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Fear Dream Meaning

Most often the dreambooks interpret fear in the night plot negatively. The Esoteric dream book offers a somewhat unusual explanation of what such a vision means. If you have great fear in a dream, it is a sign that an invisible energy vampire has attached to you in reality.

If you saw other people feeling fear in a dream, it means that someone from your friends is threatened. The range of probable hazards is quite wide. A dream can affect the deterioration of health, and bankruptcy, and possible problems in the family or in personal life.

When you dream of height, the fear of falling is easy to explain. The plot means that you are not quite comfortable at the current peak. A Modern dreambook does not specify what is at stake: a new position, a fresh decision or the development of personal qualities - all achievements are important. Dream says that your position is still unstable and it is desirable to strengthen your position in order not to lose what you already acquired.

Sometimes such dreams mean you will be able to avoid meeting with what has frightened you in real life. If the dream made you scream with fear, do not hesitate to contact your friends for help. The Modern dreambook recommends keeping your throat from colds.

Miller claims to feel the fear is a sign of the upcoming losses and unfulfilled hopes. If in the nightly dreams some of the previously planned actions cause fear for some reason, the dreambook advises you to abandon the intention to perform it.

The fear of height at night can be a signal of onset of cardiovascular disease. Special attention should be paid to this plot if it tends to repeat itself, while the image remains almost unchanged.

If you often experience fear, horror in a dream, in this way the dream calls for more care for yourself; listen more attentively to your needs and desires.

The dreambook of the Wanderer believes that you can be scared in a dream in case that soon you have to commit such a bold act that it will surprise not only those around you, but also yourself. Try to mentally prepare for this event.

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