Caterpillar Dream Meaning

If you saw this creature in a dream, try to remember what its size was, where you were and what you were doing. Thanks to these details you will be able to find out exactly what a caterpillar means in a dream. The interpretation of such a dream is given by several dream books.

Seeing how garden trees are strewn with green caterpillars - to a rich harvest. All plantings will bring a big harvest. Vegetables and fruits will be large and tasty. It is also believed that a similar plot is dreamed as a warning of the entire garden infecting with parasites. But it’s worth interpreting the dream only if the caterpillars were not green, but black.

The Summer dreambook believes that watching a slowly creeping large caterpillar in the night dreams means relaxed and enjoyable outdoor recreation. Most likely this time will be spent in a pleasant company.

The Female dream book is convinced that the caterpillar that was seen in a dreamed is a sign that fate will confront you with dishonest, hypocritical people. It is worth to exercise extreme caution in words and actions in any communication with them. Such people can even turn innocent words against you.

Did you have a dream of catching a big black caterpillar? You will become a victim of insidious deception. A carefully thought-out conspiracy of ill-wishers is not excluded. To kill this creature in a dream is a sign of good luck. It turns out to defeat enemies and their own suffocating fears.

If you dream of a large number of fluffy caterpillars, get ready to suffer any damage. A girl may dream of a white worm under her skin in case if she soon becomes pregnant. If the caterpillar seen in a dream is of a dark color, then you should prepare to survive a painful ailment. The larger this insect was, the longer the recovery will be.

If a large green caterpillar was in your mouth in a dream, this means a person will appear who will take away your property. Dream Interpretation of the XXI Century promises prolonged litigation and a very small chance of winning. Especially if you felt terrible disgust for this whole incomprehensible situation with a living creature in your mouth.

If there was a huge white caterpillar in your hair in a dream, you will get a chance for spiritual development. Most likely, some kind of disease will become such a chance, thanks to which you can look at your own existence and the lives of those around you in a completely different way.

Miller's dream interpretation is convinced that the huge white caterpillar in your hair is a symbol of impending love euphoria. The dreamer predicts true love and a stunning passion for the representative of the opposite sex. Moreover, this passion will swallow you whole and it will be practically impossible to get rid of it.

Sergii Haranenko
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