Concert Dream Meaning

Seeing a concert in a dream is very entertaining, and the interpretation of the plot will allow you to look into the future. Dream books take into account both the genre of the performance and the role of the dreamer. Therefore, it is possible to accurately predict why everything that happened on the stage is seen in a dream.

According to Ivanov's Newest Dream Book, watching a concert in a dream predicts a violent family scandal. For people born in May-August, gathering for a performance means upcoming educational conversations with children.

If the performance left great impression, Miller promises most dreamers the onset of a period of holidays and entertainment.

  • Interpreters predict youth pleasure and love after such a dream.
  • For merchants – this means profitable trade.
  • For journalists – this is a sign of interesting creative work.
  • For pregnant women – the dreambooks predict the birth of a girl.

The empty concert hall seen in a dream is a symbol of the fact that dreams of being in the center of turbulent events are not destined to come true.

If you dreamed of being at a music concert – this means a muse will visit you, and the results of your creativity will be impressive.

Watching a performance of an opera singer or ballet dancers in a dream, according to Miller's dream book, is not a very good omen. Probably friends will show ingratitude or annoying unpleasant people will impose to be your fans. Trade will also be on the verge of ruin for some time.

Being at a concert of classical music predicts a wonderful rest, success in creativity and passionate love. A pop-music concert may indicate temporary downturn in business, dull environment and parting with a muse.

Sitting in the hall at the benefit performance of your favorite actress predicts appearance of scandalous rumors about her.

To receive an invitation ticket to a play or performance of famous artists in a dream predicts an interesting acquaintance. An invitation to a pop show means empty pastime, you will regret that you are distracted from really important matters.

Buying a ticket off hands in a dream reflects tendency for adventures - there is danger of getting into an unpleasant story. To find it missing when you are going to a concert – means you will abandon unnecessary affairs.

A beautifully designed invitation to a concert in a dream indicates that you attach too much importance to an external impression, without delving into the essence of things.

If you dreamed of giving a concert yourself - you will have to convince everyone that you are able to cope with your problems on your own.

Being a participant in a small concert in a dream promises an unexpected, but very timely part-time job. Performing in front of a respectable audience in a dream means earning someone's attention. Seeing your performance from the side in a dream is a sign that you are too vain.

Singing on stage in a dream means that sooner or later you will have to answer for unworthy actions. If you are performing in a rock band: your rashness will lead to ruin.

Performing dances in a dream – means you will soon suffer from envious people. To dance on pointe shoes portends bitterness from the betrayal of a friend.

If you dreamed of performing in theatrical scenes or reprises - according to Freud's dream book, it portends joy. If you were on stage and suddenly forgot the text - you are counting on informational support, but in reality the prompter's tips can do a bad service.

Hosting the concert program as an entertainer predicts a solid position in reality, but you will not get real power.

Sergii Haranenko
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