House Construction Dream Meaning

The construction of the house, seen in a dream, according to the interpretation of Miller's dream book, means a change in the fate of the dreamer. So, for example, if during the construction of a house you see that a tower crane has fallen, then hardly anyone will support your ideas.

To build a wall in a dream means fulfilling an old dream. If you dreamed that you erected a barricade in front of the entrance to your home, this image means you even hate the idea that you can become someone’s puppet, so you "build" psychological defense.

    The individual parts of the building can tell a lot of interesting things about the upcoming events.
  • Seeing the foundation built is a symbol of hard, but profitable work.
  • Building all four walls at once is a sign of insurmountable obstacles.
  • The porch was made in a dream - wait for promotion.
  • Covering a building with a roof - success will “cover” you head over heels.
  • You attached a canopy in a dream - you will return all your debts.

If you dreamed that you ordered the construction of a house – you can find out why there is such a dream. Interpretation of the plot will please you: coziness and well-being are waiting for you soon, especially if you decide to get a wooden dwelling.

To build a small wooden house on your summer cottage land - predicts peace and tranquility. But, if you dreamed of a huge mansion, not a stone one, but a wooden one, then no crisis will be able to “breach” your budget.

A Modern dream book will give an answer to what dreams of constructing a new high-rise building mean. If you took part in the building of a high-rise business center with a colleague, then this person will help you get a promotion.

Do you see yourself as a foreman at the construction site of a new multi-storey residential complex? You will be entrusted with duties, the implementation of which will affect your salary significantly. And if you built a new hypermarket - do not tell anyone about your plans. The "Market" was multi-story - you have a chance to get a promotion; one-story – your plans will hardly be implemented. A multi-storey school or a children's center is a symbol of new perspectives.

The construction of a house unusual for a simple layman, like its repair, can have different interpretations. Here's what the construction and repair of some of them mean in a dream, according to various dream books.

If you built an igloo (icehouse) in a dream – this plot predicts cooling of conjugal passion, and possibly even treason. Building a hut for yourself - to the simplicity of human relations, the dream book of Pastor Loff predicts.

Building a house of gold predicts hypocrisy, but glass housing is a sign of sincerity. The treehouse is a symbol of the dreamer's desire to get away from the hustle and bustle and hardships, these are dreams of peace, the Female Dream Book interprets.

Sergii Haranenko
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