Action Dream Meaning

When we talk about actions (deeds), we often mean the behavior of a person, his reaction to a certain event. However, sometimes the term also refers to an economic context and then describes the exchange of goods for other goods or for money.

Both actions in the sense of reaction and actions in the sense of selling and buying can turn out to be symbols in our dreams. Dreams about action are always very expressive. Specific circumstances allow us to draw many conclusions about us, our life and personality.

On the one hand, a dream in which a person acts consciously, reacts to a specific circumstance, may indicate slowness in real life. The dreamer may be in a phase of stagnation. It is also possible that he does not have clear goals. The symbol of action encourages him to finally change something. He must take control of his life.

The same applies to dreams, where the person remains passive, so that in the end someone else intervenes in the process. In such cases, the actions of another person show that the dreamer has too little motivation. He prefers to let others do the work. Sometimes such dreams hide a lack of responsibility and an undeveloped sense of duty.

But if the other person behaves abnormally, incorrectly or strangely, the dream should be understood as a warning about slowly developing mental illness. The dreamer does not find inner balance. If in such a context the “action” is repeated several times, the problem needs to be solved with the help of a professional.

On the other hand, anyone who dreams of trading, selling or exchanging goods is in the process of positive development. Then a person is thinking over new ideas, and he strives to change his life. This is especially promising for professional environments.

The person’s deeds in dreams can often be a symbolic representation of real-life situations, events, or emotions that the individual is experiencing. For example, dreaming of building a house could represent a desire to create a stable foundation for one's life.

Actions or deeds in dreams can also reflect the individual's subconscious desires or fears. For example, dreaming of flying could represent a desire for freedom and escape from limitations.

What the person does in dreams can be a way for the mind to process recent experiences or events. For example, dreaming of running a marathon could be a way for the mind to process the physical and emotional challenges of a recent athletic competition.

How the person behaves in dreams can also be a way for the mind to explore possible scenarios or outcomes. For example, dreaming of giving a speech could represent the individual's exploration of different ways to communicate their ideas and thoughts.

From the psychological point of view, the dream of action shows that the person is exploring new paths to personal satisfaction. It is very likely that he is not completely satisfied with his current daily life. However, in a dream, he can try something new without real consequences and thus find himself.

The exact nature of the dream action can also draw attention to subconscious processes and parts of the personality.

In addition, psychoanalysts suggest that the symbol "action" also often suggests an imperious character. An interested person is open to many things; passive behavior is not his way.

From the spiritual point of view, the person’s deeds symbolize a person's ability to evaluate the appropriateness of his behavior. He understands his reactions well.

Sergii Haranenko
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