Wearing another person’s watch omens and superstitions

It is ok or not to wear someone else’s watch – there are a lot of superstitions about this subject. After all, watches were once a very expensive thing, they were passed down from generation to generation, they were given out with a memorable inscription as a reward for special services. It never occurred to anyone to throw away this solid accessory. But should you wear such watch? What do the signs say about wearing someone else’s wristwatch?

Can one try on other people's accessories?

The clock/watch beats like a heart and is a symbol of life. Therefore, some people exchange chronometers for a short period of time, as a sign of trust, friendship or love, as if giving each other their hearts and time. But can this be done, and with whom?

Experts in superstitions say that trying on someone else’s watch is the same as trying on someone else’s destiny. Popular wisdom advises to be wary of such things. A wrist chronometer is an item for personal use and has a close connection with its owner.

Due to the peculiarities of its manufacture, the watch is literally “saturated” with the energy of the owner, capable of transmitting negative or positive to the people who have it on their hand - that’s why you can’t wear someone else’s wristwatch.

    Folk wisdom advises:
  • You should not try on items from seriously ill, deceased and unhappy people. These items have strong negative energy.
  • You should not wear the bride or groom's watch, because it also contains a clot of energy of unknown direction.
  • You can exchange watches only with those people whom you know well and whose fate you consider proper.

If you happen to find a watch, you need to do as your inner voice tells you. After all, signs work the way the person himself perceives them. Superstitious people are often afraid to even touch something found on the street, let alone carry it into their home. They are guided by the instinct of self-preservation, concern for the safety of family and friends. When deciding what to do with your find, listen to your intuition. If you have no doubts about a particular watch, feel free to wear it.

Why can't you wear someone else's watch?

When exchanging watches forever, as a sign of friendship, you can wear someone else's watch, provided that you are absolutely confident in the person with whom you are exchanging. The possibility of malicious intent must be completely excluded.

Otherwise, such an exchange will likely result in the following consequences:

Along with the accessory you receive, you will receive serious illnesses and negative energy from the owner. With your item you will give away your own strength and health.

According to signs, you can wear someone else's watch when you inherited it. The chronometer will be an excellent amulet if the owner gave the item of his own free will. But it is necessary to take into account the personality of the donor.

If you are satisfied with everything in your relative’s life: he did not suffer from serious illnesses, he behaved with dignity, you can accept such an accessory as a gift and wear it with pleasure. Otherwise, the gift should be discarded or taken and kept as a memento.

Regarding a used watch that caught your eye at a pawn shop, there are many more superstitions that do not recommend buying and using such an item. In addition to the same reasons as with the things of relatives and friends, there is a possibility of damage.

An expensive wristwatch is the best item for performing magical manipulations.

By purchasing such an item, you take everything that the owner wanted to get rid of (illnesses, failures) upon yourself.

And with a high degree of probability, a person sells a valuable watch cheaply when he is forced by need. Such an accessory is unlikely to bring joy. But there are exceptions. For example, you are lucky - someone is not pursuing a commercial or other goal, but is simply getting rid of an unnecessary or boring item and wants it to fall into good hands.

When is it safe to wear someone else's watch?

In many families, watches are passed down from generation to generation - such accessories do not pose any danger.

In general, you can wear someone else's wristwatch if you do not feel discomfort and are sure that the item does not contain negative information.

If it seems to you that the watch has attracted trouble, in order to protect yourself from destructive energy, perform a cleansing ritual.

Sergii Haranenko

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