Being A Guest Dream Meaning

According to the dreambooks, to be a guest in a dream, means a change of residence and unplanned expenses. Interpretation of such plots should be based on a place you were visiting and hospitality of the owners.

Visiting a deceased person with whom you were close and experiencing the desire to stay, speaks of high moral tension, fatigue from duties, which can lead to prolonged depression.

Being a guest in unknown house, and doing cleaning or washing dishes, displays mental anguish due to dissatisfaction with life. Such a dream can be seen true due to the fact that in reality, a sleeping person is doing not what he dreamed of.

Paying a visit to the place of a deceased and watching with interest things and furnishings in the big house, speaks of the inconsistency and levity of the dreamer, who, starting a business, leaves it without finishing.

Being a guest at relatives’ in a big house foreshadows big monetary expenses. If you had a quarrel with relatives during your dream visit, this is a sign of imminent serious and protracted conflict with them.

Washing dishes at the place of people you do not know predicts worsening of your financial situation and looking for a new better paid job.

Miller interprets dreams about paying a visit to people you do not know as a chance to change your place of living.

Being a guest in someone else’s apartment and not experiencing discomfort in a dream, foreshadows an unexpected promotion, a long trip or an unplanned journey.

According to Dr. Freud, if a woman visited her lover’s place, this is a sign that the relations will come to an end soon. Being with him in a hotel in a dream speaks of the impending exposure of the couple.

Dream about spending the night at the beloved man is a symbol of the imminent reunion of the beloved.

Visiting one of your friends in a dream means you will have to take part in their affairs soon.

Sergii Haranenko
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