Why shouldn’t you sleep with your feet to the door, according to signs?

Why shouldn’t you sleep with your feet to the door, according to signs?

Since ancient times, there has been a belief: the bed should be positioned so that the legs are not directed towards the door - this is mentioned in Slavic myths, and many people have heard that this is a bad omen from their relatives.

We invite you to get acquainted with the signs, because of which it is undesirable to put the bed with its feet to the front or interior door, as well as ways to neutralize possible negative consequences.

Why shouldn’t you sleep with your feet to the door?

People endowed with magical or psychic abilities believe that the doorway is a portal between reality and the other world, so evil forces can harm the astral projection of the sleeping person and deprive him of positive energy.

Scientists believe that when a person sleeps with his feet towards the door, negative energy flows pass through him - this leads to anxiety, deterioration in appearance and health.

    There are other reasons why you should not go to bed with your feet towards the exit:
  • the body of a deceased person is taken out of the room feet first - if you sleep in this position, health problems begin;
  • emotionally weak people feel danger at the subconscious level, which is why they often suffer from bad dreams or insomnia.

In ancient Scandinavia, it was believed that by falling asleep with your feet towards the door, you can bring your death closer, since the soul during sleep can become entangled in dark labyrinths and not find its way back.

Why shouldn’t you sleep with your feet to the door and your head to the window?

    Reasons why you should not sleep with your head towards the window opening according to Feng Shui:
  • the body's defenses are reduced, and it becomes vulnerable to both physical and psychological diseases;
  • after waking up, unreasonable aggression and irritability appear - this leads to the appearance of ill-wishers;
  • worsening relationships with colleagues and loved ones.

Many life's troubles arise due to the fact that the evil spirit peering through the windows at night takes away your health and positive energy, giving weakness and a keen sense of dissatisfaction in all spheres of life in return.

Sleeping with your head towards any door is also not the best idea - in this position, vital energy passes through the head, which leads to a persistent feeling of anxiety and groundless fear. In addition, after waking up, heaviness in the legs and severe physical fatigue are felt.

Only black sorcerers are allowed to sleep like this - in this way, during the night they replenish their energy. In this case, the main rule is that the window should face north or northeast.

Why can't you sleep across of the door? The bed is not placed opposite the door either - in this position, the energy circulating in a person during sleeping goes away irrevocably, and rest causes only an even greater feeling of fatigue.

How to position the bed correctly?

In order to feel rested and in an emotionally uplifted mood after waking up, it is important to choose the right position for sleeping.

    Options for the correct position of the bed:
  • Behind the top of your head there should be support in the form of a cabinet, linen bedside table or wall.
  • The bed should not be in a niche, there should not be lamps hanging above it - they accumulate unnecessary energy.
  • Do not put flower pots nearby - they lead to restless sleep.
  • You should not pile up things under the bed - this interferes with the flow of Qi energy.
  • You shouldn’t put a mirror in front of the bed - it will draw your energy. It is also not recommended to sit with your back to mirror surfaces for a long time - this contributes to the appearance of aggression and symptoms of depression.

Best Feng Shui sleeping positions

    How is it better to sleep, according to Feng Shui?
  • head to the north, and feet to the west - this position minimizes the risk of developing migraines, nervous strains and quarrels with your other half, and also helps to unleash creativity;
  • head to the south - improves performance and financial well-being;
  • feet to the east - will soon help you meet love or find your place in life;
  • head to the northeast - clears the mind, which allows you to make the right decision in the morning in a controversial situation;
  • head towards the northwest - attracts stability in the work and family sphere;
  • head to the southeast - helps get rid of the oppressive feeling of inferiority and loneliness, as well as increase self-confidence;
  • head towards the southwest - enhances self-esteem and self-confidence, which leads to the adoption of the right, and often fateful, decisions.

It is not advisable not only to sleep, but also to rest with your back to the door - in this position, an unreasonable feeling of anxiety arises inside, which does not allow you to replenish the expended energy.

A cat can help you choose places for a bed - it feels the energy in the room, and instinctively lies down in the safest place in the room.

How to avoid the consequences predicted in signs

Regular fear causes significant harm to health - it can lead to nervous tension and stress, so it is recommended to rearrange the room based on personal convenience.

You should not pay too much attention to popular beliefs - for example, in Orthodoxy it is believed that this sign comes from paganism, and it does not entail any negativity, so you can sleep in any comfortable position.

The correct position of the bed and body during sleep will not only replenish the energy expended during the day, but will also make you luckier, wiser and happier. Remember - the main thing is that the sleeping position is comfortable and suitable for you.

Sergii Haranenko

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