Superstitions and signs about itchy heels.

Many people are quite serious about the signs that the Universe sends us through bodily sensations, otherwise how to explain the fact that the meanings are not forgotten in our materialistic age. Some signs, like “why a pimple showed up on the butt”, may seem funny to us, while others are known to everyone - we pay attention to them willy-nilly, even if we do not take them seriously. The sign "my heel itches" just belongs to the second category. Perhaps this superstition is widely known precisely for the reason that its interpretations often come true? Let's check.

General interpretations of beliefs about itchy heels

Of course, before interpreting the itching, tingling or burning that has arisen in the heel, medical causes must be excluded, which may include allergic irritation, fungal infection, or mechanical damage to the skin. The sign works only in those cases that are not explained by any external influences on the skin, when the sensation arises unexpectedly and also suddenly disappears.

In general sense, heel itching is interpreted as an upcoming activity, it is not without reason that the expression “legs itch and burn” has even become fixed among the people, which describes an irresistible desire to act. Revitalization can relate to any area of ​​life: work, affairs of the heart, hobbies or friendships.

    What does it mean if your both feet are itchy? If both heels itch at once, the sign has several interpretations:
  • a bright streak in your life: no matter what adventures you are planning in the near future, they will benefit you;
  • for young women and young men, itching in the heels means a sudden outbreak of passion, and not necessarily of a love nature; irresistible passion can affect any area of ​​life, but you need to try controlling it, otherwise violent emotions can ruin your whole business;
  • if the heels itch alternately for some time, this means that troubles await you, which you can easily cope with and can turn them up for your own good;
  • a century ago, when farmers depended on weather conditions, the ancestors believed that itch in both heels is a sign of warming in the spring or good rain if it happens in the summer.

Of course, there are various interpretations for tingling in the left or right heel separately. And in order to compile an accurate decoding of superstition, you can pay attention to a combination of signs: for example, if the period of obsessive itching coincided with the flowering of a cactus, then by combining the two factors, you can get a very interesting prediction for the near future.

What is the meaning of omens and superstitions about itchy right sole of your foot?

    In the old days, the right side of the body was associated with good forces (gods, guardian angel), and the left side with demons that plot. According to these ideas, the interpretation of the itching of the right heel has mainly favorable meanings:
  • 1. For business people, itching in the right foot serves as a reminder to finish the old, possibly unpleasant business. Unfulfilled commitments or projects abandoned halfway through can hinder your further development.
  • 2. For older people, a strong need to scratch the right heel means a coming relief or completion of the disease.
  • 3. If the heels itch in one or both spouses, this means they should be ready for household changes. Most likely, you are already mentally planning a change of interior, buying things that will add comfort and coziness to your home; these plans have a great chance of being implemented.
  • 4. A well-known belief applicable to all people says that the itching of the right heel portends a pleasant or useful journey: a business trip, a trip with friends, or relocation.

Itchy feet superstitions: meaning for women

Itching in the right heel is an extremely auspicious sign for pregnant women: this means that the child carried by the expectant mother will be born beautiful and healthy.

    For young women, the sign has several meanings, depending on the circumstances:
  • if the right heel itches, the young girl may hope that disputes and disagreements with her loved one will become a thing of the past soon;
  • for single women, the superstition promises a pleasant meeting in the near future, which can be the beginning of a serious relationship;
  • itches under the ankle early in the morning - the young man plans to give you a gift;
  • the heel itches from new shoes: there will be a meeting with an interesting, but somewhat selfish man;
  • feet itches in the evening or at night from Thursday to Friday portends the receipt of important news.

When an obsessive itch is combined with painful sensations, a woman should be wary: such a sign means that her chosen one is not entirely honest with her.

Feet itches: superstition meaning for men

The sign has a favorable meaning for unmarried men if it happens on "men's" days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. For a single man, this is a sign that he will meet a beautiful girl with good character soon.

For a married man, such a sign is a warning of impending troubles in the family: quarrels, disagreements, or even divorce. However, extremely negative consequences can be avoided if you take into account the interpretation of signs and prepare for the upcoming difficulties in advance.

If the right heel itches in the morning, especially during the growing moon, a man can count on a revival in business, making a profit.

What does it mean if your left foot/heel itches?

Experts say that the left side of the body rarely signals anything good. The decoding of the signs “the left heel itches” generally confirms this opinion.

Itching under the left shoe On Monday portends a difficult week; try not to get into conflicts at work or in the family: they can have very unpleasant consequences.

Do you unbearably want to scratch your left heel or your entire foot on Thursday? An unexpected trip awaits you, which will be accompanied by various difficulties; it will probably be associated with helping someone from relatives or friends.

On Tuesday or Friday, the itchy left limb warns with a tingle of a fun event where you should not lose control of yourself: an accidental misunderstanding between party members can result in a scandal.

If the left heel persistently itches in the morning, superstition claims that this sign predicts the arrival of friends and relatives. Moreover, the hostess should be at her best when receiving guests: there will be a gossip-person among them who will be happy to pay attention to any mistake.

Itching in the left leg on the waning moon portends significant expenses that may be unbearable for the budget and will not bring you joy: paying a fine, buying a low-quality item, etc.

Differences in signs interpretations for men and women

Mechanical scratching of the left heel hints to a young girl that there will be a new acquaintance, which at first will seem pleasant to her, but will soon turn into a burden, and getting rid of an unwanted boyfriend will not be easy.

Does your left heel itch from the morning? Listen to the signals of your subconscious - leaving the house, do not take valuables with you: today there is a high probability of encountering a thief.

Annoying itching of the left heel while visiting or at an official event is a signal that it is better to leave this place: an insignificant, at first glance, incident can lead to undesirable consequences (gossip, quarrels).

If a mature unmarried woman often has an itchy left foot, then it’s time for her to think about revising her life values: perhaps it’s time to shift the focus from her career to her personal life, otherwise the opportunity for family happiness will be lost forever.

Evening or nighttime itching, accompanied by tingling, informs the woman that she will have to spend the next day in labor and household chores, not all of which will be pleasant and joyful.

    The sign “left heel itches” has its own interpretations for different categories of men:
  • a single guy going on vacation or a weekend trip can count on meeting a nice girl;
  • a married man should pay attention to the itching in his left leg and take it as a warning: if you want to flirt on the side, remember that if your wife finds out about adultery, then a scandal cannot be avoided;
  • if the left heel itches on the growing moon, this means the man will have budget replenishment or moving up the career ladder, however, he will have to sacrifice something for this;
  • the left heel itched on the weekend - accept the sign and plan the upcoming week in such a way as to complete all current affairs: there will simply be no time for them later;
  • for elderly or debilitated people, itching in the left heel serves as an incentive to reconsider their attitude to their health: to finally start listening to doctors, move more, quit bad habits.

It is said that intuition is an unconscious mathematical calculation of current events, which allows the subconscious mind to draw conclusions about future changes. Since the conscious and subconscious of a person cannot “communicate” directly, it is possible that some part of the brain warns us of the near future allegorically, through physical sensations. And people, observing recurring phenomena, put the signs that we use to this day together.

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