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Did you dream of flying in the air? The dreambooks promise big luck and fulfilling of ambitious plans to those who were flying in a dream. The interpretations of the symbol may vary depending on the dream details and your emotions.

A dream about flying on an airplane indicates that the state of your current affairs is not very good. The dreambooks recommend using your savvy and creativity in order to change the state of your work. If your dream flight ended with an airplane crash, you should start using decisive measures.

There are two interpretations of dreams about flying a helicopter: first of all a helicopter is a symbol of power, authority and money. The second explanation of the image is that a helicopter can be a fast way to run away from your problems.

Flights of hang-glider represent your emotional state and this image shows that you are being on the edge; your nerves are ready to explode. You should take a break for some time and leave the city to stay alone.

A dream about flying in the sky and waving your hands like a bird shows your unconscious wish for freedom and independence. The dreambooks are sure that this wish can come true soon. If you were flying low above the ground, this image predicts getting ill because of your carelessness. A high flight is a warning about problems and misunderstandings in the family. If you do not pay enough attention to your relatives, the consequences may be not very good.

Flying in the sky is a symbol of happy events and joy. For young people this plot is very positive and means both physical and moral growth. But the plot becomes quite negative for old people: it predicts serious illness.

Flying in a dream in a clear and sunny sky represents successful completion of all your beginnings, as well as the opportunity to rest abroad. A dream about flying too high indicates that your wishes and plans are very hard to fulfill and you will need a long time and putting the maximum of your efforts.

Flying in the air represents spiritual and personal development of the person. The dreambooks also indicate success in all the spheres of the dreamer’s life. The dream also shows that you are being in harmony with yourself and the world. Flying in the sky watching the sun predicts joy and happiness.

Flight on a broom is a sign of a number of limits and complexes that do not let you live normally. The Wanderer’s dreambook predicts getting free from some bonds. This can be the break up of a marriage or relations that were burdening the couple and didn’t give the emotions they expected.

A flight or air balloon in a dream gets you ready for problems at work. If you dreamed that the balloon is heading up rapidly, it means that such a plot promises a good bargain, a salary increase, or a one-time bonus. If the balloon goes down rather quickly under the weight of its own load, you should expect a strong disappointment in reality.

Flying above water is a symbol of your intuition growth and inner ability to find proper words and behave properly in different situations. If you saw dirty water during your flight, this dream can mean quarrels at work or in the family. A flight above clear water is a promise of personal growth and promotions on different levels. A flight above the sea predicts joy and new feelings.

A dream in which you flew with a parachute foreshadows incredible luck and stunning success. Flying in space or like in a space means that you do not want to take reality as it is. You are so deep in your fantasies that you do not even notice the events around you.

Flying around the room in night visions, and intensively gesticulating and reacting roughly to your flight, means meeting a person with whom there will be a bright, colorful, passionate, but fleeting affair. Such dream predicts fighting with temptation for married women; and a short interesting trip for men. Flying around the city symbolizes struggle for your happiness and a chance to lose your love. Beware of the rival on your horizon.

A dream, in which you were flying on a chair, is explained as a precursor of losing your position, being fired, or a simple office change or transfer to another job.

What does soaring symbolize in a dream? This dream may have externally opposite meanings. Follow your emotions to decide which explanation is right for you. Soaring can be a symbol of liberation and getting rid of problems and restrictions. Soaring emotionally above the situation can mean a way out of a traumatic experience. Sometimes people remember that when they get injured, they seem to soar skyward.

Dreaming of soaring can also indicate that you are in tune with your feelings and emotions. You feel spiritual harmony within yourself and soar towards the feelings and at the same time with them.

Gliding in the water in a dream means that you have allowed your emotions to float to the surface. Soaring in the air also means rising above it all. Soaring also means that you are aimlessly floating above the ground. Ground yourself; set potential goals and take steps.

Sergii Haranenko

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