Broken Heel Dream Meaning

To see shoes with shaky heels is a sign of changes in personal relationships, work team, family. Dream interpretation foreshadows the emergence of new admirers or employees in the office, but do not guarantee their constancy and friendly attitude to you.

The more fashionable and beautiful you looked in a dream, the more intense the coming meetings will be in reality. And even a broken heel, a worn sole and flawed shoes will not become an obstacle to the goal, as modern dreambooks claim.

    The dreambooks consider what kind of shoes had a broken heel in your dream:
  • on the shoe - creative success, successful public speaking;
  • on high boots - a new boyfriend or admirer, a manifestation of passionate feelings;
  • on the boots - a sharp rise on the career ladder. You will not have to prove your right to occupy a vacant position for a long time;
  • on sandals - to be engaged in an endeavor, after which it will certainly feel shame.

Miller considers that if you saw a broken heel in a dream, this symbol means that you are not confident in yourself, in your own strengths and in your friends. This means that in the coming days you need to be careful and not make spontaneous decisions.

At the same time, to see a worn sole in a dream means to become involved in an unpleasant business, the interpreter thinks.

If you dreamed that the heel was not completely broken, but hung slightly on the shoe or on the boot, no need to rush tearing already existing connections for the sake of new, unknown persons. The interpretation of a dream according to Freud's dreambook is that intimate confessions of a loved one may be disappointing.

If you dreamed of a broken spike, which flew abruptly aside while walking - be ready for love adventures. They will capture you so much that there will be no time left for work or household members.

If you were holding a broken heel in your hands, this image means a loss of vigilance. If you dreamed of a heel separately from the shoes, this means you can lose trust of your beloved ones. Traditional dream books call for more attention to a loved one, otherwise a quarrel is inevitable.

Sergii Haranenko
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