Sick Child Dream Meaning

A sick child in a dream often warns about problems at work or at home. The dream vision portends losses, collapse of plans, serious obstacles. Our dream book will help you understand why such a plot is seen in a dream; you just need to recall the details.

What is the meaning of a dream when you hold an unhealthy child in your arms? This is a rather unfavorable symbol - spiritual torments are ahead, deep sadness awaits you.

Did you have a dream about the birth of a premature frail baby? Dream Interpretation reports: this is a warning of excessive haste, which can be dangerous. To see such a plot during the preparation of an important project means the plan is poorly thought out.

The birth of an ill baby in a dream is also a warning: the dreamer will entrust his work to an irresponsible person, and he will ruin everything. A dreaming about sick newborn suggests: the dreamer can do several silly things one after another. You should plan your own actions more carefully.

If a young unmarried person sees a sick newborn baby in lady’s arms in a dream, she is threatened with dishonor. The shameful secret that she wanted to hide will be known to others.

Why does a pregnant woman may dream of an ill baby? Dream Interpretation reports: she feels unprotected against possible difficulties.

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A dream of a dying kid indicates: the enterprise that has been started is steadily moving towards a failure that cannot be prevented.

Seeing an unhealthy little girl in a dream means it will be very difficult to fulfill your plan. The dreamer will apply titanic efforts and enormous patience to complete what he started. A sick girl who appeared in a dream warns of unexpected obstacles and troubles at work, a business field.

Having an ugly or ailed child in a dream is an unfavorable sign. The dream interpretation indicates: all the efforts put into the undertaking will be in vain, and the endeavor will bring significant losses.

Also, giving birth to an unhealthy baby in a dream means: the outcome of the plan will be unforeseen, most likely very negative.

What is the symbolism of a dream of a very sick child in the hospital? The dreamer's plans are in jeopardy - the dream book informs. If he just walks around the hospital in a dream, the project can still be implemented.

Own son (daughter) in the hospital means you need to pay attention to his/her psychological state. Perhaps the teenager is currently in a difficult period and needs support.

Did you dream that a boy was born who has serious health problems? According to the dream book, life circumstances will become complicated and you will have to ask someone for help.

The dream of a boy suffering from some kind of ailment informs: the details must be carefully worked out, even if they seem insignificant. Unknown unhealthy boy in a dream foreshadows a man that unforeseen large expenses will soon begin. But if he recovers, new things will be successful.

What is the meaning of a dream of someone else's seriously ill child? Dream Interpretation warns: someone from a close dreamer’s surrounding can get very seriously ill.

Also, your sick baby warns that an unpleasant surprise will occur at home that can adversely affect the existing family lifestyle soon.

    The details about the baby also play an important role in understanding such dream:
  • Your child – he needs your help;
  • Someone else’s kid – minor troubles, unsuccessful course of events;
  • Grown-up child – there will be difficult exhausting work;
  • Small baby – you will have to take care of someone else’s problems.
Sergii Haranenko
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