Interpretation Of A Dream About Being A Mother

What it means if you dreamed that you are a mother and have a child? Being a mom in a dream is a symbol of doing good deeds. Also, such a dream promises financial independence and moving to your own home.

The dreambooks give brief interpretations of a plot about becoming a mother depending on details.

Depending on your actions in a dream:

  • seeing yourself as a surrogate mother – means getting help from an old friend;
  • unexpectedly becoming a wife and mother without childbirth – predicts adventure.

Depending on what kind of mother you happened to be in a dream:

  • being a feeding mother – predicts food poisoning;
  • being a beaten mother – symbolizes the risk of becoming a victim of violence;
  • being a mother of many children – is a sign of conflict with neighbors;
  • being a single mother – predicts good health;
  • being cursed – is a sign of burnout;
  • being a young mother – means committing a frivolous act.
  • being a mother of twins – means moving abroad or fulfilment of desire in the near future;
  • being a mother of a newborn – trying to shift the responsibility to another person;
  • being a mother of a girl – being fortunate;
  • being a mother of a little boy – working with an irresponsible employee;
  • being a mother of boys – means parting with a loved one.
  • being a mother of two children – indicates the need to take a difficult decision.

Top- 2 negative interpretations of a dream about being a mom:

    Being a mother who does not love her children is a symbol of condemnation from others.

    Becoming a mother of a sick child – predicts the deterioration of health.

Top- 2 positive meanings of becoming a mother in dreams:

  • Being a mother of a newborn daughter is a symbol of comfort and prosperity in the house.
  • Dreaming of becoming a mom of a newborn son – predicts emergence of new creative ideas.

What it means to be a mother in a dream by Miller? According to Gustav Miller, being a mom in a dream may be a symbol of receiving good news from a distant relative.

According to Sigmund Freud, such a dream may portend the need to pay more attention to your partner.

Seer Vanga believed that being a mother in a dream could predict a major scandal with family members soon.

According to Yevgeny Tsvetkov, such a dream promises an unhappy marriage. If a pregnant young girl dreamed that she became the mother of a sick baby, this plot predicts a large number of unfinished issues.

According to Miss Hasse, such a dream could portend longevity. To be a mother of twins and give birth to another baby predicts the possibility of avoiding trouble. Adopting a child in a dream – predicts the emergence of a new source of income.

    Interpretations from the Chinese dream book:
  • to be a mother and carry a baby in your arms is a sign of minor troubles;
  • putting the baby into his bed – means fatigue;
  • cradling the baby close to yourself – symbolizes concern for the safety of your children.

To be a mother and learn how to swaddle a child in a dream is a sign of continuing your education or raising qualification.

Sergii Haranenko
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