, it meant a hungry year.

For a good memory, one had to eat magpie eggs.

A swan sitting on eggs promised the approach of a thunderstorm.

And if a dove laid an egg on the porch, the wife should have looked after her husband more carefully - this meant he could have an affair.

It is believed that owl eggs can help people with the fight against alcoholism.

Additional superstitions and signs about eggs.

Some use eggs as a tool for divination and fortune-telling. An egg is broken into a glass of warm water, and according to the patterns formed, the future is predicted.

According to some beliefs, when you peel a boiled egg from the shell, you must be careful not to crush it into small pieces, otherwise witches and sorcerers will make a ship out of it and will conjure sailors in the sea. This strange belief was common in the 16th century.

According to other beliefs, farmers must lay eggs under the crotch on a full moon, otherwise the eggs will not hatch.

In addition, strange beliefs and prejudices are associated with the question of which came first chicken or egg.

If you come across an unusual little chicken egg, throw it on the roof of your house and you will drive away the evil forces.

When a chicken is planted on eggs, eggs must be placed under it from a hat or from something else shaggy - for greater fertility and so that the chickens are hairy and with tufts.

Bird eggs hidden in the house bring bad luck.

There is a belief that if you stick a few wax plates on an egg and put it under any mother hen, then she will bring out motley chicks.

If only chickens (females) hatch from a whole masonry, this portends death in the house.

It is believed that sometimes women put eggs on their intimate place in order to increase health and fertility.

If different people take eggs from the nest or someone steals them, the chicks stop laying eggs.

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