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Cone Dream Meaning

What it means if you saw a cone in a dream? The cone seen in a dream is interpreted by the dreambooks in different ways. You can understand what it means remembering if it was from a coniferous tree and what you did with it?

Did you see a spruce, its beautiful branches and cones in a dream? Dream Interpretation of Longo points out: something wonderful, unusual will happen to the sleeping person. Also, cones growing on a Christmas tree in a dream foreshadow unexpected happiness in reality.

To see conifer cones in a bag in a dream – promises unexpectedly having a lucky chance.

Seeing big pine cones with nuts is a harbinger of big money. Dreaming about cedar cones from the mountain Himalayan cedars – is a symbol of wisdom, some secret, not accessible to everyone knowledge. The vision predicts good health, financial stability.

But to get cedar cone with nuts from someone as a gift in a dream means: a loved one will cause big problems for the dreamer.

Did you happen to gather fir cones in a dream? Most likely, such a plot warns of need, even poverty. Collecting them also bodes a big scandal, the accusation of all sins.

When a fir cone falls on you in a dream - this promises slander, betrayal. If at the same time you got dirty with tar – this means the enemies are plotting something bad.

Picking up green pine cones – means that because of some incident, you will miss the meeting, the result of which would be very depressing.

Dreaming about a growing tree full of cones, means that the dreamer will not be able to earn a lot of money, but he will be able to secure wealth.

Making jam from fir cones is a good dream sign. Due to creative thinking, ingenuity, you’ll find a way out of any difficult situations.

Sergii Haranenko

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