Omens and superstitions about three-colored cats

Our fluffy four-legged friends bring us a lot of joy - probably everyone who has ever had the opportunity to play with a kitten or a cat will agree with this statement. These wise creatures have long been considered the magical assistants of witches, because, according to popular beliefs, they were able to see the other world. And how many superstitions are associated with black cats. Today we will talk about pets of unusual coloring and learn the signs about calico cat in the house.

Interesting fact about three-colored cats

Before you figure out what a tricolor cat that lives in the house symbolizes, let's talk a little about the features of the color itself. It turns out that she-cats whose coat has such an unusual color are not so rare, but he-cats (toms) of this color are much less common. According to statistics, out of three thousand animals of this color, only one turns out to be a he-cat, the rest are she-cats. But, unfortunately, such he-cats are most often infertile, which is why there are so few of them. That’s such a genetic anomaly. So if you picked up a tricolor cat, be sure to leave it at home, because it will bring you unprecedented luck.

Interpretation of signs about calico cat

So, what do signs and superstitions say about a tricolor cat in the house? It is believed that such pets become real talismans for all households: they bring good luck, prosperity, health and luck. This interpretation of signs is associated with an unusual fur color. Most often there is a combination of black, white and red colors. The black color will protect the owner from negativity, enemies, envious people, the evil eye and corruption; the red color will bring financial well-being, take away diseases from those living in the house; and white fur - a symbol of purity - will fill the home with light energy, tranquility and harmony. If you have settled not a she-cat, but a three-colored he-cat, the positive value of the omen is amplified several times.

Japanese mascot

In Japan, tricolor cats are very respectful. In almost every souvenir shop and esoteric store in this country, you can find figurines called maneki-neko (beckoning cat) for sale. These are figurines of cats with a paw raised up, made of ceramics or porcelain. Most often, they also have a coloring of several colors, but the most common maneki-neko are white with red and black spots. It is believed that such a figurine brings unprecedented good luck to its owner.

Wedding omens associated with calico cats

There are other signs about tricolor cats in the house. So, for example, there is a belief that a calico kitten can appear in the house where the wedding will take place in the near future. So, you can give useful advice to single people who accidentally saw a tricolor kitten on their doorstep - do not pass by, take it home, otherwise the lucky omen will not come true.

The appearance of such a fluffy guest at the wedding has a positive interpretation. There is a belief that a sneezing tricolor cat, sitting near the bride, when she puts on her wedding dress, brings her great happiness in her future family life.

And if a single male guest present at the wedding drank the last glass from the bottle while such a kitty lurked under the table, he would certainly marry within a year. But in order not to miss such luck, you need to treat the animal with milk with the words: “You get the milk, and (name of the man) will get a good wife, a good mistress!” This can be done both by the man himself and by someone from the relatives of the newlyweds.

The house protector

The signs and superstitions about tricolor cats in the house were common among the Slavic nations. It was believed that the patron of the dwelling - Brownie - would love only that animal, whose hair matches the color of the owner's or mistress's hair. That is why brunettes got black cats, redheads – red ones, blondes – white cats. But the tricolor (calico) cat did not fall into any category, so it was believed that the house spirit had no reason to dislike this animal. From here came the belief that tricolor cats bring happiness, luck, harmony to the house. By the way, according to the legends, the cat Bayun, the fairy-tale helper of the Brownie, always had two spots of different colors on his back. This magical pet guarded the sleep of children, knew how to tell fairy tales and instructive stories, and also protected the household from evil spirits.

Other beliefs about calico cats

In some countries, sailors were very fond of tricolor cats. Going on a long voyage, they took a four-legged friend of such an interesting coloring to the ship with them, because they believed that the animal would protect them from troubles while sailing, protect them from evil spirits, and also provide good weather.

There are other signs about a tricolor cat in the house. So, for example, when moving into a new home, it is recommended to bring a cat of exactly this color there, after which, of course, leave it to live at home - then luck and prosperity will always be your companions. You can’t chase away a tricolor kitten that appeared at your doorstep - in this way you doom yourself to bad luck.

If a three-colored cat lives in your house, and kittens were born to her - one is black, the other is red, this means you will have great success in business, work, and financial affairs. It is believed that in this case, the ginger kitten must certainly be given into good hands, and the black one should be left to itself, it will protect the house from negativity.

If an angry tricolor cat appeared in a dream, and it was tearing furniture in an apartment or the threshold of your house with its claws, this dream is a warning that you should refrain from large expenses, financial investments and other monetary transactions in the near future, as they will bring failure. Also, do not lend money to anyone - most likely, they will not return the loan to you.

And what beliefs about fluffy pets of this color do you know? Share by leaving a comment!

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