Wristwatch omens and superstitions.

Our ancestors were wary of such a household accessory as wristwatch. Many superstitions are associated with the clock, not all of them have a positive meaning. Signs about them speak of a magical power that can stop time, slowing down the course of events.

Folk signs about timepiece

The most common sign associated with watches and clocks says that they should not be given as a gift. The presented mechanism will start counting the time that you have left to spend together from this moment. Therefore, you should not present such a gift to people with whom you do not want to part.

You can’t give a clock/ watch as a memorable item for a wedding, beliefs portend in this case the newlyweds a short and scandalous family life. Some superstitions refer to such a gift as one of the worst predictions. It is believed that from the moment the watch/ clock was presented, the countdown of the remaining life time of the person who received the mechanism begins.

You can neutralize a negative sign by giving any coin/banknote to the donor. Thus, you buy an accessory, and do not receive it as a gift.

In a positive sense, the sign is valid when you find the watch. Superstition portends happiness and good luck. However, the prediction works if you have found a working mechanism. Then success awaits you, there will be the emergence of new talents and discoveries. For single people, the find portends a coming acquaintance with the significant other.

If you found a broken or faulty watch mechanism, it should not be picked up. It is believed that the find will endow the new owner with the negative problems of the old one. Superstitious people do not touch other people's accessories; sometimes the mechanism is used in negative magical rituals.

There is a sign that if life is not going well, it can be “restarted” by buying a new watch. With a new object counting minutes, life will go in a new way. You need to believe the sign, and then it will work 100%. Another happy and prosperous life will lie ahead.

    When buying a wrist mechanism, you should be careful:
  • a man needs to buy a square-shaped watch, they portend success in business;
  • a woman - needs a rounded shape watch, in this case the owner will be loved and prosperous. The lady who bought a square clock is doomed to do hard men's work.

Folk omens also relate to broken watches. It is believed that if a wrist accessory is broken, this is a sign of illness and misfortune. If the wall clock fell and broke - expect trouble. Broken watches/clock should not be kept at home.

A stopped clock/watch carries negative energy. It is believed that a broken clock stops time for its owner. Life has stopped in place, nothing new and good is happening, there will be no progress towards the cherished goal. They must be taken to the workshop for repair. If it was not possible to fix it, but you don’t want to throw out the memorabilia, you need to wrap the item in a dark cloth and remove it from your eyes.

The coincidence of numbers on the electronic scoreboard is a good sign that brings good luck. If you saw 4 identical numbers at the same time, you urgently need to make a wish and it will certainly come true.

Wear your favorite accessory often, and then it can become your talisman. If you began to notice good things happening while wearing the watch, your own amulet is ready. Try not to forget your favorite item for important life events, and you will certainly achieve an improvement in your personal life and your own well-being. The talisman can also be a watch passed down from generation to generation. They carry strong tribal protection and will faithfully serve the future generation.

The clock/ watch stops or breaks – the superstitions predict problems on the love front or in business. A female watch has broken – this means a quarrel with a loved one. For men, such a breakdown portends not only problems in their personal lives, but also difficulties in commercial affairs and the inhibition of a new project.

It is a bad sign when a wall or grandfather clock suddenly stops. Beliefs portend illness or even death of one of the household members. It is urgent to repair the mechanism or throw it out of the house completely so that the omen does not work.

Superstitions about losing a watch

Losing a watch is a bad omen. It means failure in all endeavors, possible monetary losses. Life is preparing unpleasant surprises for which you should be prepared.

You should also remember what the loss of presented watches leads to. Beliefs warn that the person who gave the little thing has changed his mind about you. Perhaps soon you will completely stop communicating.

Sometimes signs warn the owner of a lost wrist accessory that his life stands still. The person is stuck in a routine, does not want to move forward, does not undertake any undertakings. It is worth taking a closer look at your own life principles, restoring goals and not being afraid to start something new.

Popular beliefs divided predictions according to the place of origin of the loss. Losing a watch on the street reminds of a waste of time, it is necessary to change the routine for a new life stage. If you lost the watch at work - expect a suspension of the project or delay in wages. If the watch loss happened at a party, in this case, signs promise quarrels and disagreements with friends.

Beliefs about why you can not wear a stopped watch

The sign portends to the owner of the stopped mechanism stagnation in business. If you wear such an accessory for a long time, the item will begin to cause laziness and a desire to do nothing. The owner of the stopped watch will indulge in pipe dreams, but time is running ahead and is not going to wait for you. If you lose the desire to go up and forward - life will pass you by, time is running fast. Don't waste precious minutes, don't waste time.

Especially people who make important life-changing decisions should not wear a stopped watch.

On the love front, a sign predicts the onset of problems. Also expect deterioration in health if you are wearing the watch that stopped. And for people undergoing treatment, it portends long procedures without much effect; do not expect recovery from the funds taken.

It is necessary to immediately start the stopped mechanism or send it in for repair. A watch that cannot be restored should be thrown away in order to avoid all upcoming problems.

On which hand should you wear a watch signs and superstitions

Popular beliefs give clarifications about time depending on the hand on which the watch is worn. A wrist watch worn on the left hand is able to speed up the passage of time. If you want to skip a boring seminar without noticing, then the decision to wear a watch on your left wrist is your solution to the problem. Watch worn on the right hand - on the contrary, slow down time. It will come in handy during the delivery of the project, when there is no way to meet the deadline.


Sometimes folk signs can warn of impending danger. Then it becomes possible to properly dispose of the information received. The chosen tactics will lead to unconditional success.

Sergii Haranenko

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